Façonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Façonnable by Façonnable

Sorry, but I don't understand the cool water comparisons. The orange sets Faconnable apart. This is fresh, clean and most enjoyable. Wonderful citrusy orange and mint done correctly. It's a beautiful scent in a great looking bottle. Never cheap smelling, but oh so fresh. I Love it!
Nov 15, 2021

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

An incredible bargain for such a quality fragrance. Honey, oakmoss and patchouli are present. Powerful sillage and great longevity. Beautiful bottle. Giorgio for men is a classic.
Nov 11, 2021

Tommy Bahama for Him by Tommy Bahama

A more refined version of Nautica Voyage. It's nice and refreshing being a fruity and tropical scent. I like most of the Bahama scents but they missed the boat by discontinuing the original Tommy Bahama for Men. Tommy Bahama for Him pales by comparison. It's deserving of a thumbs up but a bit too generic to be a favorite.
Oct 18, 2021

Halston 1-12 by Halston

The EA version still resembles the old formula but it is less sharp and more of a watered down version. I still find this wearable. I traded my vintage bottle of 1-12 bottle years back but no regrets as this EA bottle still holds memory of the original.
Oct 12, 2021

Jaïpur Homme Fraîcheur by Boucheron

Lighter version of the original Jaipur with wood notes added. So light it practically disappears within the first hour. It was nice while it lasted but a neutral rating due to it's fleeting appearance.
Oct 11, 2021

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

Wow. I was quite surprised as I ordered this as a blind buy. Berries and Juniper fading into a light pepper.
Nothing remarkable, but I find it refreshing. I find this a bit more of a casual scent while the intense version (which I prefer) is more formal.
Oct 8, 2021

Mauboussin pour Homme by Mauboussin

This is a unusual Lavender fragrance in a beautiful bottle.
The EDP is the way to go here. I own both the EDP and the EDT and the edt version has a stale quality that appears cloying to my nose. The EDP is pure class. A definite gentlemens scent that is best suited for the mature wearer.
Sep 23, 2021

Night Touch by Franck Olivier

If you were expecting another Bleu De Chanel clone, you are somewhat close. My personal take is that I like this better. Night Touch has better silage and appears with a more fruity composition. For me, this is more wearable than BDC. Purists may condemn my findings but I never cared for BDC and it actually feels synthetic compared to this Franck Olivier adaptation. Longevity is good as with most of Franck Oliviers scents. Truly a wonderful blind buy for me. Thumbs up!
Sep 7, 2021

Lalique pour Homme Equus by Lalique

Finally acquired a bottle of Lalique Equus and I am more than pleased. The juniper and violet leaves are nicely done but my favorite aspect of this wonderful fragrance is the dry down exhibiting the scent of cedar shavings. This is a memory invoking fragrance for me. Thumbs up!
Sep 6, 2021

The Dreamer by Versace

Nice bottle. The predominant Iris made this a bit feminine to my nose. Then mix the iris with the tobacco and it became very cloying. I wanted this to work but it just didn't with my chemistry. Still a neutral as I can understand this will work well for others especially if you like floral and tobacco notes.
Aug 31, 2021

Flight by Michael Jordan

As others have mentioned, I find this to be a decent clone of YSL L'Homme. Nothing objectional here.
Nothing cheap smelling here either. I get decent longevity and good sillage. Plastic pieces on the bottle are a bit tacky but if you can forgive the packaging you'll find a nice alternative to
YSL L'Homme at a reasonable cost.
Aug 26, 2021

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

One of only a few fragrances I cannot tolerate. A basil and cucumber mix that resembles more of a stale salad dressing than a cologne. I can live with most of the other Polo line, Green, Black, Double Black, Sport etc. but Polo Blue has a veggie medicinal smell that is anything but "blue". I'll never understand this mess.
Aug 26, 2021

Jaguar Classic Black by Jaguar

Not bad. The initial notes of Tonka and Nutmeg are predominant on my skin. Yes, it's a bit generic but still nice for casual wearing. Longevity is an issue here though...barely 2 hours. Still giving Jaguar Classic Black a thumbs up. Just know that it's a decent blend with little staying power that starts out spicey then fades into an aquatic whisper.
Aug 26, 2021

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

Only giving this a neutral as some may actually like this. The lemon and mint combo is cloying and annoying. Comes across as stale to my nose. Doesn't work for me and I gave this at least a dozen light wearings before shoving it away.A scrubber for me. Meh. Ugh. Blah.
Aug 24, 2021

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I don't get it. This generic and synthetic edt is from Chanel? These notes are not likeable on my skin. I'd read many positive descriptions before blindly purchasing but this one's a headache inducer for me. 3 wearings were enough for me to trade my bottle away.
Aug 24, 2021

Visit by Azzaro

A blind buy purchase that did not disappoint. Light pepper and nutmeg opening that is refreshing. I don't get any heavy or cloying notes here. Somehow the combination of ingredients reminds me of a lighter and fresher version of Ferragamo. Is my nose decieving me? There is no fig listed in Visit. My only critique is that longevity is poor for me. After about an hour, the visit is over, leaving just a whiff of the guest who was here. Still, a thumbs up for the quality blend.
Aug 23, 2021

Uomo by Roberto Cavalli

Sweet woods abound in this syrupy juice. This is my favorite Cavalli so far. (I recall being disappointed in my bottle of Just Cavalli-it was too generic smelling). Cavalli Uomo, however, is deep and sensuous. A rich, dark fragrance that is sophisticated but not cloying. I agree with other reviews mentioning this is perfect for cooler months. This is the fragrance to wear to your next romantic dinner. Very nice!
Aug 18, 2021

Burberry Summer for Men 2013 by Burberry

It is what it is...A light Summer fragrance that is casual and clean. Unfortunately The 2013 version of Burberry Summer lacks staying power. If fruit, mint and musk blended into a light, fresh concoction is your thing, go for it. I had this years ago, traded it away as I found it meh. It was quite pricey at that time. Purchased a bottle recently and 2nd go it's still no head turner but I found this is nice to apply for a casual outing. *On a personal note: I'm glad my nose now senses notes I missed when I was younger. I'm appreciating fragrances I passed up years back.
Aug 17, 2021

Java for Men by Franck Olivier

I had this years back and at that time I didn't care for it so I traded it away. Just recently purchased a bottle again and I really find this quite nice. Not certain why I didn't like it back then. It's a beautiful, rich fragrance. It just may be my nose but I find this has similar notes to Armani Code. Thumbs up!
Aug 14, 2021

Oud Absolute by Silvestre

A faint and woodsy Oud scent. I'd label this a "Summer Oud" as it is mostly transparent and wears very close to the skin. Disappointed overall in it's longevity but still nice to have in my collection when other Oud fragrances are deemed too heavy fo warmer weather wearing.
Aug 9, 2021

Nautica Classic by Nautica

Decent concoction of Bergamot, the faintest of fruits and a Musk ending that is nothing ground breaking but quite good for a casual scent. I tried this years back and did not like it. Just purchased recently at a bargain price and find that it's quite nice for Spring and Summer.
Aug 9, 2021

Black is Black by Nuparfums

Don't let the bargain price fool you. This is a quality fragrance. There seems to be a lot going on here. Bergamot and heavy fruits with a light rose note. The drydown of Amber and Musk is quite nice. Strong sillage and longevity. I'm certain this must be a clone of something but it stands on it's own as a nice fragrance.
Aug 9, 2021

Black is Black Modern Oud by Nuparfums

A bit sweet Oud fragrance from NuParmums. This company does not disappoint. As an Oud fragrance, Modern Oud is composed of quality notes comparable to a niche scent. Want a bargain? This is it. Great scent for cooler weather. Complements for certain. Highly recommended!
Aug 9, 2021

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

An immediate Headache in a bottle for me. The sweetest, most cloying artificial fragrance I have ever experienced. This could be had for peanuts years back (and I still wouldn't buy) and now commands ridiculous prices. Why? It's that awful. The sample was enough which was quickly tossed in the trash. Yuck.
Aug 5, 2021

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