V by Lush

Lush's softest violet. It smells like Greta Garbo.
Possibly a good choice for the folk who find the brand's perfumes strange, or overwhelming. This one is very well behaved. Subtle, but strong at the same time, like poetry.
Sep 7, 2021

Le Lion de Chanel by Chanel

This is a Chanel exclusif?
Pretty linear, I actually liked the smoky opening and could see how it could be popular in the middle eastern market with it's density, until it dried down to a bitter-sweet nothingness. I'm giving it a neutral because I've only tried it once and don't intend to again, maybe it performs better on someone else.
Bvlgari black is similar to this, but cheaper and better.
Mar 8, 2021

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford

It's a nice fruity floral vanillic, which does what the name suggests - it smells of peaches, in a vanilla ice cream, though, not so bitter though. I'd call it a "fun" perfume and it manages to smell neither chemical, or nasty, how perfume with a similar ingredients and concept, can often do.
So, decide for yourself if it's worth the price.
Mar 1, 2021

Megamare by Orto Parisi

This is a really interesting perfume. Imagine some generic 90-s aquatic ozonic, then turn the volume way, way up and you basically get Megamare.
So, if you're into those kind of perfume, which generally lacked staying power, this could be the thing for you. Just be careful when testing, it is so strong, it goes up biting your nostrils and cortex. Very apt name and worth every penny, you'll not need to spray much!
Survives shower.
Oct 22, 2020

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