Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Photos,love letters,pressed flowers, leather gloves,an middle-east handsome gentleman in the late 30s. Safari Extreme is very evocative,very is an expression of confidence,charisma,and effortless charm.spicy,aromatic,subtly floral, somewhat all ASAQ, redolent of real ingredients and real nature.

Love at first sniff.the fragrance opens on the fresh masculine notes of bergamot, through spice-inflected floral accords, where all notes meet,is a hidden,sensual rose-jasmine combo,perfectly matched to all other notes:it is spicy,kinda sweet, aromatic and subtly dirty.the dry down goes in the sweet-ish sandalwood and
dry smokiness vanilla laced with a hint of sensual energy provided by oud and incense. totally i don't think that you need Safari,and Safari Extreme but one of them is a must have!
Nov 28, 2021

Issara by Parfums Dusita

Imagine the most discreet tobacco, elegant and slightly caramellic along with fresh hay.the quality of the ingredients and refinement of the composition make Issara wearable. it's classy,it's inviting in a very sophisticated does not scream "All Come Here",but it sends the invation only for the VIPs.

Opens with aromatic and fresh notes of hay.then the herbal qualities of the soft and savory sage blend in perfectly with tobacco and woody notes.the more sweet notes of vanilla and amber are also present in the background adding structure,but they don't really come out to play until the dry down's great for fall, spring,even summer evenings/ nights.i get 4-5 hours of longevity with a half hour or so of good sillage.
Nov 28, 2021

HiM by Hanae Mori

One of the fragrances that makes her weak in the kness and wanting for more, anytime she smell it on you.this fragrance a smell of bubble gum mixed with tea and burnt cinnamon vibe which made me love it.the perfect balance between playful and mature.there is something very characteristic about it. spicy but not offensive, warm but not overbearing. one of the best cheap scents out there.

The scent starts of fresh with a cooling effect with the bergamot and cardamom at the top.the tea note is present,but it takes a middle seat to the spice.then the fragrance is centered almost entirely around a sweet cinnamon that is quite well-rounded by the use of notes of cardamom and dries down to a warm,delectable ambery/ woody scent.the spiciness isn't harsh,just sweetly spicy.extremely versatile.this is the kind of fragrance you can wear to a meeting dressed up,jeans and a sweater on the couch watching the game,at an event daytime or night time.for this price range,you can not go wrong.
Nov 28, 2021

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme Oud by Salvatore Ferragamo

A daringly charismatic an autumn wreath soaking in rum with a dash of woods,tobacco and leather and a tad bit of sweetness thrown into make it yummier for the ladies.these notes perfectly in man's fragrance. supple leather,smokey woods,just enough spice.a delicious boozy masculine's clean shaven in a tuxedo.not too loud,not too soft. just nice,nothing special.

Spicy opening settles into a sexy leather, tobacco vibe.tonka bean adds the perfect amount of sweetness. slight bit of booziness to it but not overbearing.i don't get a ton of's more of a background note.this is perfect for the chilling winter month's and can be worn under a thick knit sweater without loss of nuance.stays close to the skin but has decent sillage.if you are looking for a very nicely-blended spicy,boozy leather in a reasonable price try this one.
Nov 27, 2021

Sang Bleu by Le Galion

This one is not for metrosexuals heavily into fragrances like Aventus and Viking. this is for ultra masculine big boys who are completely unworried about their external peer validation.there is nothing explicitly sexual,but you get aroused simply by the through of it;a hot summer ,a one night stand,a perfect stranger. living dangerously,youth is risky and hormone driven.let go and surrender.a quality retro fragrance with an interesting character that definitely stands out from the modern aquatics, gourmands,ambroxan fragrance etc.but it is not a abomination and it's not an alpha male test.

Opening is a mix of cleanliness and is something i perceive as manly,out of the shower,soapy,and steamy.there also something reminiscent of clean laundry or a fresh laundered white shirt masterfully combined with a dirty muskiness of artemisia.there is a powdery feel underneath but it feels like a very smooth the same time the sweetness and the herbal floral notes along with soapy vetiver and musky notes.clearly this is a scent that you either love or hate, and you'll most likely love it for the same reasons others will blind buy:absolutely no!
Nov 27, 2021

Jour d'Hermès Gardénia by Hermès

She is a young lady who seems to only be seen in the day night she is nowhere to be found,like gardenia petals closing up at night only to open up again in the light of's as a beautiful gardenia fragrance as one can conceive.a creamy,green white floral that smelled luminous,feminine and modern without being sharp.the gardenia is beautifully represented and dominates the fragrance.

Linear,it doesn't change or develop on me.i get gardenia,soft gentle green notes,tuberose, jasmine,and tiny bit of citrus.never sharp,nor tuberose just helps the gardenia to stand out and lead the way.there is absolutely no sexiness in this is a soft classy scent when you're in the mood for a ladylike floral. if most of white florals too indolic or smell like buttered for you,this one works very well with your chemistry.
Nov 25, 2021

Armani Eau d'Arômes by Giorgio Armani

This is like a joyous slice of sunlight for gothic hearts.quite chemical but it realy isn't too takes an old school masculine concept and transforms that into a modern,fresh, uplifting and friendly has a citrus with reach component which will make everyone to fall in love with.

The opening is crisp sour citrus.i get lots of bergamot with a big hint of ginger as well.the heart is a cacophony of aromatic notes.i get hints of mandarin orange,a touch of cardamom and hints of spicy pepper. the base is fairly uneventful.some woods like vetiver and a bit of patchouli.the performance is average.
Nov 25, 2021

Spirit by Boadicea the Victorious

This is awesome stuff on the right woman.i see this fragrance on a beautiful and elegant lady.i can see her wearing this on beautiful spring days, wearing a classy dress,her hair up, chunky bracelet and maching necklace, red sandals and red lipstick as she stroll down the main street browsing from shop to shop...never in a hurry,yet always with smells perfectly elegant, round, creamy woody;floral heaven. actually this perfume smells much older in style than a 2010's perfume. sophisticated and does evoke the feeling of royalty,as it is very expensive -smelling.

A bright green opening of mostly bergamot and cool and aloof hyacinth and had a 1970's chypre vibe.the chypre elements are not strong, green or electric.then quickly came those white flowers (mostly clean orange blossom and a indolic jasmine) with some ylang ylang.there is a feminine warmth.not too sweet, not too soapy,not too spicy.then it slowly, assuredly dries down full of woods the warmth is further enhanced by the sandalwood. vanilla gently makes an appearance for the perfect vintage finish.there is a light sweetness in the background but the floral notes stay solidly in the and strength in a beautiful bottle.
Nov 24, 2021

Private Collection - Cuir d'Iris by Parfumerie Generale

There is something rooted in physically; the describe body of a lover and not just his or her unique personality traits or dazzling mind.this is a lover that must make love;i think of Dante and a universe in which love maybe heavenly or eternal but for which we pay a physical has depth and emotion more than a flirt It's a smells like love and pain,it smells like memories. highly powerful chypre-leather extrait and a full-on olfactory assault for the first ten minutes.

This is not just leather,this is skin leather, it's leather being uaed in contact with the skin in high-intensity activity.iris provides some creaminess and refinement,and incense together wit amber take this juice out of the obvious, and repeated leather-iris has some sweetness, but not directed to create gourmand nuances,but amplifying the effect of warmed uo it dries down the leather with animalic notes becomes a bit more powdery,but keeps it's overall character. good projection and longevity.
Nov 24, 2021

Bois des Îles Parfum by Chanel

This is for the sexually confident.this is sexy dressed in a pencil skirt and heels.a sly wink with a pirate smile and a toss of the hair.and hypnotic like the luscious hips of a slowly undulating belly dancer. Bois de Iles is all about the sandalwood, strong and alluring, bathed in jasmine, iris,vanilla and amber.she is timeless,a perfect waltz between elegant, dressed up,and sensual, stripped reminds me of old lipstick and furniture.

The opening is fresh and bright with strong bergamot and aldehyde presence.ylang ylang, powder,and dry sandalwood that follows up with mostly jasmine,iris and amber to intertwine and lift up the sandalwood on a royal fact notes of jasmine and ylang ylang in this one which fit perfectly to that narcotic sandalwood smells like a burning,resinous,woody fragrance along with some bitter-sweetness. classy,smells very expensive, quality is sensual and intellectual at the same time.
Nov 23, 2021

Tihota by Indult

The vanilla in this smells something what i imagine vanilla extract would smell like if you rubbed it on your skin, add to that a light musk and you get Tihota,smooth and sensual.when you wear this you will have a cloud of vanilla surrounding you. it is very warm and cozy and reminds me of fluffy blankets and sugar cookies.

First spray is a thick sweet vanilla syrup that coffe shops use,sticky and intoxicating.settles down quickly to a warm smoky earthy vanilla.the musk in this is smokey instead of soapy.this is not a little girl vanilla that is so sugary that is hurts your teeth to smell it,this is a truly warm and sexy can get cloying when you overspray it.a few sprays go a long way.
Nov 23, 2021

Bois d'Ascèse by Naomi Goodsir

Rub a black dress with a balsam and soak it in a smokey scotch whiskey then throw it onto the embers of a dying camp fire.that's about as close as i can get using words.a dark, brooding,smokey, masculine,sexy beast of scent.this fragrance is extremely dry and smokey, almost bitter,like a pile of dead,dry leaves that was ingited by a lighting bolt.

The opening is a punch in the face with boozy whiskey and tobacco once it sits on the skin for a hour,the burnt ruberry ham smell disappears,the smoke and incense die down a bit and the amber makes it's debut appearance.after about 3 hours the scent is a nice balance of amber, woody,smokey incense tobacco.i can't imagine it being worn by a woman. the performance is great.
Nov 23, 2021

Jasmin Antique by Rogue Perfumery

It reminds me of a velvet sky with myriad of stars shining over the jasmine grove where two lovers are locked in a passionate embrace. Jasmin Antique is truly sheer is a glorious jasmine scent with no trace of shyness or demure behavior.not clean, not is sensual and powerful,elegant and provocative.

I get some indoles with the burst of jasmine,but not at concentrations that are fact,i can find nothing unpleasant about this scent. heightened by spicy notes,in the end there are powdery vanilla and musk.delicious musk,by the reminds me of those 80's fragrances. this isn't like alien,Alien has an interesting/attractive synthetic feeling, and it is kind of sweeter,cleaner, melds with your skin harmoniously. Jasmin Antique stands loud and doesn't blend with the skin scent,it's like a musky jasmine weapon.
Nov 21, 2021

Venise / Venice by Yves Rocher

A lady with sharp wit and attitude that many find offputting at the start,but when she warms to you,you'll discover her intimate sweetness and deep, warm soul,with just enough smoke and spice to tell you she's been some places. extremely autumn scent.brings back memories of the eighties when strong perfumes were popular.a soft vanilla yet spicy carnation,wood and ultra amber-ish oriental.

A warm mist of vanilla,the spices come right after,exposing the perfume's soul, and you are engulfed by the most delicious the dry down the woods and the amber become more evident, making the scent deeply intimate and fact it's a real powerhouse on first spritz,but it dries down to a luxurious caress of wood and amber.nothing even remotely candy or little girlish in this one. it smells so much of skin after sex.
Nov 21, 2021

Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob

This is something i picture Cary Grant wearing while in his well-tailored suit. green,light brown like early autumn. it's a very simplistic yet high quality vetiver's not that bitter,dark,damp vetiver like in Encre Noir and Sycomore. the hint of coffe in this is what really shapes this vetiver and keeps it from being like all the others.clean,slightly soapy,delicate and thoroughly charming.

The effervescence and tartness of grapefruit mixed with petitgrain gives the fragrance a aromatic opening and tempers vetiver's inherent earthiness and medicinal green-ness.while the coffe note at the base adds a complexity and heft to it without weighing it down. tobacco is fine,dry and aromatic.the composition is so well blended that the included tonka bean seems to gently come in and out of provides a wonderful balance of earthy and sweet, while still having an inoffensive,mass appeal quality.performance is very solid lasting 8 hours,with above average projection.
Nov 20, 2021

Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

I really don't know why some of the people making fun this fragrance because something is cheap?you should take a sniff of some niche fragrances which are 10-20 times it's price and are absolutely horrible.and you just keep overhyping they cause they're a niche,if they cost 15/20 $ you would use they as a cockroach repellent.yes there's to much stupid people who only buy expensive things because it's expensive. Now that is something to be making fun about!

Silver Scent opens with a aromatic fresh yet moderately sweet and a bit creamy citruses with dominant lemon and orange blossom with a whisper of flowers yet to come laying on top of a warm and comforting blend of tonka bean and time goes by, during mid development,bouquet of flowers with dominant geranium with a hint of rosemary starts to emerge and bring some romance into the game. these all leads into a bit sweeter and warm base with dominant tonka with a hint of wood and the floral notes recede into the background.Generic?Yup! Synthetic?Yeah...this doesn't ooze of high class...but the price is really cheap for it's quality.nothing bad there.
Nov 18, 2021

Etra by Etro

Smoke on a beach,powdery little sweets and human milk.i suppose that imagery of having a big smile on mother's face during an active suck, when her baby scoot down to the breast and latch on, and her baby will respond by sucking and swallowing. Etra Etro is still unlike anything on the market today.this is a true gem.

Warm sweet spicy in the beginning. particular kinds of wood are hard to recognise separately in a blind test, but their composition is stunning, warm,fresh and sweet at the same time.with time it turns into a more sweet milky gurmet with caramel and powder getting more space.truly a masterpiece of originality and complexity.
Nov 18, 2021

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

Dark Rebel is as dark as the darkest night,it is seductive and mysterious like a middle eastern warior of oriental times. to me this is an old world fragrance,like a classic one,but done in a modern way. you know that rap song,"I'm a classic man". the world is changing, but some things will never change,like fine suit and fragrance.this is also a elegant but very macho scent.

This is deep - dark and full of character. opens up quite sweet. sweet,boozy with a aromatic twist.this evolves into resinious,both fir resin and styrax with sweetness still doing well and the leather and tobacco in the background.the leather starts getting bolder and has an old school vibe to it - which is intriguing. dressy and mostly evening wear.
Nov 17, 2021

Incense Oud by By Kilian

Imagine you are in a medieval balsam forest. silent monks pass by,each carrying a thurible.smoke from sweet incense rolling out of it's silver chambers. a warm breeze of oud stirs the air, bringing a hint of rose with patchouli. probably from their dark ceremonial cloaks adorned with garlands.this is Incense Oud!

Incense Oud with the incense easily the stand out.the oud note is definitely there but more in the background than the amber.rose,with the saffron and incense keep this warm and oriental right through to the conclusion about 6 hours after first is a winter night suit fragrance,formal and also great for wedding parties when it's foggy at night.
Nov 17, 2021

Empreinte by Courrèges

I can imagine a lawyer wearing this scent,also a woman who runs a business,a gothic girl,a person who loves black won't suit a romantic or girly woman.she is not a classical beauty but she is unique and lovable due to her unstarched elegance - easy and natural.she is a lady of character,self assured without being supercilious. feminine today most of the time means smelling like fruit,candies, cookies.i am extremely puzzled when i read Cabochard, Bandit,Opium or Vintage Empreinte are unisex or masculine.i could not think of more feminine scents than these.there are so many scents today that one can certainly find what he or she likes.and i am happy to like and continue reviewing these type of classic scents.

Slightly loud on the aldebyde at first but it calms down quickly when it melds so beautifully with the citruses that developes into a distinct patchouli note. the rose and orris are extremely smooth but gives it a maturity and substance. the dry down reveals an mossy woodiness which gives character and depth to the florals,accentuating the green notes until the end.find it lingers as a strongly feminine complex, and is intense and earthy near the skin,the equivalent of wearing sexy underwear with under a blend business suit. definitely a night on the town fragrance. sillage is a little heavy at first but lightens considerably,longevity is good.
Nov 16, 2021

Suma Oriental by Une Nuit Nomade

It smells like the bark of a deadly tree in a jungle that village children tell tall tales about.spicy,earthy and dry would be the best 3 words to sum it up.this is a chocolate patchouli,but saying that can be a bit makes you expect sweet chocolate and hippy patch. instead,the chocolate is very dark and dry and patchouli is cool,broad and deep forest floor menthol.

It opens with a smell of camphor dissolved in a cacao and patchouli basis,a bit different,like some kind of root,like a bitter licorice.after a few minutes,camphor decreases and open space to patchouli,that tones up and becomes more leafy,yet bitter.if she smells this on a man she would immediately invade his personal space and take a long whiff like a total crazy lady.
Nov 16, 2021

Mauboussin by Mauboussin

The smell of warm skin,lost kisses, embraces.this is a great fragrance that a spirited personality might dismiss as lacking in jubilance, but an introspective one,i think,would find it a worthy tool to emanate a restrained-but passionate heart.i imagine someone wearing this scent will trigger feelings of classiness, elegance, and authority.spicy,deep, rich,balsamic,evocative and quite strong.

Plum,a succulent and erotic fruit, provides a juiciness and warmth, accompanied by peach and mirabelle that together make the fragrance become creamier as the day progresses.woody and balsamic notes,these here provide the darkness and sweetness that comes and goes, making more sophisticated.the patchouli to me is like the lichen that grows on trees,dry,earthy and bitter. the base reminds me of Diorama and Femme de Rochas.all there could stand proudly together,scenting the black and white Hollywood movie stars of the early 30's.glamour like you don't see anymore, in dark purple hues and heavy velvet drapes.
Nov 15, 2021

Individuel by Montblanc

Imagine to sit next to a window, covered by a blanket doused with this fragrance, drinking some spicy hot chocolate.this is the scent of optimistic and successful of the most potent of all the Mont Blanc I've tried.the dominant cinnamon note is not as dry and natural as it is in Clive Christian's X for a whole,it is in the same vein as Spicebomb.

Synthetic, metallic,clean yet warm and a bit fruity and a bit spicy interpretation of yummy sandalwood with an astonishing touch of warm cinnamon and lavender and with a wisper of amber,vanilla and patchouli.the spicy oriental fruitiness sits so well in the cold weather.just a couple of sprays will definitely work even in a tropical country at night.Individuel smells awesome for it's price.performance is well above average with good projection.
Nov 15, 2021

Oros pour Homme by Oros

This is clearly a money making exercise with the initiation of catching as much attention as possible from as many people as possible.i mostly get patchouli with very generic citrus and woods. it's versatile and has an old school fragrance vibe where newer fragrance people/ collectors would call it "a winter" or "fall fragrance" because of the spice in it.

It has a sweetish feel,though not quite as sweet as Invictus gum.with the passage of time,the citrus note is maintained with some spicy pepper touches and ends with an pachouli and woody notes.this is much more mature than Invictus whereas Invictus is more youthful and fruitier than Oros.nothing to special,but definitely a good spicy sweet fragrance.
Nov 14, 2021

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