Black Vetiver by Phaedon

A wonderful smoky and tarry vetiver brightened up not by citrus but by green lemon leaf. The note breakdown for Black Vetiver is so simple: vetiver, tar, lemon tree leaf and pepper (which I would presume to be black pepper). The black pepper gives the vetiver a nice tickly texture. While this vetiver perfume (it is an EDP) comes off as a lovely dark and woody concoction, the lemon leaf brightens the composition up to render it wearable in any season although I feel autumn is when it would really shine. It is rather linear but in the base it's all about the vetiver. This would be a great choice for those who don't like the mothball and tobacco like accords of Guerlain's classic Vetiver. It comes off as far more modern as the previous reviewer states. My only negative for this heavenly but simple vetiver is that for an EDP it should perform better. At least on my skin. The sprayer is stingy so extra sprays are required for a good wearing and then the projection and longevity are average to below average. With that being said, for those who love their vetivers I do deem this full bottle worthy.

Pros: A fantastic vetiver that I can't stop sniffing.
Cons: A high price tag for average to sub-par performance
Aug 27, 2014

JB by Jack Black

An Awful Experience This was a huge and disappointing blind buy that had me sending the bottle back to JB for a refund the day after I received and tried this fragrance. Especially since I've enjoyed JB's other fragrances, namely Black Mark. Upon spraying this on my skin I got an immediate burst of dry wood and mint. In fact the entire wear was way too dry with very few pleasant or interesting notes. It burned my nostrils when I smelled it even though it was not over applied. Late into the dry down I got a cloying stale perfumy sent that just hung around way too long. I know it's an EDP but even a tiny bit of this stuff was very unpleasant. I know I'm not alone being as others have called JB just plain awful.Pros: None that I can findCons: Cons abound"
Aug 1, 2013

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