Sun Java White for Men by Franck Olivier

It is a nice fragrance indeed and a good copy of SMW. Projection is not that good and after 30 min it is almost a skin scent.So gets a 7 and if it would project better a 8.
Jan 30, 2020

Hacivat by Nishane

I do not get the awesome pineapple note people talk about. Just a citrus lollypop blast that is dominant. So not worth the hype at all. Aventus does it so much better.
Dec 30, 2019

Warm Cashmere by Clean

A poor man's Bal D'afrique it is but also the overall score cause it misses certain notes and is weaker too. Projection is a bit less too. So it is okay but Bal D'afrique is better in every way.
Jun 8, 2019

Replica Jazz Club by Martin Margiela

Yeah this stuff is really good and it is very well blended...gonna get a back up bottle for sure.
Jan 23, 2018

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

Damn what a piece of shit this scent is.....last blind buy i ever bought.Filthy rum note mixed with some encre noir from Lalique which also hate..mehhhhhhhh!!!
Aug 30, 2016

Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

This is indeed a very nice scent and reminds me of Oliver Peoples,it shares a lot with Bal d’Afrique and some notes are amped up in Oliver Peoples so both are slightly different and like them both a lot.So if you like this one you will like Oliver Peoples for sure....
Jul 26, 2016

Oliver Peoples by Byredo

This one is really amazing just wow.This is the best scent i have ever smelled so far,and my all time favorite right now.The opening is the best and you keep smelling it during the development but less....that juniper berry with lemon is so damn good and the patchouli is very well done too...can really smell this all day every day...do not get the sand note in the drydown but do get the musk.
Jul 10, 2016

Single Malt by By Kilian

I love boozy scents and this one according to Fragboy Stewie is very good and better then Pure Malt...well i think not.This stuff is just really bad,very pungent whiskey note still soaked in barrels...very strange and had to wash it off fast.
May 25, 2016

Intoxicated by By Kilian

Comparing this to A*Men is a joke...Mugler smells so cheap compared to this stuff,which is beautiful and of much higher quality and without that filthy tar note ...just very well blended and just laughs at A*Men and dislike it even after smelling this stuff...
May 25, 2016

Back to Black, aphrodisiac by By Kilian

The opening is so damn good,just love the raspberry too bad that after a few minutes the tobacco/honey kicks in and ruines the scent for me.Herod is doing a much better job and is excellent from start to finish,great cherry/tobacco mix and is done so right and is without honey so the combo tobacco/honey is not for me.
Nov 27, 2015

Herod by Parfums de Marly

Man this stuff is so damn good i wanna lick it haha... opening is like Back to Black by Killian but the tobacco/honey combo in it ruines the scent completely after 5 min.This baby stays excellent the whole time and the tabacco is finally done right...this is a must buy...got this one for only 140 euro in Holland due to 25% discount normal it was 187 euro a bargain then what you pay in some other countries.....
Nov 26, 2015

Original Vetiver by Creed

On paper it was actually good smelling but once on my skin it was horrible...grandmas soap as stated before too bad...only Aventus and MI are really good from the house of Creed and MI not really worth the money because of bad longgevity and sillage....
Nov 26, 2015

The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana

A very nice,sexy scent...it is a bit soft and that is the only downside...it barely lasts longer maybe a tiny bit ...It is thicker and denser then the EDT but that is a little brighter so if you do not own the EDT get this one for sure.....
Oct 25, 2015

Perry Ellis m by Perry Ellis

Great stuff for such a low price.....
Oct 11, 2015

Kiton Men by Kiton

This is indeed a great underrated fragrance,but it has been reformulated...a bit worse in performance then original.It's more like GIT and fades away sooner then before so still a great scent but original was a little better...
Oct 11, 2015

CH Men Privé by Carolina Herrera

This is such a great scent,from the opening till the end...very sexy and boozy fragrance...so big up for this one from Carolina Herrera,very well done...
Sep 25, 2015

Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

I smelled it today and i really like it even better then original in fact.And it is sweet but not too sweet to my nose
Aug 5, 2015

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Indeed better then the EDT do not like that one,but this is amazing stuff much richer and smoother and more of a gentleman version...
Aug 5, 2015

Aventus by Creed

Finally own this heavenly juice just amazing...If i could own 1 scent this would be it for sure :)from top to bottom a masterpiece well worth the money in my opinion...
Jul 25, 2015

Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

Smelled a sample today and if this is the best Tom Ford has to offer WOW...not good,this stuff stinks man smells like a pencil just being sharpened with lots of pungent incense :(
Jul 22, 2015

Rochas Man by Rochas

This stuff is just pure candyfloss...i like sweet scents but this stuff is just too sweet for me....
Jul 22, 2015

Zirh Ikon by Zirh

Just blind bought this and it is a weak scent nothing special,just move on people....
Jul 20, 2015

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Very good scent just a masterpiece,but not that longlasting and for the price hmmmm,too bad cause if it was better in sillage and projection a must buy so i am doubting to buy it....
Jul 19, 2015

Bergamote / Divine Bergamote by The Different Company

Smelled it today and it is just a citrus lollypop what you are smelling and this is a expensive niche fragrance,i am shocked,just move on people....
Jul 18, 2015

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