Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Black Code - Armani
This is a broad-shouldered Italian with a lot of breast-hair, sweaty armpits, drenched in cigarette-smoke wearing just a black speedo, cheap slippers and a golden Rolex asking you for a date with his mouth full of chocolate and succeeds. You have no idea how that worked, but it just did.

Essential by Lacoste

Essential - Lacoste
Not essential in any kind of way.

Amor pour Homme by Cacharel

Amor pour Homme - Cacharel
Some Drakkar Noir, some Caractère but brings nothing by itself. An aquatic spiced-woody scent thats just an insult to perfumery.

Magnetism for Men by Escada

Magnetism for Men - Escada
Nice impression of cool mint somewhere inside a structure that is filled with hick-ups and dissonants. It smells like 'sweat smelled backwards' but im not exactly sure what I mean by that, just like this scent is full of confusion.

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Pour Homme 2 - Gucci
Quiet and thin aquatic melon-tea scent with some herbs, spices and a amber-woody base. I cant see how its shyness can make a man more man or even gives a sense of masculinity; it maybe works best for gays and transgenders who wanna play the woman.

Escada Moon Sparkle for Men by Escada

Moon Sparkle for men - Escada
First impression: this makes a good scent for a soap. Second impression: this smells like Palmolive soap. Third impression: this is NOT for men.

Very Irrésistible for Men Fresh Attitude by Givenchy

Fresh Attitude - Givenchy
Follows every cliché there is to find on modern masculine scents but cant be called a perfume. Maybe they thought that by blending basil and coffee they somehow could recreate the Angel-effect but it surely doesnt work here. A first class stinker.

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

The One Men - Dolce & Gabanna
Good stuff. Interesting vetiver-soap and chocolate impression with lively herbal and bitter-anisic undertones. Helds up its slight herbal-camphorous tonality towards the dryout but loses some of its rich- and thickness. Dryout is rather cool, in a good way, with a dry woody, sweet tobacco and a salty radiance. Made on a tight buget I pressume, but still manages to stay fascinating till the end. Cohesive, not too strong and keeps up a lively, natural fraicheur. Good work.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue - Dolce & Gabanna
Horrendously bad fragrance. Not even worth discussing but I do anyway for the sake of humanity: Light Blue is the Stinker of all Stinkers.

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Black Polo - Ralph Lauren
Peppery-lavender with the inky and smoky-wood tone of oregano. Nice first impression but gets a too squeeky high-pitched chemical-spicy unbearable drained character that sucks the little life it had straight out of it. Smells like a mixture of old urine, dirty green waste bin and leeking ballpoint at some point. Nasty stuff.

Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

Boss Selection - Hugo Boss
This could have been so much more if they had increased the budget for creating it. Its not bad at all but cheap materials results in a perfume for cheap men who want to impress at a job-interview with skills they dont possess.

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Pour Homme - Gucci
An overly scrubbed clean 'nothing-like' scent with ultraclean notes all along and a bitter-sour anisic vs hissing peppery-gasoline tendency that goes on forever. No flesh, no structure and no bones: a spineless masculine that fails to impress. The use of some excellent raw materials is a bonus though.

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme - YSL
Smells like Cool Water. Nevermind.

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

Euphoria men - Calvin Klein
Tries to combine Cool Water, Egoiste, Allure pour homme and a little bit of Fahrenheit in one scent and fails miserably. A horrible miss-mash.

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

Amber pour Homme - Prada
A old-skool vibed perfume with a classy cologne opening and a soapy and powdery feel. Reminds of Aqua di Parma cologne. Totally loses its focus and richness towards the dry-out and settles in a lush and clean but thin amber-base with a airy peppery-safron, a cool myrhh-feel and a leathery touch. A kind of confused and shizofrenic scent that doesnt deliver what it promises, like 2 different scents that dont come together. Good raw materials nevertheless.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Angel - Thierry Mugler
This just goes to show that a bitter yet 'clean' camphorous tonality can save a perfume, and not only that but also create something novel and excitingly new. For me, Angel paints a darkish brown picture with a contrasting mix of purple and green colours and this works best when sprayed in moderation: less is more with this one. Sillage and projection are absolutely stellar, there is something very 'natural' the way this perfume presents itself: not too loud but very intense in an amiable way. It kind of reminds me of old vintage perfumes containing real deer-musk. I have tried not to like Angel but I had to surrender to its magic eventually.

Boss Woman by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss for women - Hugo Boss
Good perfume for women who want to smell smell fresh and clean while running outdoors- it even smells somewhat like new sneakers to... Best advice though, is to just run past this thing.

Hypnôse by Lancôme

Hypnõse - Lancõme
Had to spray this twice cause I thought it missed the blotter. A very weak scent- in projection, originality and raw ingredients. Great name though; its probably a 100 times more potent than the perfume itself.

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel
A very Chanel-unworthy perfume that smells like a tiredsome excercise to impress young women with something that radiates quality because it reads Chanel on the label but in fact smells very mediocre. Almost if it was made by an old grumpy free-lance perfumer who is out on ideas and hates to work on monday-mornings.

Amor Amor by Cacharel

Amor Amor - Cacharel
Smells like wet woodglue and a plastic beachball while inflating it with your mouth. Sharp chemical, plasticy fruity esters. Thin layers of chemical raspberry and rose, syrupy sweet. Vanilla-cotton candy, clean white musk-indolic. This is for young teenagers: an innocent, anoymous and free-floating scent. Kind of nice.

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Jungle - Kenzo
Interesting dark purple/violet toned scent. Cinnamon, clove and garam masala spices, bitter-sour tones with a kind of wet-sweaty nuances. 'Fresh' patchouli, freshly cut green-waxy and slightly smoked-woody tones. Bitter-animalic and dirty fur-like with a lavender-anisic and plum/raisin-like sweetness. Clean and dirty at the same time. Original, a bit 'scary' and assertive, Jungle is loaded with character and personality without taking itself too serious: its bursting full of life like a jungle. Very good stuff.

Jannat by Memo

Jannat - Memo
A fuzzy yet clean soapy&cotton musk perfume with a nice watery zesty orangey-quality to it and a milky-vanilla soft-balsamic 'bubblegum' dryout with a nice warm expression. Somehow feels like the smell of sleepingbag after just waking up in a tent with the sun beating on it early in the morning: it radiates comfort, cozyness and safety.

Madly Kenzo! by Kenzo

Madly Kenzo - Kenzo
What a pretty, good-humored happy perfume with a vibrant pulsation this is! Cherry/strawberry/melon sorbet opening with a sour 'bubbly' swing to it that morphs into a rose/jasmine/helitrope floralness and from here it develops a lot of associate-notes. Like bitting into the flesh of a perfectly ripe mango. A wet speedo that lays drying on warm rocks in the sun close to the beach. The way candy-cane tastes like while chewing on it. The dryout adds a fuzzy candy-floss vanilla note and a milky-like white musk. Overall it has a very well balanced ratio of sweet-sour-bitter-salty impressions and the slightest projection of burned-rubbery undertones. There is also a freshness present that smells like looking through cristalclear cleaned windows while the sun is shining.
Every time I smell Madly it makes me smile and I dont know why- I guess small things can create the greatest joy.

Oud by Réminiscence

Oud Reminiscence - Reminiscence
Kicks in with a blast of an airy transparent sour-salty mist and a warm sharp spicy mix of pepper, cardamon and safron with a hint of anise and chocolate. Rose/jasmine and some lavender absolute(?) takes over and gives it a little bit more sweetness and a slight soapy feel. Some associate-notes like 'rusty steel' and 'wet carton' join the party together with a plasticy- smooth 'fake' chocolate/pathouli combo and some heated up rubbery undertones. After this it gets rather tame at this point, a bit flat. Dry-out is rather cool and feels cold like stone but also salty-woody, soft-balsamic and bitter-animalic. It has a nice crisp cleaness to it. Uncomplicated, forgivable and friendly- this is probably the Oud-perfume that makes the most friends, men or women. Mild thumbs up.

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