FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

When I first spray this on, it appears very strong and very sweet, which if the longevity were stronger, would make it synthetic, sickly and overwhelming. Happily, it falls quickly to a pleasant soft, musky rose.
Oct 30, 2018

Pierre Cardin pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

I cannot help but smile whenever my husband wears this. I love it so much, sometimes, I even wear it myself. One of my favorite male scents, I can't get enough of it's deliciousness - it's fabulous!
Oct 30, 2018

Black by Bulgari

When I bought this for my husband, I wondered if he too would like the warm, musky and leathery, rubber scent as much as I did - he did. Now our son is older, he has taken to wearing it regularly also. It's unusually attractive, and even now I wonder how the scent of new car tyres could be so highly intoxicating, but it is. It's very masculine, and so far every man that I know, that has been introduced to it, likes it too.
Oct 30, 2018

Idylle by Guerlain

I love this delicate perfume. When I wear Idyll, I can smell the softest touch of musk, rose and freesias (my favorite floral scent now, and the search of which is what drew me to the fragrance). Mainly however - for whatever the reason - this perfume reminds me of pears. It lasts for a few hours then gently drops away, which is brilliant, as then it doesn't prove too overwhelming.
Oct 25, 2018

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

My husband bought this for me before we were married in the mid 80's, and I wore it everywhere. After many years I remembered it when I saw a bottle, so I bought it again. On me it is a soft floral - light and delicate - with a decent longevity to it. I am not sure why it reminds me of carnations, and even though I dislike fresh carnations, I like this scent very much and wear it often.

Interestingly my husband doesn't remember buying it for me at all, ha ha.
Jul 24, 2018

Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

Soft, delicately sweet, musky vanilla with a hint of almond, and a whisper of cyclamen, I find this such a joy to wear. It lasts a good 8 - 10 hours on me, without ever being overwhelming.
Jul 24, 2018

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

Love, Love, Love, this perfume. The citrus fresh fragrance has remained true and unaltered through all the years I have been buying it, and it is the only perfume I always make sure I have a bottle (or more) of. I wear it for the crisp, fresh, lemony fragrance and also love using it to splash on, and refresh my skin on our hot Summer days.
Jul 24, 2018

Honey by Marc Jacobs

Nice for everyday use, I find this very soft and not as sweet as I imagined it would be. Instead it wears on me as a soft and warm, early Autumn breeze. Vanilla with a touch of citrus.
Jun 9, 2018

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

I bought this blind because I was searching for a nice violet scent, and this seemed to be receiving good reviews. I ended up giving away almost the entire bottle because all I could smell when I wore it was bitter grapefruit and no violet at all. A sad lesson in testing a fragrance before buying.
Jun 9, 2018

Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

Lily of the valley, jasmine, lilac, all stand out in this. A bit strong on me so i use it sparingly
Jun 9, 2018

Madame Rochas (new) by Rochas

This reminds me of a perfume that seemed to be worn by every woman I knew when I was very young. A little of this, a little of that, I find it to be a nice classic mix of all that is soft and elegant.
Jun 9, 2018

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

I cannot smell any grapefruit in this at all. Interestingly, I cannot smell the patchouli either, which is strange given that patchouli (which I don't like) is a scent that normally screams loudly for me. The pear, osmanthus, and almond stand out with a firm delicacy, as the scent drops down into the white leather for a creamy warm finish. A very nice sophisticated perfume.
Jun 5, 2018

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

A nice fresh, fruity, floral scent, that suits an early Spring day. I cannot fault it. It's crisp, without over-bearing.
Jun 5, 2018

Diorella by Christian Dior

Classically lovely, the jasmine in this stands out more on me than anything else. I find it quite strong so I can only wear a light wisp of it.
Jun 4, 2018

No. 5 by Chanel

What a difference an age makes. When I first smelt Chanel No.5, I was in my teens and I didn't like it at all. In all honesty I thought it was over-rated. Now a few decades later I love it. The ylang ylang and iris, stand out first for me, and it dries down to a musky mix of sandalwood, a delicate hint of cedarwood and finally wraps up in a warm vanilla. I definitely feel this designed more for the older woman, perhaps because in our youth we tend to marinate in fragrances rather than appreciate the individual subtleties in a lighter spritz.
Jun 4, 2018

Allure Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Allure is my favorite Chanel. I can agree it is definitely multi faceted. As I read the list of notes, I can smell them all quietly whispering, "here I am" as I am unable to pluck one out to dominate. My husband bought this for me at the same time as he bought me No. 5 (his favorite on me), but this is the one I prefer. It reminds me of waking in a soft luxurious bed on a peaceful Sunday morning, gazing out at the sunrise, whilst still wrapped up, and being able to face the day with a slow gentleness. A truly exquisite perfume.
Jun 4, 2018

Amarige by Givenchy

Nice for wearing occasionally. I like the peachy sandalwood in it. I wish I could like it more, but I doubt I will buy it again.
Jun 4, 2018

Shi by Alfred Sung

I was recently given this exquisite perfume. Soft, delicate, and velvety smooth, it's clean water lily, orange blossom & frangipani notes, hold gently & meld into a very light musk base. Being so soft I expected it to fade quickly but it has lasted the day. I Love it !
Feb 12, 2013

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

Have always Loved this, warm, spicy, luxurious - I think it's a classic :)
Jan 19, 2013

White Linen by Estée Lauder

On me this is soft, delicate, fresh and clean. Loving it! Another classic from Estee Lauder :)
Jan 19, 2013

Murmure by Van Cleef & Arpels

I bought this blind ...and immediately bought another after smelling it and finding it had been discontinued. A soft, warm, delicate floral that sits on the skin like a kiss of a breeze on a spring morrning. I agree with Lauraschoice, it does get softer and seemingly nicer over the course of the day. I Love it.
Nov 13, 2012

G by Giorgio Beverly Hills

When I wear this, it presents itself as a delicate fruity floral. I have a tendency toward softer fragrances, so I like this a lot. The first scent is that a light melon followed by orchid and peony. To some, this ends with a woodsy note (which I don't get at all), but on me it rests finally on the floral notes. Unfortunately, the longevity is not great, lasting perhaps a few hours at most. Nice for those intimate, romantic moments.
Mar 11, 2012

Baby Powder by Demeter Fragrance Library

I like powdery scents and being allergic to actual baby powder this suits me fine. It actually does smell exactly like baby powder, however the sillage is quite weak and I find it fades within the first 2 hours.
Jan 27, 2012

Elysium by Clarins

This is described as having dewberry, ylang-ylang, linden blossom, jasmine, & honeydew melon, as it's top notes. Freesia, osmanthus, rose & lily of the valley as it's heart notes & base notes of papaya, sandalwood, cedar & musk.
Freesias are my second favorite floral scent, and when I wear this the prominent note is the freesia (so I should love it), with lily of the valley running a close second. However, I find it so overwhelmingly strong, that it lasts days from just one application - which is why I only wear it rarely. If it was just a little softer, I think it would be nicer.
Jan 20, 2012

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