Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma

I went through an entire sample bottle of this trying to remember to review it. It's so forgettable that I wore it for probably a week and barely thought about it after I put it on. I love citrus and pepper so I was excited for the top notes, but it was such a synthetic citrus, not at all fresh-smelling. It's the kind of perfume that people who aren't into perfume will say smells "like perfume." It's not unpleasant, but neither is it enjoyable.
Dec 5, 2020

Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone London

I tried this perfume about ten separate days intending to write a review, and I kept forgetting. It's that forgettable on me. At first spray, it's sweet and fun––I get mostly blackberry. But when it fades into a more herbal fragrance, it gets lost on my skin. Which is too bad, because reading through the notes of this scent, it sounds like something I'd really like.
Nov 11, 2020

Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone London

Peony & Blush Suede is, on me, an unremarkable fruity floral. It's not bad, but it's not something I'd expect to get compliments on, either. If I were naming this perfume, I would call it Peony & Apple, since those notes are strongest to me. Longevity is not good and I don't smell much of anything in the drydown.
Oct 20, 2020

English Oak & Redcurrant by Jo Malone London

I wore this on many fall days and used up almost an entire sample bottle deciding what to say about it. I wish there were more to say about it. For me, it's a little tart, but I want it to be more. I want it to be more of what it is. It smells pleasant and cozy, and I pick up mostly the currant. I would love to smell more oak or wood than the subtle bit that dies too quickly.
Oct 17, 2020

English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone London

This reminds me of a more sophisticated version of the Freesia scent from Bath & Body Works that was popular in the 90s. I don't get much pear at all. It's pleasant, but Jo Malone London has many much better and more distinctive fragrances.
Oct 12, 2020

English Oak & Hazelnut by Jo Malone London

I absolutely love some other Jo Malone perfumes, like Red Roses, Grapefruit, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. This one fell short for me. It smells generic and synthetic, like it was made by a robot. It's not unpleasant, but it is boring.
Oct 8, 2020

Gucci Bloom by Gucci

This smells like it was created to appeal to as many people as possible. It's a pretty floral but not at all memorable. I've been testing it for days and kept forgetting to write a review because I forget I'm wearing it. It fades quickly.
Sep 8, 2020

Galop d'Hermès by Hermès

This is a gorgeous fragrance. My only wish is that the price point weren't so outrageous. I love the scent, I love the bottle, and I...haven't been able to pull the trigger to spend $220 on one perfume. Instead I got a small rollerball from the Perfumed Court, which I treasure. And meanwhile, I periodically look to see if the price has dropped. I'm obsessed.

As a horse girl temporarily away from horses during the pandemic, this is the most beautiful leather scent that I've tried. It's soft and really does smell like an expensive, clean saddle. But it's wearable. It's expensive, and it smells like it's expensive.

I held it up to my partner's nose after writing the previous paragraph, and he said: "It smells expensive." And he wasn't reading over my shoulder, either.
Sep 1, 2020

Fresh Ginger by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is not one of the better Demeter fragrances, and it was an idea with a lot of potential. My favorite Demeter scents have a sharp, fresh opening, so I was hoping for something here like the smell of ginger when you're peeling it. Alas, it was a much blander scent that was more ginger-adjacent than ginger. They could have at least taken off the word "fresh" so I could have adjusted my expectations. It's pleasant enough, but I wasn't disappointed when it quickly disappeared.
Aug 31, 2020

Golden Delicious by Demeter Fragrance Library

People who like the idea of this but not the execution might be better served by DKNY Be Delicious (another short-lived apple fragrance, but that one at least has a juicy opening). It's just...underwhelming. It does smell like apples, but apples without much of a smell. I wanted more.
Aug 31, 2020

Silvery Tip Pekoe by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is not a scent I would have picked out for myself, but it came with a selection of Demeter fragrances that are meant to be energizing. It's pleasant, but I don't see myself using it a lot. I smell tea and incense. I don't pick up citrus notes.
Aug 27, 2020

Pink Lemonade by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is so cheerful! It smells like you just spilled pink lemonade all over yourself, without the stickiness. I'm giving it three stars because it doesn't last long, but that opening is invigorating and fun.
Aug 26, 2020

Grapefruit Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library

I appreciate the straightforwardness of this fragrance. It delivers exactly what the name promises: grapefruit tea. It doesn't last long, but it's a nice burst of citrus right when you spray it.

I prefer Demeter's Pink Grapefruit, but I'll use this one as well when I want to mix it up.
Aug 25, 2020

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès

I'm still giving this fragrance a thumbs-up even though it's my least favorite so far of the Le Jardin fragrances. I absolutely love Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and Un Jardin Sur Le Toit. As for Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, I just like it. There's a sharpness to the opening that's not present in the others. It must be the Sichuan pepper, though I wasn't able to identify the specific note. I like when it mellows into a grassy floral and the way it fades.
Aug 24, 2020

Firefly by Demeter Fragrance Library

I love this fragrance. To me, it evokes nights as a teenager in Wisconsin working at a summer camp. The main note for me is grass, but it somehow smells more like grass in the evening than the Demeter scent "Grass" (which I also love).
Aug 24, 2020

Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme by Jo Loves...

I was expecting not to like this when I first sprayed it. It came out of my sample bottle smelling harsh, cedar with a bite. But it quickly mellowed into something gentler. It still leans too masculine to be a fragrance I'll personally reach for or buy a full bottle of, but I enjoyed smelling this.
Aug 11, 2020

Pink Vetiver by Jo Loves...

I think this could be a very nice fragrance on someone else. For my personal gender expression, it tips too traditionally masculine. I smell like a hot guy! There are worse things, of course.
Aug 10, 2020

Green Orange and Coriander by Jo Loves...

I've tried this perfume now on about four separate occasions with the intention of writing a short review. It's not making a big impression on me. I wish I could smell more green orange. I get more of spice, I guess coriander but to me, it's not so specific. (I smelled a bag of coriander to test, and it's not quite the same.)
Aug 8, 2020

No. 42 The Flower Shop by Jo Loves...

I'm giving this fragrance three stars. It's a pretty, light floral that's not terribly distinctive. I mostly get freesia. Traditionally feminine and not super long lasting. Jo Malone does fresh florals really well––see Red Roses––so I was hoping this would be a four- or five-star fragrance for me. It's still nice, though.
Aug 4, 2020

Smoked Plum & Leather by Jo Loves...

This is a beautiful and unique fragrance, and it's also a departure from the kinds of perfumes that Jo Malone usually makes. I smell the smoked plum quite strongly at the beginning. I don't necessarily want to smell like a smoked plum, but I do enjoy smelling it...it's an unusual scent. After a couple hours, it mellows and shifts into a gorgeous cedarwood. That ending is my favorite part.
Aug 1, 2020

Rose Petal 25 by Jo Loves...

This is a lovely and soft fragrance, but I like Red Roses, also by Jo Malone, better. The first time I tested Rose Petal 25, I enjoyed it but the smell made me miss Red Roses. So the second time, I tested one on each wrist to compare.

Rose Petal 25 has less of that fresh, just-walked-into-a-flower-shop smell that I adore in Red Roses. It's a more subdued, like a bouquet on your kitchen table that you occasionally stop and sniff. The drydown is more complex––but sometimes I don't want complex. Sometimes I want to feel like I live in a flower shop for a few hours. And then I'll put on Red Roses.
Jul 29, 2020

White Rose & Lemon Leaves by Jo Loves...

Jo Malone has a great nose for fresh-smelling flowers, the kind that make me remember when I worked in a flower shop. (My favorite of all her flower scents so far is Red Roses by Jo Malone London.)

This fragrance is no exception. The lemon leaves in the beginning give a surprising (well, unless you know the name) tartness. It's strange and beautiful, and then mellows into a more traditional rose scent (but always fresh, never dusty like other rose scents).

I'm sampling a lot of Jo Loves scents from the fragrance discovery set. This is the fourth one I've tried and so far, I've liked all of them.
Jul 26, 2020

Orange Butterflies by Jo Loves...

Pretty but not the most remarkable or distinctive scent. Light and floral--I get mostly orange blossom. Similar to Jo Malone London's Orange Blossom, which I think I like more, though both are nice.
Jul 25, 2020

Jo by Jo Loves by Jo Loves...

I like this one. It's mostly grapefruit, but more subdued than juicy. I get a bit of lime as well, and some wood, too (I don't smell the mint note mentioned). This fragrance lasts longer than other Jo Malone perfumes (I could still get a good sniff after four hours).
Jul 25, 2020

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