Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

Not getting all of the goodness as below!
Feels very unbalanced.
The citrus (lime) sticks out right from the start and is on par with household citrus cleaning products.

In comes some herbs basil and coriander, the idea of which I get ( classic cologne water style), but again its doesn't work on me. I get a sour sweaty herb - at this stage its (still) a scrubber. Don't get much in the way of flora at all. Smells akin to an experiment with the essential oils of the mentioned ingredients - they do not smell good up close or in volume.

Lasts a fair while and by the time you get to the drydown ( which is actually nice - in the soft woodsy citric vibe of Eau Sauvage Parfum '17) its a skin scent.

Hopefully it's just my chemistry :)
Sep 3, 2019

Classic by Pecksniff's

Picked this up just cause while at TKMaxx.
Initailly underwhelmed by the almost cheap smelling 'cologne/aftershave' smell. That is the bottle smell.
However a full wear today, its pretty good for what it is - no more and no less than what it says on the tin. Classic citrus and lavender, tiny supporting spice and musk dry down.
Easy lazy day frag. Good clean groomed smell.
Got my mind going now as to how good I can get this to be with layering with some singular note type frags.
May 26, 2019

Dunhill for Men by Dunhill

So I've had this for a while now and its high time I added some more reviews.

What can I say - OK on initial wearings you might write it off as boring, uninventive, dated and so forth, for it is a real classic selection of notes.

Citrus lavender start, ushering in some classic masculine floral over a base of woody leather.

I agree with reviews- seems to be a little 'unpredictable' - today I can't stop sniffing at myself hence the review.

It's one of those ones you can't put your finger on, yet I guess that is the alchemy of perfumery, that no single facet is the one that I 'like' - yet it all seems to work in harmony and a good harmony at that!

Must say the citric tang seems to last right through.

I guess its beguiling nature is that it was from a different era, so when I am expecting lots of fleeting peaks of enjoyment - this is a long and consistent - its not shouting here I am, look at my bells and whistles - it kinda just is. And its darn good.

Getting better and better a longevity from it - lesson to self - never write reviews earlier than a month of having a fragrance! Sticks around subtly.

As below - some classic elements you'll recognize in various gentleman's masculines - citrus, lavender and florals, slight dash of a powder (ever so slight), soap, dusty woods, sweetish suede leather. Sounds like the whole kit and kaboodle - but boy does it work and work well.

Recommended sniffing at least for those with leanings toward classic perfumes.
Feb 5, 2019

Classic Collection : Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme

Surprisingly good!
Initial blast is as expected for a relative cheapie, and I had all but written it off, as a generic citric and loosely vetiver.
However I kept getting wafts of something assuredly masculine, a nice fuzzy hum! I thought what else have I sprayed!
Could do with more heft, but alas, it's pretty darn good !
Worth a blind buy if you get it occasionally discounted at M&S.
Dec 2, 2018

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Green, spicy, woody.
Classic teetering on outdated.
Recent version.
Definitely no nonsense or frills. Anticipate it being a regular for someone who appreciatew timeless quality and isn't too much bothered by intricacies and trends.
Big blast of opening, settles to a reassuring deep masculine with woods n leather. Spice keeps going. Best part is the far dry down, fuzzy woody spice, with an old school clout. As with other old school classics (Pour Lui), personally feel it's too long to get to the tidy drydown. Maybe I need to give it more time and cooler weather for it to shine. mildly disappointed... Azzaro now awaits :)

Edit 2: 31/12/18
Corr what was I thinking.
This is goooood.
Sep 29, 2018

Cuir Vetiver by Yves Rocher

Quite nice. I guess something to try for vetiver heads.
Found it too sweet ( Tonka) for my liking. Still get the nice bite of vetiver, but much like Burberry Touch the Tonka makes its too sweet .
Also got some similarities with EN Sport, swap something in the ENS with Tonka and it'd be very similar with the fresh tangy vetiver.
Not traditional leather and not much I got from this , I guess it's going for the lush saccharine suede type that gets lost/or works too well with the Tonka.
From sample I agree that this has above average longevity and reach.
possibly cloying for big heat yet
Nice enough 😉 for spring.
Sep 19, 2018

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

Got out the shower
Got my !$*# together
When I'm good I'm good
When I'm Tabac I'm better.

Splash cologne - well groomed freshness. DuNez hits it on the head, a top splash for a satisfying few hrs.

No frills no nonsense masculine.
No offense.

Sep 11, 2018

Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

Solid and has its place.
I was quick to judge from my vintage aftershave sample.
Today I wanted a change up and pulled this out.

It's got at least EDT strength and good sillage. Drying down nicely.

OK descriptions:
Fresh, green, spicy, soapy after a shave clean .
Formal. I've ditched my dandy ways and cravat , buy this feels like that, crisp white shirt, Paisley cravat, polished shoes... velvet blazer... that's what I get from this.

Other comparisons? Well I got this on the idea that it's a 'cousin/brother' of the original Polo Green. I get that. But this is like the top end of it, I.e doesn't have the dank weight that comes with PG.

Some might consider dated, no fancy ingredients, no melon :) no pineapple... solid masculine that will make you feel refined and astute in your choice of fragrance.

Sep 4, 2018

Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

Not one to be a reformulation drag - but I think this has lost it somewhat.
As prior comments - made in France is the one to get. I have had 3 so far ( cause I like it a lot!) but they're the more recent made in USA ones. I get low projection and sillage. I.e doused myself today- yet I doubt ANYONE noticed!

Now that's outa the way...!

This is tidy - fresh spicy pepper, woody, floral.

All works together really well to form an accomplished and refined scent. Leaning toward being a spring summer scent as its not got weight. That's my grumble. It doesnt seem to be very potent - skin scent albeit a darn good one - very quickly. Sheer is one descriptive term that fits well. It does stick around though.

More astute noses will have given more clear comparison and analysis'. Yet I can say its pretty regular in my rotation. Solid.

Thumbs up as I've got either duds or new versions are whack(!) but I can see what it should be with appropriate projection and longevity.

Edit 2 10/2019:
Underestimated this.
Its a creeper - subtle yet strong in presence -
Recently got a Made in France version - its real good.
Musky, slightly spicy, woody and floral. Smooth bubbly.
And I fear its actually a good performer for cool crisp weather too. All round good stuff.
Does remind me of a more fleshed out version of Blenheim Bouqet - citrus pepper - with a cushion of musk and flora.
Sep 1, 2018

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Walk Taller Frag!

Can't add much more that hasn't been thoroughly explained by those with a 'nose' .

All I can say is its a wonderful antidote to sweet, gourmand, aquatic, modern and or metro frags. Proper AND manly frag.

If you're delving into classic ( I chose this word rather than old school deliberately!) and gentlemanly this is essential along with the original.

I'm walking taller , my chest is puffed out, shoulders back. It's THAT sort of frag.

Get in.

Edit 2:
To carry on some of the amusing and fitting illustrative descriptions I've read on basenotes - this is Gordon Ramsay vs Ginode Campo!

Edit 3:
Wow a little embarassed by my crass evaluation (over a year ago and I'mhoping I'm a little more nuanced now)
I find it quite genius - mossy patchouli country funk teamed with a top rate rose. Not everyones tast but I feel it's pretty spot on.
Aug 10, 2018

Vétiver by Fragonard

Neat little vetiver - fresh - straight up - no fuss.
Nice on its own - fresh,slightly citric,grassy.

I think this would be wonderful to layer - possible with others in this line - ( cedre, santal, patchouli - lol best wait for sale time at M&S though to pick up numerous bottles!)

Instantly makes me think of picking up this with some singular tabacco frag - to make up a modern Guerlain! ( I can't get rid of the association now - on one of the threads on Basenotes or another well know fume-head site - that Guerlian's has a 'pukey' note :( so...

Alas, back to this - no complaints. FB worth for any vet-head.

Edit 2: Totally get the Terre de Hermes association.
Aug 8, 2018

Oudy by Al Rehab

Wowsers been a while since this had a new review!

Right off the bat - I get CdG's Wonderwood - like not sure I'd tell the difference.

Has the thick woodsy fuzz of WW and a stronger agar note. WW and this always struck me a pretty rough edged. Definitely less is more as its powerful and thick so a little will let it really breath and develop.

Tried Golden Oudh - Molton Brown today - kinda a more 'stinky'barn oud , but its definitely more dapper and refined,what with honey and beeswaxy supporting notes.

Haven't (shock horror) even tried TF Oud Wood - but Oudy is a solid oud. No messing about here!

Oudy, pepper, sandal, cedar.

Erring on neutral - but for the buck - you get a massive bang.
Jul 12, 2018

Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Apparently this comes in the aquatic category, yet I find it quite far from the perceived citrus//fresh aquas. Rather much more deep, wet and aromatic.
Some other reviews I agree with in relation to it's aqautic nature are those of deep sea, murky, at night, wet wood.
I also get the rubberyness. Initial thoughts ( least skewed by any other reviews!) We're that's it's grapey. A purple soda fizz.
The synthetic associations also give rise to thoughts of that cosmetic bag mix up flavour and hence also why I thought this could be easily sported by a mature woman. Furthered by the florals in this.
I do get the light ozonic nature of this,no spice from noted clove/nutmeg, yet what comes off most is a perfumey grapey vibe, furthered by the fennel and powdery iris.
Drys down quite linear, as a nice and unique aroma.
Could come across as dated/old lady-ish as I doubt anyone but yourself will sniff nose down to get any herbal or deep aquatic vibes.
Definitely can see this as a signature, mature man or woman for the refined, quite classic aura it gives off.reminds me of something that you feel is disgusting but assumed it probably a classic and very dear expensive! That an English school teacher would wear( I.e would go well with weathered Tweed!)
Edit 2:
Still getting a nice pokey waft from this far dry down. Here it definitely feels blue. Something dated about it though. Powdery perhaps a tad.
Nice comfortable aroma,
Middling for me though, not on a want list by any stretch.
May 31, 2018

Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label by Givenchy

Agreeable :)
First off have to say it totally gives me the impression of ADG. I reckon most who catch a whiff of this on you will assume it's ADG.
Definitely something for aquatic fresh fans, whether or not it's worth a bottle if you've already got ADG or Aqua Marine is one for you to follow up!
Very wearable, easy, inoffensive and summery.
I don't really get much of the notes in isolation, testament to quality blend I guess, and can't break away from similarity to ADG.
Citrus, slight floral, fresh Woody and aqua type. I like cardamom, and it's all well done together.
Erring on lower part of thumbs up, but it is a good quality, dancing the fine line of mass appeal aqua 'yums' so averts a negative score.
Definitely a solid frag, though my judgment has likely been clouded by a pathological dislike of ADG type aqua crowd pleasers. ADG has unfortunately gotten a lot of baggage that is hard to shake off.
I have to say to though it is the best of the 'summery' type frags ( so far) that I'm working my way through (Roma Uomo, Dsquared Wild, ENS, Ferrari Light...)
My heart says yes, mind mind says no!
Strongly Recommended for summer loving aqua breeze admirers.
Edit 2:
Don't get the spiciness others perceive, this would really lift it! Although pepper is noted I really don't get any.
Definitely carried by smooth almost creamy cardamom. I feel this gives it a subtle sophistication that sets it above others in this genre.
Good longevity, not a projection bomb, but politely let's you know it's there. Nice little cloud.
Warming to it as I lie here in a sweltering (!) UK night!
May 29, 2018

Lalique pour Homme Lion / Lalique pour Homme by Lalique

Like many others have a real appreciation of the Lalique fragrances.
Admittedly my first experience of this was many moons ago and under the influence of mind altering substances. I tried this along with Xeryjus Rouge, Eau Sausage. This really blew my mind!
Thankfully those days are behind me, yet LPH is still with me 😋
Can't say much in the way of note break down, bar big grapefruit opening, with a lovely soothing lavender that stays throughout untill far dry down.
The middle and main is magic, Iris cedar and the lavender, with supporting base of sandal vanilla and musk produce a really assuring, smooth and sensual aroma. Totally get that 'dust on bulb' that has been mentioned, it's a familiar/ well warn in kinda comfortable smell. I think with the packaging, they were alluding to this feel ( looks like a denim texture) . A well worn in woolen that you wear too often that has picked up various fragrances you've worn and melded them all together.
So it is a wonderful comforting and sensual aroma.
The vanilla, cedar , iris and lavender are the stars and work in great harmony to create a unique, conforting, memorable and sensual bordering sexy aroma.
It's not dear yet punches well aboves it's price bracket in terms of quality and uniqueness. So much so I feel I keep this for special occasions!
Projection and longevity are great.
Edit 2:
Lol there's really no need for me to add to this but LPH moves me to ! One of those that you keep niffing at, getting wafts of this days later from a sharp finely (bird's-eye check they call it) textured crisp white shirt, fits it well. A fragrance that literally makes you exclaim. In my case 'oooh dyammm it's goooood'
As I said no need, but a nice embellishment to the original review!
May 27, 2018

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Keeps on giving!
Really enjoy the olifactory journey.
Totally get the immense love this gets, yet also how it can be too much for some.
I wear this from a decant, I feel this bypasses the initial blast and straight to the good stuff.
This is Rich, deep and opulent.
Initial herbal lavender and thyme plays really well with the spicy thick clove, supported and harminosed with the floral geranium and spicy green fern. This can give it a 'cosmetic' handbag' vibe, but I find it lush and nonchalantly elegant!
Underpinned with generous and thick oak, incense and musk this orchestra of notes gives a really rich and heady aromatic experience.
Could be seen ( smelled!) as a pompous and dressy fragrance, yet I like to sport it on all occasions and weather's! Waiting on fall / winter to see what more magic this provides!
Aside, I had this with me on a two week trip to the hot and arid KSA and it gave me so much more!
All in all a strong contender for one of my all time ( well 3 years of fragrance journey) actual wearable and enhancing perfume ( as opposed to a nice smell that might not be wearable - Dunhill desire I'm looking at you!!)
Possibly not for fans of contemporary citrus fruit acqua's or 'compliment getters'(!)
Powerful, aromatic, arresting wonderous result from the orchestra of notes.
Something you need to spend the with.

EDIT 2: 04082018
Gotta find a vintage of this :)
Tried with Antaues today- call me blasphemous - but it seems a whole level better. Richer, more depth, complexity.
Ebay hunting is on!
May 27, 2018

Black by Bulgari

Wanted this to be amazing, from the strong positive reviews.Rubber, leather and smoky tea over a vanilla Amber and musky bases sounded like it'd be a hit.
I don't get much of the notorious tea or rubber notes at all.
Again like a generic modern frag, sweetish gourmand and or Oriental, feels like an easy inoffensive metro crowd pleaser.
I get a quite nice vanilla and sandal, but that's it's. Possibly had set it up and a mind blower from the note pyramid.
As it stands ( for me and my chemistry I guess) an ok sweet vanilla sandal , I feel something tart and peppery would really lift it.
Generally pleasing but it won't be on my wish list.
May 26, 2018

Déclaration d'Un Soir by Cartier

Really well blended selection of notes that create something erring on divine.
I feel I'm really liking cardamom as a frag note! Cardamom and nutmeg (pleasing greenish fresh with a bite, piquant) over rose and sandalwood ( lush and smooth) created a opulent ( never brash ) and rich deep and pleasing aroma.
Quite romantic, special occasion dress up fragrance.
May 26, 2018

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Pleased to add a positive review!
An so worthy it is APH!
I have a sample vial, that broke over me hand , what little remained I managed to pop into another vial for a proper wearing.
This is just right.
Initial blast, I had dismissed this as another old school generic 'old man' frag.
Yet on drying down, I kept sniffing at it, a lovely masculine dry and warm waft kept coming up.
Kinda muted barbershop.
Not beastly, not overpowering.
Soothing lavender, dry woodsy, a little spicy bite.
I can see why it has such acclaim.
I can see this would be easy to wear and gives a gentle, reassuring and accomplished hum.
Sampled alongside, Jaguar classic, Equus, L'instant, and declaration... Initially I placed it middling, but quickly rose to the top!
Could easily become a signature, I keep going back to the image of it just fitting right.like a favorite jumper. Masculine, accomplished, not in yet face, refined gentleman's, a reassuring hum.
Thumb zup :)
May 25, 2018

Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence Acqua by Ferrari

Generic fruit-aqua-citrus with light muskiness.
Kinda appley/peachy. No unique features.
May 24, 2018

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

Erring between neutral and thumbs up here!
As a lover of the original and admirer of extreme.
I think as another reviewer suggests, this is heavy on chemically-ness ( calone and iso) and this spoils the experience for me and gets cloying as the day goes on ( meaning that yes it does have lots of staying power and projection!)
Nice enough fresh opening with citrus and progresses well with the aqua/ water notes. As it progresses, the aqua musky-laundry-ness gets too much. Again as suggested, chemically sensitive noses will definitely need a full wearing and cautionary approach!
At the far end it's shows the original vetiver Tang and fuzz, though the over bearing laundry musk aqua remains.
I'm getting the feel ( 3 yrs into my fragrance journey!) That I'm not a summer/ aqua fragrance man and wait on fall/ winter to break out the heavy and complex Woody frags!
However over the other lighter/ summery frags I've owned and have samples of ( Versace pH, Roma uomo, Ferrari light essence, dsquared wild, month Blanc individual...) I'd reach for this foremost!
My no. 1 spring summer is still Oscar for men!
May 24, 2018

Wild by Dsquared2

Genero-sweety-fresh-laundro-soft-woody-airy concoction!
Pleasant in the worst sense - bearable. Fabric/Room freshener type laundro-sweet-fresh.
Minimal performance for me, low longevity and projection.
Sorry to be so down on this!
Edit 2:
Getting a bit more from this now - after a few days on my garment. Here i'm getting the iso and what could be the faint long lasting vegetal tang of vetiver that lingers (as per EN.
May 23, 2018

Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

Do I detect similarity to one of the John Varvatos scents? Platinum Edition? Also has the richness of I think its one (or possibly more) Atelier frags, Gold Leather. The deep rich dark fruit aspect.

As per other reviews its a near perfect iteration of:
Rich, slight smoke, deep fruityness, oud. If you prefer that sorta thing. I do! I do!

Elegant, classy,not in your face. More versatile than it sounds.

Update 22/09/17:
From summer/warmer wear I really am getting that grape soda that is polarising opinions. Only negative point to this.

Update 15/04/19
Again agree opening is a bit much, calms down nicely.
Then on feels kinda linear, a strong chime of an accord. Not sharp banged all the keys on the piano, more orchestrated.
I get the niche like quality.
Still figuring out where it fits in My rotation. Currently reach for it for "rich, classy and occasion"
Jun 21, 2017

Encre Noire by Lalique

2 years and 3 bottles later... still beguiled by this!
Apr 5, 2017

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