Cafe Diem by PK Perfumes

It is really boozy at first. It smells like whiskey with frankincense's smoke. Nice and realistic opening. I was expecting other aromas related to the cafe (such as coffee, brewed tea, etc.), but I did not find anything related to the cafe except whiskey (which, unfortunately, the whiskey smell only lasts for 30 minutes and then fades). Instead, the incense note is extremely strong here and lasts until the end (Do the cafes in your area use olibanum incense?)
The scent becomes monotonous in the drydown; As the whiskey vibe fades, a thin dry woody note with a slight sourness remains along with the incense (We have seen this type of incensy scent many times before in other fragrances; Especially in the Incense series of Comme des Garcons).
With these details, this fragrance is more about incense than cafe. I'm not a fan of very sweet and overpowering fragrances, so I have no complaints about this fragrance not being sweet. I just wish there was a strong coffee note in this fragrance instead of incense. Maybe even a tea or tobacco note could have helped to bring it closer to the atmosphere of a cafe.

Framboise Noire by Shay & Blue

It opens with a fruity candy-like accord on a woody base. In addition to oud, its woody notes may also include oak, birch and cedar; But oud dominates them. The scent in its heart is kind of boozy. The oud here is not a heavy Arabic oud, but a neat and elegant oud that reminds me of Jo Malone's Oud & Bergamot. This woody combination can be a bit boring. It's warm, sweet and almost dark but not soulful or exciting.

Crystal Saffron by Matière Première

There are similarities to Ganymede (2019) here, but a generic woody/ambery note has ruined the whole scent, and unfortunately it's dominant in the scent (I think it is norlimbanol or something similar to norlimbanol). An almost sweet saffron note is present on the top (which remains in the scent for three to four hours), there are also notes that remind us of Ganymede and even Baccarat Rouge 540 (but their strength decreases slightly in the middle). But the thing that has a negative presence from the beginning to the end is that generic woody ambery note (This synthetic note is sometimes even used as leather in perfumes). Musk is also powerful next to it. The scent is warm and almost sweet, harsh and repetitive, and even kind of black like trash bag; I did not see anything like crystals in it. It has a powerful projection and lasts a long time on the skin.

Maduro by Fort and Manlé

Juicy tobacco. The fresh juicy vibe makes it suitable for use in spring and even summer. There is also a refreshing vibe like clothes that have been newly washed. Sweet, light yet dark, fun and very fragrant. Natural apple and pineapple juice in beeswax, and a tobacco background. All good aromas in a bottle!

Little Song by Meo Fusciuni

The scent is very natural in the opening; Natural coffee, natural wet earthy notes, natural (but nice) animalic notes ... It has a kind of rural atmosphere.. Then, due to the presence of rose, the scent becomes sweet and slightly heterogeneous. The sweetness of the rose remains until the end and coffee fades. You can also feel tobacco leaves and vetiver. It can be said that Little Song is special and nice in the opening, but then its quality decreases, Rose doesn't work in this perfume. Overall, the scent is warm, sweet and almost dark... with good performance.

Cavendish by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

It's like the gentle aroma of a cherry cavendish pipe tobacco that has just been taken out of the pouch. intoxicating scent.

When I myself wear this perfume, it is unique to me. But when I smell it on others, I don't get a very precise smell of tobacco! I think this is a problem, because when I wear this perfume, I like not only myself but also the people around me to feel that natural scent of tobacco. It seems that the scent doesn't have enough density. and loses its coherence in the air, and has been designed so that only the person who has worn it feels that realistic tobacco; Unfortunately, what we feel at half a meter away is just a confused and faint sweet scent.

Tabac Blond by Caron

It's not attractive to me and nowadays it seems a very old and repetitive thing. As a tobacco lover, I got a decant of it; But I didn't find any resemblance to tobacco (at least pipe tobacco and cigarettes) in it. It's just an old leathery-floral feminine fragrance.

Wet Cherry Liquor by Bohoboco

Very boozy. But there is also a sharp synthetic woody note in the heart of the scent, which is mixed with alcoholic notes; honestly, this sharp and synthetic aspect of the scent bothers my nose a bit, and I sense it more than the other components of the fragrance. Its fruity side is not bad; it has a brewed cherry vibe.
Overall, Wet Cherry Liquor is, as the name suggests, a warm, sharp and boozy fragrance (but its "booziness" is more like whiskey). Although it could have been performed more naturally (i.e., without that annoying woody note).
In my opinion, the scent is totally unisex.

Join the Club : Don by Xerjoff

The bitter and sharp aroma of whiskey on that artificial woody base that we have seen before in perfumes such as Black Afgano and Straight to Heaven. There is also a sweetness in it, but it does not become the dominant accord. A dark atmosphere (like Black Afgano) dominates the scent. Because of the whiskey note here, I found this one more interesting than Black Afgano and other Black Afgano-like scents. Perhaps, in its opening, notes such as gunpowder and the smell of money can be mentally picked up, but what stands out the most from the beginning to the end is that black woody base.
I personally give this a neutral rating. For two reasons: First, the scent is not original and there have been many similar ones before it. And secondly, I basically can't communicate to such artificial thick woody scents.

Atomic Age Bay Rum by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

It smells very very very spicy, with clove prominent in it. In the opening, there is a vague smell of alcohol in the heart of its spicy notes. All of them have a natural vibe.
Also, there is something similar to the smell of gummy bears in it; which may be due to a spicy note (ginger? or maybe the same bay leaf or clove?).

What I can say is that its spicy side dominates its woody and alcoholic sides.
Also, I can't consider this a "chic" aftershave. Its spicy odor is very local, as if we are dealing with a potion of cloves.

Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole

It's a fresh synthetic fragrance, but non-offensive, which made me remember 1990s new wave fragrances.

212 VIP Men Party Fever by Carolina Herrera

A young, posh and cool fragrance. There are bitter citrus and nice synthetic aromatic green notes, a sweet fruity note can also be felt in it. All on a light woody-vanilla base. It's said that this is similar to 212 VIP Men, but I didn't see any similarity between them. But if we are going to name a fragrance among Carolina Herrera's works, I think it's closer to 212 Sexy Men (in the base). It lasts long on the skin. Has a cool green vibe with a fruity sweetness to it, and a little powdery. Good for young people.

Vanille Havane by Les Indémodables

Opens with a sweet and sour cherry/rum aroma combined with cocoa and vanilla in a dark atmosphere. It's kind of gourmand in the opening. There is a base of amber and leather that shows itself more clearly in the drydown (which is not my favorite part of this perfume). This perfume, as someone else mentioned, has a powdery cosmetic-like finish. The tobacco is not stronger than the other notes here. It can be said that it's a cherry-tobacco scent on a heavy base of amber/leather. Very warm, very sweet, dark, sharp and thick.
I'm mainly interested in the smell of boozes, but there are elements here that make the scent ordinary and unattractive to me. I don't know, maybe using a non-negligible dose of amber in this perfume wasn't appropriate. Its smell isn't aggressive or synthetic, the problem is that it's too regular(!), like many perfumes before itself (especially in the drydown). I would have preferred it to smell more like a man who has smoked tobacco and drunk alcohol. but this perfume, like many other perfumes, fails to do so.

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

If you want a good spicy fragrance you should try this. Egoiste composed of strong warm spices along with a gentle smell of rose and carnation on an elegant woody base. The dominant aroma of this fragrance is a combination of coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and chili peppers; (just like curry powder). It can't be said that it's a sweet scent (in the sense that sweetness prevails in it), its sweetness is only due to sweet spices, there is even a little sourness in it. Its smell evokes dark red color. Suitable for middle-aged people.

Mother by Opus Oils

A gourmand perfume that, contrary to its name, is something sinister and dark! It has a very fatty and buttery aroma, combined with figs (overripe and slightly sour) in a dark woody/chocolaty atmosphere (chocolate is not dominant in this scent). It's warm, sweet, dark, pungent and penetrating, with natural vibe. I also get a hint of coconut in it (maybe due to the fig note). A very special scent, the possibility of negative feedback is high. The performance is strong.

Aramis Special Blend by Aramis

A woody-powdery scent, which a marshmallow-like smell flowing through it (which I think it's the result of the combination of whiskey note and tonka). From the boozy aspect, it's as if they took the whiskey from Kiste (2015) and used it prominently here. In the heart, a powdery smell that was present from the beginning is amplified.
It's not classic and it's considered a modern fragrance in the range of Aramis works. It's warm, dusty, a little bit sweet, without that "old-school heaviness". In the drydown, the more aromatic notes get a chance to expand. But to be honest, the opening was much better.

Moschino Funny! by Moschino

It's like succulent Clinique Happy for men with a hint of tea added to it. The tea note in this perfume is close to the interesting tea in perfumes such as Jennifer Lopez Still and Givenchy AODLS edp. The opening is very nice and has a fresh velvety aroma of tea and citrus. But in the drydown, the tea fades and the perfume turns into a sweet powdery-citrusy skin scent that reminds me of some of Atelier Cologne's perfumes that have a heartsick citrusy smell.
Thumbs Up just for its fragrant and cheerful opening, which somehow expresses the Maisondieu's style.

Mond by Slumberhouse

A gorgeous addictive scent.
I'm not usually a fan of artistic perfumes, but this one made me fall in love with it. A natural, semi-sweet, dusty and dim scent that you like to constantly feel when you spray it on your skin. Unfortunately, the performance is a bit weak for me. The set of notes has created an esculent, warm and cozy scent. It opens with a strong honey and dried apricot combo with red wine at its heart. Also, the spicy notes have a captivating presence from the very beginning. Then the initial strongness of the scent is reduced and a soft (sandal)woody-ambery and still spicy smell remains. Not suitable for receiving compliments from others, but if you are interested in honeyed spicy scents with dried fruit top and natural vibe, this can be interesting for you. Perfumes like Kiste and Baque had annoying elements that made them unattractive, but apparently the perfumer has realized that heterogeneity and improved his style in this perfume. Everything is enough and well blended here. With this perfume, a delicious dusty halo surrounds you.

Toy Boy by Moschino

An amazing opening with the smell of fresh roses. There is a masculine musky-ambery accord in the base, which over time becomes the dominant smell. Unfortunately, when this smell prevails, the perfume loses its freshness and becomes sweet and artificial. Nevertheless, it's a fashionable perfume based on roses, especially in the first hour.

By using it again, I realized that the artificial amber note (norlimbanol) dominate the perfume too much. Although it has given the perfume a masculine look, it has ruined the scent for my taste.

Revelries by Pineward Perfumes

Smells too smoky in the opening, like burnt paperboard in a dark woody/piney atmosphere. There are also some sweet notes in the background. Then the smoky smell subsides and those sweet notes prevail. This isn't an absolute sweetness, it's kind of the sweetness of a herb. Also, it should be noted that the spicy notes are very powerful in this scent, and clove plays a major role. In the drydown, we smell a very spicy and herbal scent. The sweetness of raisin and cinnamon is still there.
It's one of those artistic perfumes (with the style of Slumberhouse). Warm, dark, smoky and sweet woody-spicy combination. The notes look very natural, but I don't think good taste has been used in choosing them. I mean, as a perfume it's not balmy and fragrant enough. However much it's natural, it doesn't smell so good.

Boundless by Amouage

An amalgam of contemporary synthetic amber, pipe tobacco, gourmand spices (which we'd seen a same thing in TF's Tobacco Vanille) and a few notes that reflect the style of Amouage; I also found parallels with Roja Dave's Enigma Pour Homme in its opening.
The amber accord in this perfume isn't only due to resin notes such as benzoin and myrrh, there is also a harsh chemical note here (which is common in today's perfumery as an amber/woody note. I've already mentioned it in my comment on 212 VIP Black); A warm, spiky, chlorine-smelling note, which of course has welcomed enthusiastically by the mass. The guys at Amouage have used it in Boundless so as not to miss the boat. I think Boundless doesn't have an independent identity. It's neither classic, nor modern, nor balmy, nor innovative and novel; Boundless remains indeterminate... It seems to be a mixture of several different perfumes.

When I saw the natural aroma of tobacco singly in the last breaths of Boundless, I sighed as to why those harsh notes were used alongside it.

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

When we talk about the smell of pipe tobacco, we can mention Tea for Two as one of the most prominent works in this field. It's gentlemanly; Warm, bittersweet, mature smoky. Piquant dry spicy notes soaked in honey, natural pipe tobacco and the attractive pleasant scent of tea . And how masterfully the perfumer has executed this combination. It's like an authoritative and sedate person who wears sober clothes and often smokes. and of course is kind and chummy at heart. How many fragrances are there that can create the sense of dignity?
Each of the notes exerts its own inherent effect. It's unique. conflagrant feeling, but gentle. Stand-alone, literally special. It's not just a perfume, it's part of the soul and personality of a person.

212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera

Another graceless amber bomb; The difference is that here there are some sweet fruity notes in the opening and that's all they've done. It seems they've brought a huge amount of synthetic rough amber and bottled that; they've cut corners on the formula and just combined some artificial notes (supposed Absinthe or Fennel!) with that amber, although those adjunct notes fade immediately and the ugly uncut amber becomes more visible than before. This circulation of synthetic amber perfumes, which constitute the dominant volume of today's perfumes, is unprecedented in the history of perfumery; Almost in every designer perfume I try these days, I come across a coarse amber overdose (with a few loose notes on the sides that do not matter at all and get lost very quickly). Pure XS, CH Men Prive, 212 VIP Men, Boss The Scent Absolute, Bad Boy Le Parfum, Stronger with You Absolutely, ... This is the trend companies have taken. Have they gained the public taste and does the production of such perfumes profit them?? The answer is definitely yes, otherwise there is no other justification for producing such garbage. The only factor these perfumes are good at is the projection. No subtlety can be seen in their scent, no innovation can be seen, they all have almost the same harsh smell, and they are like a lake of amber in which some miscellaneous notes have sunk. I wish we could enter an era in which these types of perfumes would go out of fashion as soon as possible and their generation would become extinct.

Apple Brandy on the Rocks by By Kilian

Apple Brandy on the Rocks smells like an apple more than the original version. The apple note has been performed in a fun way here; it's cheerful, fragrant and somehow fresh (I think they copied it from Maduro by Fort and Manlé). This perfume opens with a mild fluidy, fruity, light and designer-like smell. As you can guess from the notes listed, this isn't a mature or very masculine perfume, although it doesn't need to be one of those. It's easy to wear, not too heavy or suffocating. It dries down to a light version of Apple Brandy (2013) that has been mixed with a perfume like Boss Bottled (1998). In this stage, it has the tobacco-like and "wood barrel" character of the original version (due to vanilla and some woody notes). At the same time, it smells like some designer perfumes such as Boss Bottled and Baldessarini Ambré. It's almost a youthful scent, not too sweet or warm, that is nice for temperate climates. Honestly, I was expecting a more special and unique perfume; However, this is also good. I like its lightness and comfort. But still, it's a bit boring too. Outstanding longevity and moderate projection.

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