Eau Delà : Sancti : L'Eau Bénite by Les Liquides Imaginaires

TLDR: An amazing incense in terms of versatility and wearability, prized for innocent exuberance, alive & vibrant frankincense, and finishing with calm and tranquil amber & ambergris. The energy/essence of a church youth minister in a bottle.

While connoisseurs may lament over the lack of deep & dark intrigue, I personally believe that this is not the vision behind this fragrance. The whole EdP line-- in reference to perfumer Philippe di Meo's vision statement on the box-- is supposed to be diametrically opposed. (Good/Evil, Wisdom/Insobriety, Night/Day are the exact words)

Sancti or "holy" is very much clearly in the Good/Wisdom/Day camp, and very very much geared to a scent that is conservative, delightful, refined, and clean-cut. Think young and energetic Altar-boy wearing the pure white cassock, with a spring green oxford and tie, corduroy trousers, and wingtip brogues beneath it, all tied together with the lingering scent of sacristy incense. He is solemn during the mass, and energetic and community-involved during fellowship afterwards. This scent was purposely built to capture that devout, squared-away, youthful image, and I would argue it does so quite excellently.

[I am not the most trained of noses being relatively new to this wonderful world of fragrance, so call me a layman, but I'll use terms that an untrained nose can relate to]

The top notes capture youth and innocence, there is nothing coy or seductive here, just the invigorating energy of a welcoming committee. Sancti bubbles out with pink pepper and lightly smoked citrusy scent, almost exactly like a much more mature and exotic smell of opening a fresh bottle of pepsi (not coke). The frankincense has an AMAZING accord with that peppery citrusy scent, as it prolongs that freshness way beyond what normal citrus stays around for. Someone mentioned earlier that you could almost eat it, and that is spot-on-- it is sweet without being indulgent, reminiscent of a lollipop "earned" after church, but with a lot more depth and development.

As the peppery top note bubbles down, it leaves that spicy incense/frankincense note-- but supported or propped up by some soft ambergris "pillow" background. It makes me think of the presentation of gifts; exotic spiced resin crystals, some fragrant greyed-out wood, and a small phial of sacred oil in a simple brass/gold bowl, placed on a fluffed up and lace-trimmed pillow, and carried up to the altar.

As the ceremony winds down, the final notes that remain are the warm and sweet amber, with traces of that incense providing flavor to the sweetness. It is analogous to the tranquility of a quiet sanctuary after the celebration has ended. The churchgoers are praying in silence and basking in the calm before they leave for the day.

The one "con" I will offer, and this is pretty much standard with other "light and vibrant" fragrances like it, is that its sillage is not amazing-- at least to my nose. The pepper is wonderful and refreshing, and the whiffs of incense are exciting and pique my olfactive curiosity, but after about 30mins, I have to go and look for the scent to find the wonderful story unfolding. This was nice in the summer heat when I was not looking to overdose on heady scent, and handy for not offending the coworkers in the desk next to me. But I find myself sniffing deeper and deeper into my wrist, and I worry that it will not be smelled if I apply it conservatively under my clothing/chest. Good news is, it can probably safely use a more liberal approach to application, since it is a very unoffensive fragrance.

All in all, Sancti hits its vision square on the head, though it may not be what everyone is looking for. [If you want something else (a-la dusk, bold fresh strokes of incense, richer candied sweet notes under stronger ancient wood) Fortis is part of the "Eaux Bela" trilogy and a fantastic complement for more mysterious or bold occasions, and a wonderful evening fragrance. It is STILL going super strong on my other wrist, and still drawing me deeper and deeper into it... I was just looking for a more versatile wear, and that was Sancti for me].

Best For: Daily use, versatility, fresh vibrance, summer, work & close spaces, young energy.

Not Good For: Night, super longevity, seduction, intrigue/mystery, dates/romance, power fragrance for impressing, getting tons of compliments.
Sep 3, 2017

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