Brut by Fabergé

BRUT - an eventful perfume- and company history!

BRUT, then still with the addition of FABERGÉ, has undergone an enormous change since 2007. When you consider that BRUT was once the most successful perfume brand - in terms of sales - with its perfume by-products in the 1970s and 1980s in the USA?

But it all began with perfume when a US businessman bought Carl Fabergé's two sons - Alexander and Eugene - the right to use the name Fabergé for cosmetics just for US $ 25,000.

This perfume company, called Fabergé Inc., changed hands several times over the next few decades until it finally ended up with the Dutch-British conglomerate Unilever.

Unilever had acquired the perfume brand with all its rights, then in 1989 for 1.55 billion US dollars , where it remained as Lever Fabergé until the end of 2006 .

In January 2007, a Russian oligarch acquired all Fabergé naming rights and the associated licenses through his investment group based on the Cayman Islands from Unilever - for an undisclosed purchase price. This in order to revive the manufacture and sale of Fabergé jewelry with the old, well-known historic name.

However, another Russian oligarch runs a museum in Baden-Baden called the "Fabergé Museum". He may continue to use this designation - after a court ruling.

The BRUT perfume itself, plus by-products such as deodorants or soaps etc., was no longer allowed to carry the addition “Fabergé” on packs and bottles.

Today the fragrance is then sold under the name "BRUT Parfums Prestige" and this continues as a Unilever subsidiary.

My comment on BRUT myself.
As a young guy in the late 1970s, the scent was something I didn't like at all. Somehow too bombastic, overloaded with x undefinable components for me. At that time things started slowly with the launch of many new men's fragrances - pushed by the disco wave of the time, especially by Travolta's world movie hit "Saturday Night Fever". In short, BRUT was simply Bäääh!

At that time people turned to other fragrances, such as new items from Etienne Aigner, Bogart, Azzaro or Lagerfelds Classic, to name just a few. BRUT was quickly forgotten by me. And it stayed that way - until now in 2020!

By chance (as a small present!) I got a new original bottle, as it is apparently sold today.
There was a certain skepticism, because the umpteenth brain drawer of mine still had the scent memory from the 1970s.
I also experience a certain change in smell over the decades. Fragrances or aromas that I liked in the past are no longer liked today, or only to a limited extent.

It is the same with BRUT. Back then a kind of "no use", but today: oh, I like it!

Perhaps because there were certain adjustments to the recipe, i.e. the original fragrance dominance has been toned down today, who knows?

The fact is, I like the fragrance very much because it is no longer as overwhelmingly present as it was back then, but more subtle - that is, it is softer. But I am unable to determine which component is responsible.

All in all, the sillage is quite strong, depending on how much you spray. What is striking, however, is the durability, which can be described as strong over a period of around eight hours.
In short, it will continue to be used by me!
Sep 3, 2020

Vetiver by Guerlain

What a veritable rape of this former classic vetiver! Also the other scents at Guerlain – see “Habit Rouge”! These “Wasser Spiele” are a horror! This further formulation is a shame! Since the 1970s meanwhile the fourth! And getting more worse with each version! I had this fragrance as the main perfume for almost 35 years. It's over for me with that Vetiver! Thank God there is Tom Ford's Vetiver and Givenchy's Vetyver. In fact the new one are an abomination, ultra-overprices but in fact cheap and ordinary. A real drugstore caliber – nothing more!
Oct 28, 2019

Babylon by Penhaligon's

First presented and available exclusively at the department store Harrods in London - and there exclusively until January 2020!
Oct 27, 2019

Wow! by Joop!

Well, how should I start this comment?
Perhaps with the impression that the dermatological condition of every human being, namely, his skin, is unique? Just like the iris of the eyes or its fingerprints?

Yes! And so I try to describe the latest creation of the Joop fragrances, as it is with me - on my skin.

What should I say after the first sprayer from a test bottle at a well-known drugstore chain in my country?

I know the scent!

But that is .... ? Yes!

He is almost the 1-to-1 rebirth of Paloma Picasso's MINOTAURE - important - from the initial version of the beginning of the 1990s, not the reworded "stuff" found today in lower fragrance shelves of the parfumerie departments.

If compares the fragrance pyramids of the two fragrances, one will not, of course, find the same ingredients, but here the dermatological effect comes with me - which makes me recognize the duplicity.

I'm lucky that I have still unopened 1992 version miniature bottles by Minotaure and thus the fragrance easy comparison with WOW!. For me personally, the fragrance could be an enrichment in my fragrance collection, especially because I was very disappointed when Minotaure was offered in a new recipe around 1997, but I did not like it at all.

But now at the WOW! I find the total perfumery which I like and which makes me miss the missing Minotaure practically. Let's see ... maybe to the beginning of the spring, WOW! Another perfume that finds his home with me.
Mar 17, 2017

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

A fragrance called from me as a "grenade"! An explosion of a combination of complex ingredients. Fanstastic!!!
Mar 15, 2006

Pure Vetiver by Azzaro

One more terrible mainstream water! without the smallest touch of Vetiver!Total consumer verarschung!!
Mar 15, 2006

Eton College Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street

An absolutly elegant fragrance. The best is the low price. In Jermynstreet shop for 100ml Cologne just 14,25 GBP!!
Mar 15, 2006

Adolfo Dominguez by Adolfo Dominguez

Woody base! Reminds a little of JF of Floris
Mar 13, 2006

Elite by Floris

Perfect fresh fragrance of green things like lemon/veyver/bergamot ... and and and...!Not one of this hectoliter-fragrances!
Mar 13, 2006

Town & Country by Crown Perfumery

I will say: a look-a-like of "Blenheim Bouquet" by Penhaligo's
Mar 13, 2006

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