Oud Stars : Alexandria by Xerjoff

well ok, 1st impressions... on application everything is exploding, before finding a resting place... you can smell the sweetness, the florals, the woodiness(?) nothing appears to dominate... it reminds my wife of toffee apples... it settles to become not overly sweet or floral, due to the oud giving it a certain 'darkness' and depth, which at times has that Gao feel to it.... for those that feel the notes suggest a more 'feminine' fragrance can rest at ease, because as it progresses, it becomes an entirely different beast....the lavender when it appears, gives it a burnt 'feel', which adds a very unexpected edge....All of this within the 1st hour.... this is one of those fragrances which will reveal more and more with each wearing..... so all can say is that so far, this is my kind of fragrance.... it has plenty going on, and delights me with its journey... a risky blind buy, some might say, but for me .... I'm loving it!!
Aug 8, 2012

Harrods Amber by Bond No. 9

Harrods Amber.......this is NOT a safe/generic fragrance. What we have here is a warm, spicy/peppery ambery/woody floral....The amber in this is not the thick syrupy amber that we usually expect....this seems drier but still sweet.
This starts off very resinously, almost like freshly varnished wood (with, I believe, saffron taking the lead) which quickly calms down as the warm, spicy, floral heart makes it's appearance. This is a big, truly unisex floral, which Bond No9 do so well imho. This floral heart persists as the wonderful, sweet, ambery/woody drydown slowly blends its way into the picture. This is not a simple fragrance, and it will take a few more wearings to truly appreciate the finer nuances of this fragrance.
Sillage and longevity imo, have never been a problem with Bond fragrances...and this is no exception, and it really does take most of the day for this journey to unfold......
It is definitely a 'grower', and a very, very addictive fragrance.....Full marks.

Aug 26, 2011

L'Air du Désert Marocain by Tauer

What a wonderful fragrance .....perfect for an evening at 'Moyo at Spier'...'Under the starlit African sky, set in a garden in the Western Cape Winelands, Moyo at Spier is unlike any other restaurant. Bedouin tents and gazebos are placed throughout the garden and create a setting similar to a nomadic African village.'
Many South Africans will be familiar with this place.......and this is what I picture, when I wear this.............Perfect!
A big thank you to Andy Tauer.
Jun 14, 2008

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