1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

I thought I'd better chime in here given how liberally people have taken to associating this frag with a name I'm monickered after (hedonist).

I made the mistake of blind buying 1740 based on a general consensus of agreeably positive 'masculine' notes and accords (e.g. leather. tobacco, booze, patchouli, etc). That, and that it had been (erroneously) compared to other truly masculine scents like Varvatos' Dark Rebel.

What most reviewers failed to mention about 1740 is that it mostly projects a nauseating "grandmother" smell of baby powder and attic moth balls. Think expired talc powder, putrid violet, lavender, dehydrated geranium, and jasmine. And this is the dominant profile from start to finish.

So yes, masculinity exists faintly in 1740, but it scarcely matters, as it's drowned in a bath of sickly sweet expired powders. If you want to smell 'masculine' or 'sexy', as these adjectives have been liberally associated with this frag, this is not it by my estimation. If you want to smell like grandma's body being embalmed in preparation for burial, this is the "daring/bold" being spoken of here.
Oct 11, 2020

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