Kenzo World Eau de Toilette by Kenzo

This perfume taught me many things: that a seemingly simple and pretty crowdpleaser scent can give you headaches and nausea, that not everything that's made to smell nice will smell nice to me (or others) and that fragrances with prominent pear are apparently very difficult and often downright unwearable to me. I had a sample and tried it several times until I gave up - it was sweet, flowery and fruity in the worst imaginable way - to my nose. To a normal person this should be a nice, sweet, juicy, pleasant, easy to wear and very feminine fruity floral scent, a little bit compote-like. A nice scent if you enjoy sweet fruity florals heavy on pear and if you like scents that are not overly complicated as this is slightly on the boring side - but if the notes or the bottle intrigues you, try for yourself.
Dec 7, 2021

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Ah, it's airy and yet ever present, it starts with wonderful citruses and ends up in a cloud of pencil shavings - a very elegant kind of pencil shavings. To me it smells like pure class. No wonder it's a modern class-ic.
Dec 3, 2021

Pomélo Paradis by Atelier Cologne

I am a huge sucker for grapefruit, and this is such a lovely grapefruit fragrance. Very juicy, uplifting, convincing and beautiful.
Dec 3, 2021

La Petite Robe Noire : Ma Robe Velours Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Oh, what a lovely flanker! Sweetly soft and purring on my skin. Name is fitting, as this feels very velvety, almost suede-like (this comes from the violets I guess), a bit gourmand and just simply lovely. Compared to the rest of the line, cherry is slightly subdued here, but cherry-almond combo is still very prominent overall, so if you're not a fan of La Petite Robe Noire line it might not be for you either (I wasn't a fan at first either, but I'm a proud convert and I'm not afraid to say I find the whole line fun, joyful and easy to wear). Definitely the softest texture-wise of all the dresses, it feels like you could just sink into that softness. It smells fun and a little bit romantic. The only downside I see is that silly pink colour - why oh why half of feminine fragrances must be coloured pink?!
Nov 28, 2021

Lalique Le Parfum by Lalique

Now who is the beautiful, rich, cozy and boozy-aromatic vanilla to inhale and get drunk on its richness? Yes, dear Lalique Le Parfum, you are!

Lalique Le Parfum is a rich, boozy, deep, not-too-sweet vanilla scent with a smallest hint of patchouli in the drydown to darken it a bit and a beautiful and very aromatic bay leaf in the top notes. The bay leaf adds some quirkiness and character to this otherwise very smooth scent. I think I get a little bit of black pepper too, but maybe it's just bay leaf's bitter-savoury aroma that's helping me imagine it. I love this scent and I am amazed every time I wear it. It might not be everyone's vanilla as that bay leaf might be as difficult for some as it is fascinating to me, but it's a good one.

The bottle is made of a heavy glass and looks fantastic. The scent lasts half a day on me and makes me half crazy during that time as I just can't stop sniffing my inner elbows, thus making me get cold as I must sit without a sweater to be able to consistently do that. Enough of this praise - thumbs up.
Nov 12, 2021

Purplelight by Salvador Dali

This is a lilac that puts her neon purple heels on and goes clubbing.

The lilac scent here is very recognizable, but also very exaggerated, almost shrieky and almost on the edge of feeling very synthetic and quite sharp - but also not too far from feeling almost-but-not-quite natural and almost soft. An interesting work by Mr. Kurkdjian.
Sep 7, 2021

Lacoste pour femme Timeless by Lacoste

The top notes are quite synthetically fruity, but when it dries down it's a lovely subtle skinscent resembling the original Lacoste pour femme - clean, calm, subtle, slightly hinting to soapy incense - but stronger and more amped up which is an improvement. Too bad the synth fruity part never fully disappears, otherwise this could be nice. I prefer regular Lacoste pour femme to this by mile - if only that one was strong enough to actually properly smell it without squinting, huffing and puffing!
Sep 1, 2021

Lacoste pour femme Elixir by Lacoste

This is quite far removed from the original - it is much louder (read: normal strength as the original is super light), much sweeter, very cashmeran-y and in general quite generic-smelling synth-sweet fragrance, although quite pleasant, too. It's not bad, it's just... a bit meh.

It doesn't have the calm, beautiful, soapy-clean and yet slightly balsamic vibe of the original. This is much sweeter, much louder (okay, that's the only plus, as the original is much too quiet) and just... like many others. Not bad at all, and I think a lot of women would like it - but to me it's just a bit disappointing.
Sep 1, 2021

Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

Do you hate perfumes? Do people around you hate perfumes?
Is perfume in general frowned upon in your work, school, family, life?
Is your nose very sensitive to smells?
Do you - or people around you - hate frilly-girly perfumes, juvenile sugarbomb-y perfumes, matronly perfumes, in-your-face vulgar perfumes, overwhelmingly floral perfumes, screechy-lemony or screechy-woody perfumes, synthetic-smelling sugarfruity perfumes, loud perfumes, 'perfumey' perfumes, and in general MOST perfumes?

Do you still want to smell GOOD in a calm, clean, unfussy, unshouty, uncomplicated and still classy, subtle and sneaky "oh, I just naturally happen to smell so good" way to people who happen to hug you?
Then think no more - this is a perfume for you.

And it really smells good - provided you can smell it.
It's subtle, soapy-clean and still warm, skin-like, it's lightly incensy and slightly balsamic scent with just a hint of pepper and light unfussy flowers. It is an ultimate skin-scent as it never shouts and only whispers. I personally would have to pour it all over my body to be able to properly smell myself, so you are in no danger to enrage others with your scent. But you'll still smell NICE to people who hug you - and to yourself when you sniff your scarf (I know you also do that, just admit it!).

Thumbs up for the actual scent when I stick my nose to my inner elbow hard enough to perceive it. Sadly, I cannot justify buying a nice perfume that even I cannot smell - I just love perfume too much for that.
Sep 1, 2021

Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

It's a sultry, thick, juicy white blossom growing out of an armpit in a countryside outhouse.

It's glorious if you have a taste for it.
Unfortunately, I don't.
Try before you buy.
Aug 23, 2021

La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

To me this smells like slightly peppered and dried rose petals. There's a very slight resinous-smoky feel in the background, and there's also some patchouli. It's a calm, contemplative, mature, slightly muted scent. A little bit dusty - just like the dried roses get slightly dusty-aromatic when you keep them in your room for a few years. I like it, I do, but it's not a love for me.
Aug 23, 2021

Dent de Lait by Serge Lutens

A quirky beauty. It's very calm, very subdued, and yet so comforting and inviting. It's slightly milky, slightly metallic, slightly musky-skin-like scent that also feels clean, simple and just beautiful. This is not a downright pretty scent though, it has its quirky side - at times you can feel it smelling like drops of blood on your skin (the sour, metallic tinge), at times the milky facets get a little uncomfortable, but all these not-really-pretty parts, these slight hints of ugliness (or maybe - let's just call it humanity) do feel beautiful in the end, in a cool, subdued and very human way.

Do I want to pay Lutens prices for this simple little beauty? Probably not, especially since I don't dig the marketing copy about fallen teeth, but this scent is just simply beautiful to me.
Aug 23, 2021

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

I remember how mesmerized I was by this intoxicating and sensual scent two years ago when I smelled it on a blotter, and then it felt strangely soapy and plastic on my skin, and after a couple of hours it made me nauseous because, well, it is truly intoxicating to me apparently.

And no wonder, since datura is known for its intoxicating, mesmerizing (and some say atrocious) scent that - as people say - can drive one mad if one smelled it for too long. No wonder it's also called devil's trumpet, devil's weed and hell's bells in English - and its official name in my own mother tongue could be roughly translated as a madman's turnip or a fool's turnip so that we could take it as a caution that this pretty white flower can and will drive us mad if ingested.

But the scent is just the scent, the main danger is the plant itself, as daturas are highly toxic and dangerous - and truly intoxicating, as they have been used in spiritual practices for their narcotic properties. Alas, it is also known to give wildly unexpected and mostly very bad experiences so it is strongly advised to stay away from it.

Anyway, a datura is a datura, and a perfume is a perfume, and this one is beautiful and safe to use - albeit intoxicating.

I kept thinking about it and finally felt brave enough to retry it - and no bad reactions this time, and it didn't feel like plastic on my skin this time, just this gorgeous, alluring, thick white blossom hanging out with its friends almond, vanilla, tonka and a bit of coconut. It is a beauty indeed, and a delicious beauty, too. Had it behaved like this on me that day a couple years ago – I would definitely have a bottle of it on my shelf to accompany me and make me so much prettier and lovelier than I already am.

But since I know myself better now, I do feel it's not really my style - I suspect I would get tired of this murderous gorgeousness through the day. And it also doesn't smell like "me", it's for someone much more sensual and feminine I guess.
But oh, it is a beauty.
Aug 23, 2021

Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

It's not an overpowering scent by any means, it's rather light and tame, but it feels very cool - cool in both the temperature and the quirkiness of the scent. A bit aldehydic and inky. I also feel juniper a lot, I guess it adds that inky impression here, maybe it's the cade oil that I interpret as juniper? There's something very lightly woody-incensy in the background, too.

It's a calm and calming scent, unisex, very retro-modern, it has some very oldschool aspects, yet feels very contemporary at the same time. Suitable both for leisure and for work. My inner hipster adores this.
Aug 16, 2021

Santal Royal by Guerlain

A beautiful synth woody scent, as beautiful as they go. Super loud, too. The natural parts are enhanced with synthetic ones to make this into a very potent, yet rich, deep and intoxicating blend. Stays well into the next day, and it feels warmer, balmy, even slightly honey-like the next day - there's something in it that reminds me of the drydown of Coco, yet it's not the same. Leans slightly masculine to my nose, yet still very suitable for all sexes. One spray fragrance for me.
Aug 16, 2021

My Way by Giorgio Armani

Similar sweet white floral to Givenchy's L'Interdit (the modern one, not the old classic), but much easier to wear and way less cloying. Also more boring/less interesting, but it probably only adds to its likeability as "You smell...interesting" is probably not the compliment people are wishing to get. Sits somewhere inbetween of L'Interdit, Gucci Bloom and Lancome's La vie est belle, yet is subtler than all of them.
It smells pink, floral, sweet and approachable.
People do like it.
Even my cat loves it.
There's nothing more to say.
Aug 16, 2021

Amethyst by Lalique

It's a fruity berry scent, but it's neither sweet nor juicy - it is soft. Imagine all these black, blue and purple berries laid on a bed of cotton and yoghurt and cream. It smells very soft and gentle. I like it.
Jun 28, 2021

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

To me it kinda seems like it should be called White Musk instead of White Tea - or at least that's how I perceive it. It's a very clean, light, subtle, polite and pleasant white musky scent. I'm not getting much tea if any - I'm not saying it isn't there, just that I do not perceive it. It's an ultimate white T-shirt daytime fragrance, a not-a-perfume-perfume that quietly chants on your skin its little song about how cleanliness is next to godliness, and you, dear wearer, are rather godly on this account. A very mild like, almost neutral.
Jun 28, 2021

Laguna by Salvador Dali

This is an interesting one - during its fruity/fresh/lemony/pineapply start I almost love it, and the ambery/marine vibes do not bother me yet, they make this scent more interesting and substantial. Sadly, the longer it stays on my skin, the more overwhelmingly marine it becomes, and then of course it starts to cloy me like so many aquatics do - but I must admit it cloys me less than its sister scent Laguna Maravilla which is even more salty-aquatic. In the deep drydown Laguna's aquatic vibes are tamed somewhat and it gets more ambery, but the damage is done by then. I want to love this as I really enjoy the opening and the quirky bottle, but I can't - on a wrong day it can definitely make me feel nauseous in no time. However, it is a really unique and interesting scent, and lasting power is also great - as is the price. If you want an oddball unisex fruity marine, I definitely recommend.

I kind of do not know how to rate it. Objectively judging on sheer originality, interestingness and quirkiness it's definitely a thumbs up. For the price it's a total gem, too. Subjectively judging on my bodily reactions to the aquatic parts of it and therefore on wearability (strictly for me) it's definitely a thumbs down. I'll round it up to neutral although my feelings for it are anything but that. What is it for you? Do find out.
Jun 28, 2021

Dalilight by Salvador Dali

Dalilight is truly LIGHT - you have to spray a lot to get more presence, and still it is a light and airy fruity floral scent. It is also very lovely and super likeable. I can feel apples, mandarine, stonefruit and light soft florals. The blue bottle is super lovely too, everything about this perfume feels very calming, relaxing and soothing. It might not be something truly unique and it definitely isn't daring, but its quiet beauty whispers to me it's probably one of my favourite Dali scents, and I listen.

If I had to compare it with some other scent, Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin and Halloween by Halloween come to mind - maybe not in the direct scent profiles as much as in the feeling of lightness they all evoke.
Jun 28, 2021

White Musk l'Eau by Body Shop

It's a clean, light and very slightly fruity musk. I can feel a light pear and some subtle and clean florals. Very easy to wear and a non-intrusive scent. Projection and sillage are light, but it stays for several hours with ease. I personally prefer it to regular Body Shop's White Musk as it's lighter, subtler and significantly less washing detergenty. A good clean option for someone who wants a subtle and pleasant smell around them that doesn't register as "oh, someone's wearing perfume".
Jun 26, 2021

La Panthère by Cartier

It is called a modern chypre and it is definitely slightly mossy, dry and tart, it has that white wine quality - it smells like Chardonnay tastes - that I liken to many scents that are called 'modern chypres'. Modern chypres don't have that damp, slimy, moldy and yet still dusty touch to them that puts me off from many oldschool chypre scents. They're so much clearer and crisper. Their tartness and dryness is made easier to wear and to enjoy by adding fruit to sweeten the scent a bit. Have I just described La Panthere? I think I did.

When sprayed, it's very fruity-boozy: you can feel strawberry, peach and various almost overripe fruit, then melts into my skin in a delightfully dry, or, to be more exact, sweet'n'sour manner with a touch of bitter moss. It's full, it's very feminine and a bit serious while not being too serious. When dabbed, you lose the fruity opening and go straight into mossy white-wine like accord which is quite mature and classy, but not too mature.

La Panthere could be a great perfume for work, meetings or theater - it has that classy vibe. Bottle is a work of art itself.

Compared to La Panthere EDT, it's a bit wilder, stronger, deeper (EDT is lighter, cleaner, airier, crisper, dryer, less demanding), the musk of EDP is not squeaky clean at all, it feels almost animalic, but it's still quite a tame kitty. Nice kitty, soft kitty, pretty kitty - I like it.
Jun 22, 2021

La Panthère Eau de Toilette by Cartier

It is called a modern chypre and it is definitely slightly mossy, dry and tart, it has that white wine quality - it smells like Chardonnay tastes - that I liken to many scents that are called 'modern chypres'. Modern chypres don't have that damp, slimy, moldy and yet still dusty touch to them that puts me off from many oldschool chypre scents. They're so much clearer and crisper. Their tartness and dryness is made easier to wear and to enjoy by adding fruit to sweeten the scent a bit. Have I just described La Panthere? I think I did.

Compared to La Panthere EDP, EDT is much lighter, airier, crisper, dryer, easier to wear. It doesn't roar at all, it purrs like a little kitty. Where EDP has much more character and even some ferociousness in its almost animalic-feeling base, this is a very clean kitty.

It's a beautiful, classy, polite, effortlessly elegant and easy to wear fragrance. Very suitable for daytime and warmer months - and you also might prefer it if the fruity booziness of EDP is a bit too much for you.

The bottle is very intricate and beautiful, but it doesn't live up to the gorgeousness of the square bottle of EDP.
Jun 22, 2021

Alaïa Eau de Parfum Blanche by Azzedine Alaïa

It is very powdery, but in a subtle and modern way. It's a thick, woolly scent, you can sense florals and a bit of cashmeran. It feels a bit dry (not as in sour, more as in slightly sandy, sandpapery texture). It's very easy, non-demanding, effortless, simplistic and cozy - all in their best sense of the word.

It's also light and understated - and also powdery, so I can imagine it potentially becoming a bit stuffy if oversprayed, but it's easy to wear otherwise. Very slightly sweet - but in a grown up way.

Don't get scared when your white liquid in a white bottle darkens with age and turns lightly yellow at first, and then gets darker and darker and darker. Your Alaia Blanche might have become Alaia Brunette, but your perfume did not spoil - it's just what vanilla/vanillin does, it gets darker with age. When Alaia Blanche darkens and matures, the scent itself also deepens and sweetens. You might even like it more that way.
Jun 22, 2021

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