Oud Zhen by Areej le Doré

The absolute best representation of burning agarwood chips that I’ve ever smelled, and I’m always searching! It has a deep drydown of a vanilla honey tobacco (although not a listed note), which makes it completely dynamic and non linear. There is myrrh and some dark chocolate aspects that give it just the balancing touch it needs to be a 5 star stunner!
Nov 2, 2021

Spell 125 by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Well, finally got my bottle, and it's as amazing as I hoped it would be! There's a lot going on here. I love the dark inky incense, it's almost like Lampblack with incense added. And the piney soapiness is what I get in the random wafts. It's so 80's classic type to me, clean and masculine and green, but nothing sharp or edgy about it.
Worth every cent!
Sep 12, 2021

Roi Sans Equipage by Henry Jacques

The best fragrance of anything I've ever smelled....period!
Jun 21, 2021

Khmer Kinam Extrait de Parfum by Agar Aura

This is my absolute favorite oud. It's the way I think a main Oud base should be. Slightly spicy, but a bit sweet, and a vibrant woodiness. Just these few aspects, but they all fit together so perfectly.
Apr 20, 2021

Cuba by Czech & Speake

Man, I really like Cuba a lot, and decided that I need to get some more than just my sample. Then I finally figured it out. I already have Frank 2 Los Angeles....they basically smell the same.
Mar 18, 2021

Agar de Noir by Areej le Doré

This sucker is really good! So good in fact, I ended up getting a backup bottle....and I never do that. It's a jammy, dark raisin/dark cherry top, mixed with just a little violet. The woody dark Oud becomes more and more present throughout, and it lasts forever! There's also a dark chocolate note that I find glues it all together.
Jan 21, 2021

Magus by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

I might be with ya here Proust, and the cloves are a standout for me too!
Dec 3, 2020

Elixir by Penhaligon's

So if you're looking for something similar to TF Sahara Noir, this is definitely a tamed down version. It's not a match by any means, but there are definitely aspects that give off the same vibe....but not as strong or sharp. Elixir is a bit smoother. It seems that it's about equally as hard to find a bottle of this, as it is Sahara Noir, so I'm gonna have an uphill battle. At least I have Sahara Noir.
Jun 19, 2020

Mousse Illuminée by Rogue Perfumery

Well let's just say, I have about 75 FB's of fragrances, and over 100 throughout 20 years of wearing and 10 years of actually building a collection.....and this is the first and only fragrance I've ever bought a backup bottle of!

Just cannot take the chance that they wouldn't be able to make this anymore for whatever reason. Deserves all the accolades it gets!
Jun 19, 2020

Café Ambre Noir by Sultan Pasha

Agree with almost everything said about this in the other reviews. It is going towards gourmand, but never actually gets there like other fragrances that feature coffee, vanilla, chocolate, spices and such. The Oud and other notes keep it perfectly from being to sweet/foody/etc. Smelled many SP offerings, and this one is top 3 for me! I haven't quite figured out how far and long it actually projects, but it stays on me forever, and stays on strong! I get constant whiffs for 12+ hours.
May 26, 2020

Maderas de Oriente Oscuro by PK Perfumes

MDOO on me is very high class cigar/tobacco shop. It's so realistic it's almost mind blowing to me. I get mostly tobacco, some smoke, a bit of sweet resinous vibe in the background. Lovely, well done Paul!
Feb 14, 2020

Antimony by House of Matriarch

Goes on strong, with an early bit of funk, but that quickly dissipates and I get a vibe like that of LDDM. There is more of a charred rose element than frankincense to me though. There's something some amber accords and spiciness that I feel blends well together. A bit of a sharp green smell that comes off slightly bitter, which may be what could smell plastic like. But it's also kind of a musky earthy strong smell as well. If I were to guess, I think it's actually real spikenard used in this fragrance! Overall I like it and think it smells like a high quality composition.
Jan 23, 2020

Devotion by House of Matriarch

I see this as a softer sweeter type of incense offering. There is definitely a touch of vanilla, and a non offensive Oud like the kind I smell in Crop 16 from House of Oud. I also like that I actually smell more myrrh than frankincense.
Jan 23, 2020

Black No. 1 / Blackbird by House of Matriarch

A very nice earthy, smoky/sweet fragrance. Can see why it's mentioned when sexy scents are brought up. I don't get the comparisons to Anubis though. I wear Anubis quite a bit, and Black no. 1 is not near as bold or challenging to wear imo. Also, there's no smell of actual cannabis here, which is a good thing to me.
Jan 23, 2020

Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

As others have said here, it really does open up sort of boozy, and just a tad bit animal dirty. That all goes away quickly, and AA becomes this powerful amber patchouli bomb! I get a little blended in incense, however I wish it had more. It's moist and thick like most of the TF private blends, and lasts all day. I think it has some nice similarities to Sahara Noir too. Very well done!
Jan 20, 2020

Sublime Essence Ambre by Ex Nihilo

This is a really nice slightly sweet, ambery oud. And I definitely smell some non skanky oud. There is a nice light woodiness to it, and maybe a touch of incense. Definitely high quality and worth a pretty penny imo, but maybe not the big retail price tag. I found a great deal on my FB, so I'm more than happy!
Jan 4, 2020

Dear John by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

A nice slightly spicy/fresh clove, with a bit of woodiness to it. Very wearable and I think it's a fair priced hidden gem!
Jan 1, 2020

Labyrinth of Spices by Alghabra Parfums

One of the harshest, weirdest, unpleasant fragrances I've ever tried. It is also ABSOLUTELY the longest lasting fragrance in the history of the world! I tried to scrub it off a couple hours after applying with every substance and chemical known to man, but nothing worked, and it literally stayed on my arm in some capacity for 3 days.

If for some reason any of you all try this, and like the smell, you will hit the jackpot for performance.
Sep 19, 2019

Sea Islands Spyce by Coastal Fragrance

Very pleased by this one! An inexpensive long lasting mix of Aventus, Trumpers Eucris, and Lolita Lempicka.....imo. It has a nice barbershop type cleanliness and a blast of oakmoss!
Jul 7, 2019

Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme by Roja Dove

Just got the pure parfum Creation E at Bergdorf Goodman's, and couldn't be happier! It lasts almost 2 days on me. All of the good things said about it, I wholeheartedly agree with.
Mar 19, 2019

Hyde by Hiram Green

Holy Cow, this is a monster! If you like DARK scents, you need to try Hyde. As mentioned below, it is as beastly as T Rex. I like dark thick scents, but even I can't handle this. There's a chewing tobacco smell that rears it's head too.
Feb 20, 2019

Sensei by Piotr Czarnecki

This is now Shihan, and I just got my FB from luckyscent, and it's fantastic! It's kind of gourmand, but definitely not too sweet. Shihan goes on with a rum and tobacco opening, almost like a honey vanilla type tobacco. There is a bit of amber and cocoa in the background and drydown, and it's all balanced out with a little spice! It's a very warm scent that is working out well in the col weather.
Feb 20, 2019

Opus VI by Amouage

Looked promising with the thought of pepper and frankincense upfront, but none there. Just ends up being a powdery amber scent, with some synthetic citrus mixed in.
Feb 19, 2019

Opus IV by Amouage

A bit of floral that softens the cumin note just a bit, but that's all I get with this. So far not a fan of the Opus line. Haven't found any I like of the four I've sampled.
Feb 19, 2019

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