Paris Premières Roses 2003 by Yves Saint Laurent

This EDT goes on exactly like a faded version of regular Paris that's 4 or 5 hours old. This in itself might be manageable, but after you apply premieres roses, it only lasts about 2 hours! Truly, it has only about 25% the shelf life of regular Paris, and costs the same. If it were 75% less, I'd happily buy it and keep reapplying, but...no. My curiosity compelled me to try it, even though it's long discontinued and I had to really hunt to find it. Verdict: It should be discontinued, since it's not original or lasting enough to merit staying on. Overall: If you like Paris, you'll like this, since the smell is identical to regular Paris, no difference. However, the "fade" factor is a huge disappointment.
Nov 4, 2008

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