The Dreamer by Versace

THE DREAMER ???They should rename it into "THE NIGHTMARE" !

Versace l'Homme by Versace

GORGEOUS !It's that simple......a citrussy opening....a floral heart...and a woody but somehow sweet drydown.It reminds me of Armani's eau pour homme, but Versace has more facettes. While Armani tends to be "only" fresh and woody, Versace's sweetness makes it more lively and charming.It was Versace's first male fragrance, and it's definitely the best. After more than 20 years since its release, it still feels up to date.A classy and very attractive fragrance, that needs to be appreciated as it hopefully finds back his way to the top (where it belongs) !

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

NEXT !This is one is just too much to bear.....i think they tried to produce something as ground breaking as the original one, but they definitely failed !

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

ANGEL = Starbuck's for Men !I like sweet and spicy fragrances, full of character, but i don't get this one.Can't imagine anyone who would like to smell this way. If you want to smell like "Angel" you could rub your neck with chocolate and coffee just as well.The only thing that i like about this one, is the idea to create something totally different.Definitely in the love it or hate it category.But i will give a Neutral thumb for idea and courage!

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

SIMPLE AND TIMELESS!Citrussy, spicy, herb.....wearable at any occassion!Sooner or later everybody admires it!

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

TOLERABLE !I'm definitely not a fan of the CK fragrance line, and there is only one (Obsession) i would probably wear. But i must admit, that Escape is one of the better products from CK. It is very fruity and sweet and although it has that synthetic touch, i find it very pleasent and inoffensive.Once very common and popular, it is now rarely used (in mid-europe).Still better than many new released mass market products.

Joop! Homme by Joop!

BAD REPUTATION!This is the story of Joop Homme.....Once there was a very beautiful girl in the neighborhood, that you wanted to date. But when you saw her walking around with jerks (week after week, year after year) you decided not to ask her. WHY? Because walking around with those jerks ruined her reputation although she was so beautiful and had such potential.Do u understand ???

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

WONDERFUL!There is not much to say....If you like sweet,spicy, woody and warm scents than you should give this one a try, cause nowadays such fragrances are rarely findable.Very well blended. Good lasting power. Definitely not mainstream. Wonderful bottle.Admirable that such a fragrance is the flagship of Gucci's fragrance line (for men).(Maybe a bit too much in the summer time.)

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

WEARABLE !I was fortunate enough to smell this one on a man and a woman. It's really a unisex fragrance although it's heavy sweetness makes it more wearable for women.Gaultier² is really (i mean REALLY) sweet. It begins sweet, and it ends sweet (and in between those 2 stages it's still sweet). It smells nice but as soon as you get familiar with it, you realize that something is missing.It is very long lasting, but the fact that this fragrance doesn't evolve too much, makes it somehow annoying.I wouldn't recommend this for every day use, but maybe on the right women at the right time, this could work.

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

THE KING !!!Fahrenheit is (imo) the most distinctive male fragrance. I can't smell a single ingredient (listed above) but i love every stage of Fahrenheit.You can't describe Fahrenheit, you have to smell it!People love or hate Fahrenheit, but everybody knows immediately what it is, when they smell it.When something reached this level it has to be very special!The remaining question is if you like it and if you're confident enough to wear it (nothing for shy guys).

No. 5 by Chanel

A CLASSIC !!!No.5 is a true (and maybe the only) classic that really stood the test of time. It's almost like a synonym for perfume and sooner or later everybody becomes a fan of this one.It's outstanding and unconventional because of the aldehydes but also very sexy and adorable thanks to the florals in it. It has a perfect balance and is noticeable immediately, but not importunate.Much can be said and will be said about "Chanel No.5", and there will be lovers and haters, but it's definitely in a class of it's own!Even if you don't like the fragrance, you have to love the bottle.I love Coco a little bit more, but that's just a matter of taste, and it doesn't increase the importance and beauty of No.5(I would prefer the EdT on a woman, because it seems a little sweeter, but however it should be applied sparingly.)

Coco by Chanel

A MASTERPIECE !!!Coco is my favorite female fragrance. It is sweet (somehow oriental), flowery, spicy and woody at the same time, very sexy and incredibly feminine!Sometimes i think that i can smell a hint of mandarin and rose, but besides that it is almost impossible (at least for me) to smell another single ingredient.It is a very elegant and noticeable scent of hight quality, very seductive and it will immediately draw attention.It also has a strong personality (that means it encases you with a certain aura) and i won't recommend this to a woman under the age of 25, or anyone who doesn't want to be in the spotlight.A woman who wears Coco is divine, sexy and fascinating. A woman who doesn't wear Coco still has to proof that she's divine, sexy and fascinating ;-)(If you should like Coco but prefer a little lighter scent, try Coco Mademoiselle.)

Allure Homme by Chanel

SOLID !Allure is a very nice fragrance, which starts cool and fresh but ends warm and woody.It is very modern but also very classy and of high quality (like all Chanel fragrances, if you like them or not).Compared to his older brothers (especially to Antaeus end Egoiste), Allure is very shy and relative easy to wear. It is one of those scents with which you can't go wrong, but also one that will not attract attention immediately.It's just a good companion, that will please the crowd.If you are looking for a really nice scent that you can wear for any occasion, this one is definitely for you!

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

INCREDIBLE !!!D&G Pour Homme is one of the very few fragrances that everybody seems to love (or at least like).It starts fresh (lemon) but not too fresh. It is bitter (mandarine), but not too bitter. It becomes woody but not too woody, and there is a hint of tobacco in it (but not too much).I think its this fine balance that makes D&G Pour Homme so likeable. It's also very masculine but that doesn't seem to bother.All the perfumers should learn a lesson from this one. D&G wasn't (or at least didn't try) to be mainstream like all those aqua's and cool's out there on the market. But it became very popular anyway, just by trying to smell different and somehow special.But nothing is perfect! The only thing that annoys me and bars me from using this one is the fact, that there are so many people out there who use this one too (that's the same problem with Jean Paul Gaultier's "Le Male"). So you'll feel really good with D&G Pour Homme, but not really special!

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

ATTRACTIVE!"Le Male" is really a wonderful and exceptional scent. It is sweet, spicy, flowery and very feminine but at the same time also very strong and masculine.I can't imagine of any scent that smells similar to this one.The main notes of Le Male are mint, lavender and vanilla, but somehow Le Male is so overpowering, that it is really difficult for me to smell one of those ingredients.The best time to use Le Male seems to be cool weather or evening.The worst thing with Le Male is the fact, that so many people use it (and use it wrong) even when it does not seem to fit them very well. That keeps me from using this one.If you should like Le Male (like I do) then PLEASE apply it sparingly! That will make a far better impression.

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, OUTSTANDING !!!Egoiste is a beautiful oriental, with an outstanding rose/sandalwood accord (one of the best i've ever smelled).It is one of those fragrances you love to hate. It is overwhelming, and you would notice it even when the person left the room 5 minutes ago.The beginning is a little bitter, and i can smell a hint of mandarine. After 5-10 minutes you start to notice the rose and the sandalwood and finally (after several hours) the vanilla based drydown.Egoiste is also on of the very few male fragrances that would suit up very well to a woman. Maybe that's one of the reasons why a lot of people don't like it.It's also a very warm and elegant scent. Because of it's strong personality you should apply it carefully, and use it in the evening or in fall/winter.The thing i like most about Egoiste is the fact, that it has a strong personality, and is rarely used. It smells completely different from all the other products out there in the market, and people will recognize you immediately if you wear this one.

Antaeus by Chanel

A CLASSIC !!!Antaeus is a deep, dark, spicy and leathery fragrance, and definitely one of the most masculine and dominant scents out there.It's very complex and overwhelming at the first sniff, and often regarded as outdated, but you have to try this one a couple of times (on your skin) before you can admire its beauty.Antaeus is also a very elegant scent (a signature of the CHANEL fragrance line), which doesn't share any of those sporty and fresh citrus and aqua notes that you can find in almost every fragrance that is released nowadays.Antaeus has a strong personality which doesn't suit very well to you if you are not the elegant type of men, and i wouldn't recommend this to sportive guys or people under the age of 25.If you like classic scents, you should give this one a try. If you are into that aqua and cool new fragrance thing, you will hate Antaeus (too bad for you).Definitely in the list of my favourite 5 Male Fragrances !!!

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