Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

A very confortable mix of a clean powdery-sugary-sweet accord and some green refreshing notes. It's not offensive nor bland. Maybe It's too sweet for aromatic fougères lovers but its sweetness isn't heavy, too spicy or modern gourmand, what is a bonus.
Sep 22, 2021

Aramis Life My Summer by Aramis

Very Lemony, icy and minty. It could have been just another run of the mill fresh fragrance, but It's different, I dare say if It had carried a Niche brand label It could have reached better luck with sales. It's certainly a fresh "acquired taste" fragrance. No calone, no melony-watery smell. At the same time the harsh initial smell can repel people, after some minutes some folks can be hooked by a nice drydown.
However, as a big fan of the original, I must admit "My Summer" isn't the "summer flanker" I expected when I bought it. Instead of being a more citrusy/sparkling version, It reminds me of Unilever kitchen-cleaning Cif cream... If you like that kind of "clean artificial" smell, go for it. It has nothing to do with its predecessor. It's what happens when industry push all the boundaries while testing "clean smelling" aromachemicals in a fragrance. Is it bad? No, but I do like Cif cream smell!
Sep 6, 2021

Camera for Men by Max Deville

To sum it up, It's a nice linear floriental fragrance, with a pleasant and somewhat syrupy vanilla note. Although people link it to Lagerfeld Photo, I think It's more connected with later 90s night-club fragrances as JPG Le male. Although loud, I could use it all day long, depending on the number of sprays. Nowadays, mainly due to the poor reformulation, I'd rather choose Camera than Le Male.
It could also be a nice surprise for Armani Code and Eau de Nuit fans.
Jul 9, 2021

Sun Men by Jil Sander

As Zgb previously summed up, It's a fresh yet warm and somehow balsamic fragrance, just like sun tan lotions.
I live in the tropics, It's always hot and very hot here and I can easily wear it without suffocating. It's a mix of a "fresh spicy" scent and a warm oriental, that works.
Consequently, It's versatile and easy going. People usually like it, won't offend anyone.
Jun 29, 2021

Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

To make a long story short: It's a nice aquatic/fresh scent, based on Cumcumber note, for those who like RL Polo Blue.
It hurts, but It's a good and cheaper alternative to Polo blue. It's even fresher and seems less synthetic and less 'calone(y)'. If you want a complement to 'Dove Men care deodorant Go fresh (cucumber)', this is your fragrance. Great and easy like sunday morning.
Feb 15, 2021

XS pour Homme Summer Sensual by Paco Rabanne

Just as pointed by Igarruda, It's a fresher version of original XS: Starts sharper and more citrusy and keeps fresher and more icy as It dries down. That being said, It's less sweet (just a little bit) than the original.
Nov 30, 2020

Moods Uomo by Krizia

'A must have' for old school fragrances's Lovers!
Rich, well blended, strong without being "stuffy", brings a lot of elements that made 80s fragrances fame.
A don't think of it as a dry scent. The best way I can describe it: a frozen slightly spicy, formal fougere (with green aspects) tempered with rose. No sweetness at all.
Thumbs definitely up.
Feb 13, 2020

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

Vintage stuff (Red box, made in france) is darker, woodier and sweeter. It's more connected with 80's and early 90's fragrances: a sweet dark woody fragrance.
Recent stuff (black boxes and black caps/red 'made in italy' boxes) is toned down, approaching 2000s casual style. No dark woods, just a inoffensive sweet (flerting with generic) smell.
Jan 2, 2020

Adidas by Adidas

Adidas is a nice forgotten old school fragrance that truly represents the 80s sport spirit: It's refreshing in a clean aromatic/herbal way. Not a single drop of sweetness, It's soap, sharp and bright. Reminds me fragrances like Aramis Tuscany (vintage), Boss Number 1 (without the pronounced honey note of earlier versions) and even Captain Molyneux (although not as talcum powdery). Solid fragrance, should be in any old school fan's collection.
Dec 10, 2019

Eternity Flame for Men by Calvin Klein

Not a bad scent at all, just another trendy fragrance that follows the steps of things like Invictus intense. Sweet and spicy notes surrounded by some ambroxan. Unnecessary if you already own things like Spicebomb, Gentleman absolute etc.
Dec 5, 2019

Ferrari Cuvée Extra Rich Eau de Toilette by Ferrari

Green, aromatic and barbershop(ey), reminded me of Brut and more recent interpretations as Duc de Vervins and Rive Gauche. Same "green with Anise" smell mixed into a slightly sweet and spiced shaving cream accord. Stronger than Duc de vervins and greener than Rive gauche (also less sophisticated) although follows the same vibe. Francesco Smalto could be another reference. I wouldn't call it smoky, but It has got a non-stuffy spicy powdery smell. In my opinion, It's more of a late 70s type of fragrance that flerts with 80s colognes power. Old school for sure.
May 23, 2019

Reporter by Oleg Cassini

I agree with Mysticman and Naed_Nitram: definitely resembles Paco Rabanne pour homme in its previous versions, just brighter, less herbal/honeyed, more aromatic. Paco's fans will probably like it. Longevity could be better, although it lasted 5-6 hours close to my skin.
Keep in mind I'm talking about "vintage" Reporter as shown in the picture above (the one with black cap and black box)
May 23, 2019

Black Jeans by Versace

A comfortable casual and slightly spicy fougère fragrance. Nothing groudbreaking, I think there's some green notes in it and a hint of sweetness to round it all. Along with Metal Jeans, the best in jeans series.
May 15, 2019

Versus Uomo by Versace

A strange mix of notes, perhaps a floral oriental, but what puzzles me is the fact It reminds me of chocolate wafer! Definitely different from nowadays ultra sweet chocolate syrup. A bit odd, a neutral for me.
May 15, 2019

Jazz Prestige by Yves Saint Laurent

If you, like me, think YSL Jazz is a nice fragrance that could have been better if the perfumer had tamed that annoying slightly medicinal accord that complements the spicy refreshing green smell, than you should try Jazz prestige.
What a nice spicy green fougere! A faceted Jazz, more versatile and easy-going, although still 80s style. In my opinion, better than the original. It's a pitty It's so rare nowadays.
May 7, 2019

Massimo Dutti by Massimo Dutti

A casual, simple, slightly spicy lemon based fragrance. Poor projection, poor longevity on my skin. It seems to be an EDC insted of an EDT. Maybe that's why It's sold in a 200ml splash bottle: You have to dab without parcimony to get some strength. But what surprises me is the absence of vetiver in the olfactive pyramid! I could swear I smell it...
If you look after an 80's powerhouse, forget about it. It looks like a lighter and less sweet version of L'eau d'Issey (without cinnamon and woods) in spite of being released first.
Mar 26, 2019

Blend 30 by Dunhill

Dark green old school fragrance, although its green-herbal aspect is eclipsed by a thick "leathery-tobaccoey-oakmossy" accord. At the same time It gives stregth to the scent, It implies in a too much dated smoky-powdery smell. The resulting combination is a bitter herbal green smell surrounded by a smoky-powdery cloud. If you like green old school fragrances, there are better options like Francesco Smalto, Tsar, Polo, Bogart signature etc.
Dec 5, 2018

Action Uomo by Trussardi

Another nice green old school fragrance from yesteryears!
Green, slightly peppery-spicy, formal and never cloying, It retains most of 80s spirit without being too dated. Something in It, reminds me of Lagerfeld Photo's laurel note. No stuffy talcum powder smell here and It isn't so bitter green as some of its contemporarys (Basile uomo, I'm looking at you). It definitely deserved more love.
Dec 5, 2018

Cellini by Fabergé

Wow! Nice anise note mixed in a late 70s fougere style! Aromatic, formal, but never cloying. I guess It was considered a casual fragrance at the time of its lauch.
I'd say Aramis Tuscany was definitely inspired in Cellini. No doubt about it. But I vaguely smell here something I also detect in Aramis Devin. Great fragrance!
Dec 5, 2018

Hunter by Atkinsons

Green. Think of a very green fragrance: a lot of pine, citrus and spices in a beautiful accord. There's also a slightly sweet note mixed in it, just to make it even cosier and a soft/bright talcum-powder note to give it strength. Everything in its right place. Perhaps, a Lomani pour homme's punchy version but It's for everyone that appreciates 80s green fougeres but sometimes gets tired of their denser ambery/woody drydowns.
Oct 22, 2018

Duc de Vervins by Houbigant

Although everything has already been said, can't help writing some words about this nice fougere. Starts green and spicy reminding me of Drakkar Noir and VC&A Tsar. However, instead of getting woodier or ambery like the ones above, It dries down in a different direction: herbal, soapy and sligthly sweet (still keeping some "green sparks").
It's just a bit surprising that no one has mentioned some similarities with Rive Gauche (that is more refined and stronger) and the all time classic, Brut (which is sharper).
Oct 1, 2018

Bright Neroli by Ferrari

Delightful mix of citrusy notes, especially all kind of orange smells. Although refreshing, It's also refining and could be worn at night, even in formal occasions. Slightly sweet (but nothing that could ruin the freshness) and not cheap-smelling at all. Truly shareable, longevity is pretty decent. Nice work from Ferrari!
Aug 1, 2018

Noble Fig by Ferrari

Nice fig scent, delivers a fresh green smell in the same way as Dior's Dune and Davidoff's Good Life, just slightly more formal and refining. Anyway, great for casual wear and won't bother people around you.
Aug 1, 2018

Radiant Bergamot by Ferrari

Starts amazingly refreshing with a nice combination of an icy-lemony note with a slightly sweet orangey-bergamot smell. At that moment, similar to Mugler cologne, just fresher. After 5 minutes or so, its sweetness is amplified and mixed with a clean powdery note. The result: a sweet green smell, surrounded by a slightly talcum note. A bit over the top for me. And seems more feminine than masculine.
Aug 1, 2018

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