Parco Palladiano II by Bottega Veneta

Cipresso is a complete stunner, a masterpiece of a woody fragrance. Smells like a cypress forest at dusk, with the main cypress note smelling extremely realistic. There’s some spice in there, some freshness, but the star player is the cypress note that lasts throughout the entire life of the fragrance. Cipresso smells extremely high end, brilliantly blended and lasts a long time. Performance is solid, excellent longevity, sillage and projection are pretty moderate, which I prefer over extremely loud fragrances).

It’s fresh enough for hot weather, has enough depth and character for colder weather, and this could easily be a year round, signature scent. To me, it’s far superior to Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Acqua di Parma Cipresso di Toscana. For some reason this entire Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano line is really slept on. If this was a Creed/Tom Ford/MFK release, people would be talking about it like an all time great. It’s that good.
Aug 16, 2020

Love the way you Taste by By Kilian

A really fun fragrance, smells absolutely like a mojito to me. Huge mint blast to kick off, and then it settles into a mint/citrus/sugar cane type thing as it dries down. A great spring/summer offering, and works really well in casual settings. This is up there (but a notch below) with Virgin Island Water for me in terms of a feel good, fun, hot weather fragrance. I love the vibe Love the Way you Taste gives off.

Performance is average overall, but strong for a fresher, summer fragrance. I get 7-8 hours of longevity with a couple hours of solid projection.
Aug 16, 2020

Le Vestiaire des Parfums : 24 Rue de L'Université by Yves Saint Laurent

To me, the best Sandalwood fragrance on the market...There, I said it. I feel like this fragrance is criminally slept on. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hard to find, only at Neiman Marcus or a YSL boutique, or the fact that YSL didn’t pay for massive YouTube influencer advertising for the couture line, but it’s rarely talked about.

The breakdown is pretty simple, you get a lot of sandalwood, some cedar, a bit of incense, an incredibly smooth, suede-y leather from the Daim, and an unlisted but noticeable coconut note. Sandalwood is the dominant force throughout, warm, spicy and creamy, bolstered by the smoky and leathery touches, balanced by the sweet coconut. It’s a fairly linear fragrance, as the middle and dry down is similar to the opening, but it’s such a phenomenal scent that I’m glad it’s broken down that way. In each stage, all the notes are discernible, but at some points certain notes come closer to the surface than others.

Performance is excellent for me. It’s easily 12-15 hours of longevity, 2-3+ days if you spray directly on clothes. Projection is moderate but sillage is very good...basically the perfect performance for my taste. It lasts a long time, and people will notice you, but never loudly or annoyingly so. Some people have expressed issues with the price. Personally, I have zero issue there. At $250 retail for 125ml, you’re at $2/ml. That’s half of what Creed and Tom ford charge per ml, and it’s less than Santal 33 and Sacred Wood. To me the price seems appropriate and in line with what you’re getting in terms of smell, quality and performance.

If you’re looking for an outstanding sandalwood to add to your collection, look no further. Give this a smell, a sample, etc. If you do, it’s likely to end up in your collection.
Jun 21, 2020

Acqua di Giò Profumo Special Blend by Giorgio Armani

I'd smelled and sampled AdG Profumo a number of times but never owned a bottle. I really enjoyed the scent and figured at some point I'd pick one up. Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase one of the now ultra rare Profumo Special Blend bottles and couldn't pass it up.

This stuff is is fantastic. Very similar to the standard Profumo but to me, the patchouli in the Special Blend gives it a slightly richer and more opulent feel than the original. The two are very similar, but the Special Blend just has that little extra something that makes it "pop" more for me. I get awesome performance, 10-12 hours on skin, easily 3+ hours of solid projection, and this is a wonderful update to the original AdG DNA that is still really good in it's own right. Fresh, masculine and aquatic, it's a winner in my book.

This is 95% similar to Profumo, so if you've already got that, you don't need to go hunting for this (and vice versa). All said, this is a fantastic fragrance and one of my favorite designer releases of all time.
Feb 3, 2020

Prada L'Homme Intense by Prada

I love Prada L'homme Intense. The original L'Homme was a bit boring for me, and the Intense flanker amps up the personality of this fragrance in all the right places, but at it's core it's still a fresh, clean Iris scent which just smells "good".

Powdery in the opening, but not to the point of cloying or annoyance, this fragrance exudes luxury to me. It feels high end, but the addition of leather and Tonka give it a playful feel that's much more interesting to me than the original. Performance is excellent in terms of longevity, but it sits pretty close to the skin for me, which makes this ideal for work scenarios. I can go four sprays of this and smell it on myself for 8-10 hours without choking out a room or annoying anyone near me. People around you can smell it, but not in an overpowering way...Hard to explain fully but once you wear it, you'll have it click.

This is wearable any time for me, but my preferred scenarios are work and formal events, as it just smells "dressed up" to me. Fantastic release all the way around, a badass bottle with a scent to match.
Feb 3, 2020

Kalan by Parfums de Marly

Upon initial smell, Kalan was intriguing to me, but I wasn't wowed by it. After another sampling on paper, I was more intrigued and not 100% sure how I felt about it. 3rd time was the charm, because I couldn't stop smelling the test strip and ended up buying a 75ml bottle. After a couple of wearings, I think this is an excellent fragrance. A true "niche" offering from Parfums de Marly, a house that sometimes toes the line between high high end designer and niche light, this is a well constructed, interesting and unique fragrance that also happens to smell great.

Blood Orange and spicy Pepper dominate the top for me, and for me personally, the spicy notes in Kalan play a role throughout the entire lifecycle of the fragrance. There's body here from the Oakmoss, Amber, and Tonka in the base, but those top notes make it a really interesting composition, and unlike anything else in my wardrobe.

Longevity is excellent, sillage trail seems good too. This one hangs in the air (in a good way) especially the first few hours after application, but I find myself getting projection/wafts 8+ hours into wearing it. If presentation is something you're into, the bottle is stunning. The matte red finish is boss and for once, what's inside a flashy (but tasteful) bottle actually lives up to how it looks (looking @ you, Lavender Extreme).

Kalan isn't a dumb reach or the easiest wear in your wardrobe by any stretch, but it's a fantastic fragrance, and you'll stand out in a crowd of generic freshies. An instant favorite of mine from PdM (Carlisle, Layton and Herod also up there), and IMO a standout release from 2019.
Nov 4, 2019

Winter Palace by Memo

I love Winter Palace. I find it to be warm and rich but there's also a lightness to it that makes it wearable in any weather. The opening has that orange creamsicle vibe, but it's met with some spice and earthy notes, as well as the wonderful red tea that gives it body and a unique profile. There are gourmand elements to it but it's not a gourmand fragrance, if that makes sense.

Performance is perfect for me. Excellent longevity (12 hours) but moderate, even soft projection which makes it a great office scent. The bottle and art work are also very unique. The entirety of the fragrance is just really stunning to me, unique, different, but still pleasing. It's become a 1x a week staple of my wardrobe. Big thumbs up from me.
Sep 19, 2019

Lavender Extrême by Tom Ford

Lavender Extreme did NOT do it for me. I am a big fan of many of the Private Blend fragrances, and my love for Lost Cherry is well documented here (I love it so much I bought three bottles), but this was the most disappointing thing I've smelled in a long while. There is a very sharp lavender note upon first spray, but that fades away after 30 seconds on me (not kidding), and from there on, it's a powder bomb.

My wife hated it, I hated it. I tried it three times to see if I would eventually "get it", but no...It didn't happen, and I couldn't take it any more. It's a beast mode fragrance, sillage trail all over the house, and I could still smell it decently well after a shower, which is rare for me. The only thing redeeming about this fragrance is the bottle, easily the coolest Private Blend bottle out there, but what's inside was as lame as it comes for me.
May 13, 2019

Sun Song by Louis Vuitton

I really enjoy all three of the new LV "Les Colognes" collection, but Sun Song is a real stunner. A clean, fresh, floral scent that is perfectly unisex (my wife also loves wearing this one), and wonderful to wear. It's hot here in Arizona, so it's easy to stick with ultra fresh, aquatic type scents during the heat. I wear a lot of Millesime Imperial during the summer, same with Mandarino di Amalfi, Virgin Island Water, etc. etc.

Sun Song gives me an option to wear something a little bit different, but something that still plays very well in the hot weather. It's easy for work, easy to wear casually or a bit more dressed up. It's just a really pleasant fragrance. This performs well, wears nicely and is an awesome warmer weather scent. LV has really nice 2ml samples available, and if you're looking for something in this realm, go check it out! A big winner in my book.
May 13, 2019

Honey Aoud by Montale

Honey Aoud is such a good fragrance. Initially I liked it, but after wearing it a few times, I really love it. I don't wear stuff for compliments, but this one is highly complimented for me. There's a great Honey/Vanilla at the front of it, and the oud in the back really grounds this and keeps it from being overly sweet. Strong projection and amazing sillage make it very potent for me with only 2 sprays.

I appreciate the uniqueness of this one as well. You won't smell like anyone or anything else when you're wearing Honey Aoud. A standout in the Montale line, and a great piece of my collection.
Jan 14, 2019

Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

Lost Cherry really surprised me. I smelled it over the weekend and was captivated. I sprayed once on my wrist, and kept going back to it the rest of the evening...I went back to Saks the next day and bought a full bottle. It's insanely expensive, but a holiday splurge never hurt anyone, right?

Cherry opens this one in a big way. One of the most realistic notes I've ever smelled in a fragrance, it literally smells like you just opened a jar of high end luxardo cherries. After a few minutes that initial cherry burst goes away and leads to a beautiful almond/cherry/tonka fragrance that leads the rest of the way.

Projection and sillage are both average, longevity has been good for me so far (8+ hours), and I am OK with that. I don't love fragrances that are loud and screamy with projection, and this is a fragrance that leaves a decent sillage trail and can be discovered if someone is close enough. I was really surprised to love this one so much, but on scent alone this has immediately become one of my favorites, and will be a beautiful cold weather/holiday staple of mine.
Nov 26, 2018

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