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Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton by Marc Jacobs

Fresh and crisp; casual and simple. It's perfect for the days when you just want a crisp white shirt and Levis. I smell cotton, cucumber and a grassy green citrus.
Nov 29, 2015

Roxy Love by Roxy

This scent is as fresh and clean and about as close to a warm summer day after a good surf as you can get. I can smell the salt water in my hair and the sun on my skin. The first time I tried this scent, I immediately thought of my favorite surfing quote, “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”, by Duke Kahanamoku because this scent is so light and happy and warm.

Roxy has captured LOVE in a bottle; love is joyous, fun, happy, light, sunny, warm, fresh, beautiful, and precious. Like the way the water glistens when the sun comes up on a warm summer day. This youthful, magic scent is a kiss of summer in a bottle. I will be wearing it all summer long.
Apr 21, 2013

Poule de Luxe - Vanilla Fruit Sorbet by Crazylibellule & The Poppies

I love this girly fragrance! I received it as a gift and because of the adorable packaging, I waited to wear it so that I could wear it to see Cirque du Soleil "Iris". It was absolutely the perfect scent to wear! It was girly and playful, light and fun and has a sexy sweetness. To be fair, I layered it on my wrists with Gaultier's MaDame on my neck. Everytime I caught a sniff of my wrists, I thought to myself, "Wow, someone smells DIVINE!", only to realize that it was me!!
I'm definitely a fan! I'm looking at buying the rest of the line now....
Jun 2, 2012

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

I have to agree with the other reviews. Men LOVE this scent. My boyfriend chose it for me; he said it's what strippers wear (which made me dislike it before I even smelled it). But to my surprise, I liked it. I don't love it, but it's tolerable. It's very youthful and flowery, but like it's trying too hard to be girly and flowery, sticky and sweet. There are many other scents I prefer, but I wear this one on casual date nights FOR HIM because I know he LOVES it.
Mar 5, 2012

Baby Powder by Demeter Fragrance Library

I absolutely adore this fragrance! It makes me feel cuddly, warm and happy. It makes me feel as giggly and content as a newborn after it's fed. It's my favorite fragrance to wear to bed. I put it on after I shower, after I put on my baby lotion on; one squirt on the back of my neck where I know my boyfriends nose will be buried when we snuggle in for bed. I often hear new mothers say how they wish someone would bottle the smell of their newborn; and I believe Demeter has done it! LOVE IT!
Feb 27, 2012

Laundromat by Demeter Fragrance Library

I love the idea of this scent; actually, I love the idea of the entire Demeter fragrance library! They bring back the fun and silliness in the scents I smells I remember from childhood. To me, it's bottled nostalgia, which, if you think of it, is one of the main reasons people wear a scent at all - either to create a memory or evoke one. So, this manages to capture the entire laundromat experience in a bottle; from the soap and fabric softener to the warmth of the dryers! Needless to say, I feel clean and fresh while wearing this. It's the fragrance equivalent of a classic Calvin Klein dress; simple, clean, and fresh.
I have taken to wearing it to the gym lately, especially to my spin class. While I'm working hard and breaking a good sweat, I feel comfortable knowing that I smell clean and I am not offending anyone!! I've even gotten some compliments from some of the bodybuilders. LOVE IT!
Feb 27, 2012

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

It's been awhile since I stepped out of my comfort zone, but since I am bored today and I haven't worn this in awhile, I picked it up and put it on. I was absolutely not ready for the adventure that this scent has taken me on.

Suddenly, I am Mata Hari in a film noir movie from the 1920s, with Ofra Haza's song "Kirya" playing in the background. I'm slinking down a back alley of the spice bazaar on my way to a supper club to perform.........my perfumed veil blowing behind me and a loaded gun hidden in my bejeweled bra. I might simply dance like Salome, or I might seduce and then kill someone, who can really say on a night like this??

Exotic are just a few of the syllables that come to mind

If this fragrance were an oil color, it would be alizaron crimson. It if were a texture, it would be vintage silk velvet. GORGEOUS!!
Feb 2, 2012

L by Lolita Lempicka

I love this perfume. I feel so funny happy girly girl in it. My boyfriend said I smell good enough to eat; like a truffle.

It makes me want to wear a cotton candy bra, like I could be in the video for Katy Perry's "California Girls". The good thing is that it isn't sickeningly sweet, but more of a nostalgic sweet. It reminds me of when my grandma made homemade sweets for me to eat on Christmas morning.

I love love love it. It also has a bit of a beachy feel to it and since I grew up near the beach, it doubles the nostalgia for me. This is definitely one of my go-to scents for a date when I wear my girly girl cashmere sweaters with a flouncy skirt and sexy shoes. It's sweet but grown up sexy at the same time.
Jul 20, 2011

Classique Eau de Toilette / Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

This perfume is made for a woman who is strong AND feminine, elegant AND powerful. It is so unapologetic, so feminine, so sultry, so voluputuous and so bold. I love this scent and when I wear it, I am transformed.

I feel like Bettie Page in my pink satin lingerie, or maybe Etta James singing "A Sunday Kind of Love" with that deep soul voice, or maybe Mata Hari on a mission.

This scent transforms me into a woman who isn't afraid to use what she's got to get what she needs or wants; a woman who is is well aware of the power of her femininity and uses it as a cherished asset. A woman who is young enough to be playful and to enjoy the fun in life, but old enough to know the exact depth and breadth of her passions. A woman who whispers the secrets of the universe into your ear, while wearing black Christian Louboutin pumps and bright red lipstick. She's got you right where she wants you and you're a pawn in the chess game of her life. She could either choose to love you as you've never been loved before, or play with you like a cat plays with a mouse before it eats it, but either way, it's going to be her way......

This is definitely the scent to wear on a date, but only after several months of dating - when you want to make something magical happen, when you want him to be eating out of the palm of your hand.
Feb 12, 2011

Radiance by Hové Parfumeur

I found this perfume on an adventure in New Orleans while wandering around the French Quarter. I am a huge fan of the author Tom Robbins and the minute I saw the perfumerie I was enchanted. I was convinced that I'd finally found THE perfumerie from my favorite book, Jitterbug Perfume. As I wandered in, the elegant saleslady told me that Mr. Robbins had purchased Radiance, so naturally, I HAD to have some too....

I should mention that I was raised in California, and I am used to a hot, dry heat. I live by the beach, among surfers. Surfers typically do not wearmuch makeup or perfume, but if for some special occasion they do, it would probably be light and clean smelling. So, I am more familiar with lighter scents. Radiance was my first true experience with a southern floral.

Radiance is bottled decadence. It's voluptous and sensual; much like the city of New Orleans. As soon as the humid heat of the city enveloped my skin, I fully understood Radiance's gift to me. It literally made me radiate a voluptuous floral fragrance that did not withstand the heat as much as it transformed it on my skin into steamy sexy deliciousness. Within moments I went from California surfer girl to Southern Belle.
Jan 18, 2011

Beautiful Love by Estée Lauder

I have a love-hate relationship with this fragrance. I completely understand that women sometimes wear fragrances for themselves, sometimes for other women, and sometimes for men, and I would definitely categorize this as something I would only wear for a man.
Infact, I wear this only for my boyfriend. It's his favorite fragrance, hands down. It's the only fragrance he knows by name and the only one he asked about when another woman was wearing it. He bought it for me as a gift, and he loves it when I wear it. He literally buries his nose in my neck, closes his eyes and takes a big sniff, followed by either a huge smile or a big kiss. All the men in my office love it too. I've worn it to clubs, to church, on dates, always with the same result. Men are always telling me how good I smell when I wear it.
I think it smells synthetic on me and like a big mish-mosh of white florals with no unique character. When I want a "take notice" white floral, I usually reach for Fracas on my "sexy" days or Carnal Flower on my "wild" days, maybe even Michael by Michael Kors on a summer day, and I would have never bought Beautiful Love for myself. However, I can't deny that men love it, and for that, I give it a thumbs up.
Dec 24, 2010

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

I first smelled this on a woman walking down the hallway at school and it lingered and it was absolutely heavenly! I chased her down to find out what it was, and I immediately went out and bought it. On me, it doesn't seem to last very long (I have the EDP - blue), but that's ok. It's very comforting and warm. It's what I want to wear when I need to "hug my inner child". It's a Sunday lazy afternoon fragrance. Simple. Warm. Comforting.
Sep 20, 2010

Chamade Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I agree with Mimi Gardenia who said, "Sweet Holy Mother ! If there is a smell of heaven ,angels ,clouds and The Light of God - this is it."It is the smell of sacred forests as well. It's what a green fairy in the sacred forest would wear. It's divine.
Aug 23, 2010

FlowerbyKenzo Oriental by Kenzo

I love the early morning; the silence and solitude before anyone else wakes up; the early dew on the grass, the golden sunrise and warmth peering through the clouds, like an angel kiss on the cheek. It's the promise of a new day, where anything is possible, when you wake up and say, "Today's the day I accomplish my dreams!" I always begin my day the same way, but it wasn't until I moved that it really became a special ritual. It's this precise moment, this feeling of drinking in the morning, that this perfume evokes.My neighbor's are chinese and the grandmother doesn't speak a word of English. She and I are the only two people awake in the early hours. She quietly lights her chinese incense and practices Tai Chi in her backyard amidst the jasmine, chrysanthemums and roses, while I am in my backyard practicing my Qi Gong. It took me a few months after I moved in to figure out what that beautiful heavenly smell was, and now I can't start my day without it. It's the combination of the sunrise, the morning dew, the incense, the flowers, the ancient healing movements, and the peaceful state of mind that guarantees that I'll have a beautiful day and that I'm blessed.For me, this perfume was like walking into that scene. I smell the flowers first, then I am left with a lingering halo of incense and resins. I truly wish this was available in a perfume so that it would last much longer, but then I'm afraid it might be too heavy and would lose it's angel wing quality of lightness.
Aug 13, 2010

Fracas by Robert Piguet

I want to worship in the temple of Fracas; the garden of Eden. I am constantly buying tuberose in the summer because I love the way the fragrance drifts through each room at night, and I mingle that smell with some jasmine growing outside in my yard, right beside my neighbor's gardenia's. At night when both plants come alive, it smells like Heaven. This is what Fracas smells like to me.It instantly brought to mind the Matisse painting, "The Black Shawl" because it's lustful, but dark, then I thought, no it's definitely Billie Holliday singing "Summertime" in a musky small town in Louisiana. Dark mysterious undoubtedly feminine strong unapologetic bold memorable, but unfortunately far too ephemeral.I wore it to my high school reunion because I wanted to make a bold sexy feminine statement that said, "Hellooooooo remember ME?". Mission accomplished! Both men and women alike complimented me and said that I smelled divine. This is definitely one of my favorite "special occasion" fragrances.
Aug 8, 2010

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

There is a restaurant in New Orleans called Gallatoire's where "old money" goes to dine on Sundays. Dining is really more of a sport there since people usually come for lunch and stay until dinner. Families actually pass their regular server at Gallatoire's to the next of kin in their wills -- it's that kind of place. Meals are not rushed because everyone understands that the best dishes take time especially since New Orleaner's take their food seriously and no one ever seems to be in a hurry. It would be a sin to try to rush a decadent 8 course meal. The first time I smelled L'INSTANT I immediately knew it would be the fragrance I would wear to Gallatoire's. It's elegant and warm and it progresses with time, much like a fine 8 course meal, but it definitely has the "old money" Guerlain feel -- it's not pretentious, but it is confident and a bit risky. I feel absolutely voluptious in it. A definite thumbs up for me.
Aug 1, 2010

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

I had to have this fragrance after I found out it was named for Anais Nin. I'm a huge fan, so I knew the perfume had to be great to live up to the name. After so many years, I still love it and I still have to wear it every now and then. It reminds of me of reading "Delta of Venus" the first time in my teens. It's like wearing amethyst lavender-colored velvet on my skin. It's the Mona Lisa's smile. It's not that innocent; there's a definite sweetness at first, but if you look closely into her eyes you'll see that spicyness, that latent heat just ready to be released. It's like Paris in the 1930s in the springtime in a hidden speakeasy jazz club, and I'm just itching to do the jitterbug, but I won't just get up and dance because I want to appear ladylike, but after a few drinks I probably will anyway and then you'll find out that I've got on black fishnets under my gown......My best friend moved away and when she recently visited, she went into my bathroom and saw all my perfume and she said to me, "I love you most because you are the kind of woman who still loves Anais Anais. It's a classic that no one ever really appreciates anymore except you and I, and I love you for that."
Jul 31, 2010

Casmir by Chopard

I bought this perfume because of the ad years ago and I'm pretty sure that ad changed my life! I can still see the ad in my mind's eye. It was a thin woman in a floor length pink flower print dress with huge turquoise jewelry walking with brown leather indian sandals next to an eggplant-colored vintage mercedes benz through the streets of India. That was me to a T. Down to the turquoise jewelry, that exact car, and the indian sandals.....From that moment on, I knew I would travel the world, and I knew I would do it dressed like that woman and wearing this scent....and I have, and my life is blessed because of it.To this day, that's what this scent reminds me of. Being blissfully lost in the streets of India, wearing my mother's heirloom turquoise squash blossom necklace - in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful enigmatic countries in the world - searching for the golden temples with their incense and oranges and flower garlands in my nose. I was welcomed and entertained and comforted by strangers who painted my hands with henna; people who are now dear friends. Much like my first experience of India - I was expecting "Bollywood India", and the top notes of this fragrance make you think of that Bollywood cheesy type of India -- but if you hang around long enough, what you get to experience is the country that houses the Taj Mahal, the temple of love, the Kama Sutra, the holy temples and incense, silk saris, the coconut curries, and the hugs from Amma...........This is that India in a bottle. It's warm, it's enduring, it's enigmatic, it's unexpected, it's exotic, it's beautiful and memorable. I've been wearing it for years, but tend to wear it more in the winter with my favorite cashmere white coat, when I want to feel warm and snuggly and drink hot chai and look at my photos of India and just smile because I know the TRUTH because I've been there and now I have a taste for the exotic.....
Jul 31, 2010

Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Shalimar has been and always will be one of my favorite perfumes of all time. It's the one I wear when I feel like I want to be kissed in a garden under the moonlight in summer. My grandmother was very much a woman of the 40s era. She had it on her vanity dresser with the big round mirror and the little side drawers full of makeup, and when she would nap in the afternoons, I would play dress up and dap a bit on my wrists, then the classic red "cherries in the snow" lipstick and "pouf" I was sophistocated and elegant, romantic and beautiful all at once. That is how this perfume still makes me feel.When I wear Shalimar, I picture myself in a peacock blue gown. It's an elegant and very feminine sequined evening gown. I'm dashing out to meet my love in a secret rendesvous in a garden filled with peacocks and fireflies, white flowers that reflect the moonlight and my love feeding me oranges while we kiss.
Jul 31, 2010

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

So my boyfriend and I have this rule...we each have our night out with the boys/girls. We don't ask and don't tell what REALLY happened on those nights because we trust eachother and love eachother, and for us it's like that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" slogan kind of thing.It just so happens that my friends are wild and dragged me across the border to Tijuana for a day of fun in the sun, gambling, drinking, dancing, and laughing. I came across this fragrance in the duty free store as my girlfriends and I were crossing the border to come back home. I had a wicked licentious smile on my face and some gambling money burning a hole in my pocket, so I stopped in for another huge bottle of Patron tequila when FLOWER caught my eye. I tested it on my wrist and walked around looking for my liquor. I couldn't resist smelling my wrist again and again and again. I forced my girlfriends to smell it again and again and again and we all agreed that it was gorgeously innocent; the PERFECT date perfume. Not the perfume of the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" woman I was that particular moment as I was searching for that liquor and trying to outrun a hangover, but the woman I'd be when I got home, and back to my boyfriend; the vision of feminity and innocence that he fell in love with....I saw him the next day at church. I was wearing my new FLOWER perfume, and a super girly baby pink silk Betsey Johnson dress with Kate Spade heels. He said, "Oh My God, you smell GOOD - did you have fun with your friends?" and with the sweetest, most innocent smile and blink of my lashes I simply said, "yes"That is this perfume. It's innocence, it's feminine, it's how a man wants a woman to smell. It's his vision of you at your best, most feminine, simplest form. It's sexy too, but not "in your face" sexy, but rather, more like a straightforward honest sexiness. I will always wear this one before a big date with my love!
Jul 31, 2010

Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

In high school I was quite the flirt, and lucky for me, I dated the most handsome and beautiful young man who would have protected me with his life if he had to. A man who had the face of an angel, silky light brown hair, and a rippled muscular body. An adonis who was confident and masculine, handsome and strong. He was not at all cocky, but sincere and warm, genuine and real. I used to love going out with him. I'd flirt and chit chat with everyone, then race back to him because I couldn't resist running my fingers through his hair and kissing him on the neck just so I could smell how good and strong and wonderful he smelled - so utterly masculine. And he was smart, because he let me flirt and he'd sit there watching me from afar.....KNOWING I'd be back because I was his all along. Years later, this is what I still search for in a man, or more specifically, in a man's scent, and the minute I smelled this fragrance, I knew that someone had finally put all those very masculine qualities in a bottle. This is what I imagine Michaelangelo's Michael would want to wear first were he ever to spring to life--not clothes, just this fragrance, and while everyone else is admiring him just for his beauty and perfection, I'm captivated by his depth and intellect, drawn into his stories of how he was born at the height of the renaissance era, and what it's really like to have Michaelangelo as his father. That is what this fragrance makes me think of. It's the quintessence of masculine perfection in a bottle.
Jul 31, 2010

Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette by Philosophy

I am a visual person and each time I smell a scent, I close my eyes and see what colors I see; what colors the fragrance evokes. I have to admit that I did not like this fragrance at first, or even the second time I smelled it. But, ahhhhh, on the third try, I tried on the concentrated perfume oil and ~~magic~~ To me, this is a sheer white silk chiffon. I picture myself wearing this to church in a white flowey dress with a vintage white peacock feather fascinator in my hair but but bright red "I'm not a child, I'm a woman" lipstick; when I want to feel pure, feminine, soft, graceful, to reclaim my innate innocence; when I want to whisper in my boyfriend's ear a sweet little "I love you" straight from the heart. I admit, it doesn't last long enough unless I layer it with the body lotion first, but it's well worth the effort.
Jul 31, 2010

Miami Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

This perfume is summer in a bottle, but not the heat of summer rather those twilight hours after the sun's gone down and now you're ready to light a bonfire and watch the sunset while you snuggle in a blanket on the beach. I was raised on the beach and that's what this perfume reminds me of--it's that smell that lingers on your skin after you've spent the whole day on the beach, but now the sun's gone down and you can still smell the sunshine and coconut on your shoulders. This is not a "serious" fragrance, but rather lighthearted and relaxed. I can picture myself wearing this to a club in Miami in a sexy little gold mini dress, gold stiletto gladiator sandals and gold hoop earrings. This is the smell of me after I've gotten a nice bronzey glow on my skin, the sun has lightened my hair, and I've got a big smile on my face and the memories of the ocean waves in my ears. Just a dab or two and I'm off to meet some girlfriends for a sangria, or maybe just flirt a bit with my boyfriend while we tell eachother our summer hopes and dreams while we feed eachother tapas.
Jul 31, 2010

So de la Renta by Oscar de la Renta

I received this fragrance as a gift today from my boyfriend. I put it on after a long hike outdoors to see how it would settle on my skin knowing that I would shower soon. Even though I am wearing camoflage shorts and a tank top and I am covered in dirt and dust, I smell as though I am wearing a flouncy pink silk dress. It's an ultra feminine floral and although I had to wait a minute to let the initial blast of top notes settle, I really love the way the florals softened but did not evaporate. Gorgeous!
Apr 12, 2009

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