Adidas Extreme Power Special Edition by Adidas

First, keep in mind that this is Adidas, it's going to cost about 10 bucks for 100ML if you shop around just a little, it's not niche, it's not high priced, it is, simply Adidas, and for the price, it is quite nice. The top notes, to me, center on bergamot and lemon,and it is very nice to my nose. Next comes the apple and it hangs around a while, remember it is synthetic apple of course, but it's not a bad synthetic, the coffee I don't detect at all and geranium MIGHT be there in the background. The base to me, is mostly white cedar wood and tonka but it works pretty well with maybe a hint of the sandalwood and patchouli peeking out shyly. The longevity (for me) is about 4 good hours maybe up to 6 or more if you tend to get good longevity but you can still detect it as a skin scent even longer. The projection is decent first 2-3 hours but then subsides to more intimate encounter ranges. All in all it is a safe blind buy if you like other Adidas scents or those in that vein, I doubt you will offend anyone and it may garner a compliment or two. I think this is good as a casual every day type scent or even a casual lunch date sort of thing, and of course that "after gym" sort of scent if you are into that. I gave it a thumbs up for scent and reasonable longevity.

Paris Hilton for Men by Paris Hilton

Well, It is done, my Paris Hilton Men's collection is now complete. I tried it in Gordman's, walked around for about 1/2 an hour deciding if I liked it enough to spend 10 bucks on it, and, the answer was yes. Two hours later I still have a slight whiff of it on the back of my hand and it is still pretty nice indeed. I have Just Me, which I like a lot and have gotten several compliments on, I have Heir, which I find "ok" but have gotten compliments on , and now, I have Paris Hilton for Men as well - wiill give it a full wearing tomorrow and see what happens I will be around several women so I will see if the Paris Hilton streak of never fail female compliments keeps going. For the record, I don't smell cucumber at all, but definately melons, a bit like the same initial melon scent in Adidas Fresh Impact (probably came from the same synthetic melon patch) and yes a bit of mango is also present. I totally get the fruit bowl comparison I have seen in other reviews. All in all, seriously, young guys especially-have a lark spend a few bucks and I can almost guarantee some woman in your life or one that just passes by is going to notice this.

Cotton Club Men by Jeanne Arthes

Very nice for the price - one of those ones I wear when I just don't know what to wear - it has decent longevity and moderate projection it's a comforting scent to me, not offensive in any way, and I can't imagine it being offensive to anyone - therefore a nice office scent or maybe for flights or extended train rides where you are in close proximity with others for long periods of time. The Lavender and Lilly of The Valley are the most prominent notes I get the first hour or two then it slides into a soft vanilla and sandalwood with maybe a HINT of patchouli and musk, but just a hint - I like it and for the price you can't go wrong unless you just don't like nice pleasant scents and want something more jarring or exciting or skanky because it is none of those things - it's what it is - a nice pleasant scent that should offend no one.

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Love this, from beginning to end, especially the drydown/end - I see a lot of people not getting much longevity, but I, who normally do not get great longevity get at least 7-8 hours with this I DO use about 5-6 sprays though. I didn't get any sort of Shock" from it though - it was smooth all the way through even the initial 20-30 minutes were not harsh or off putting as many I find are. - This can be had pretty cheaply and is showing up at Gordmans, TJ Maxx, Ross etc - it's VERY worth the price and more and if YOU don't like it, someone will so you can give it away or sell it (good chance someone who likes it will be your g/f, in fact, it's pretty unisex IMO)

Yacht Man Blue by Myrurgia

I have to say something nice about this very affordable (It's actually cheap but affordable sounds nicer) little bottle of summer refreshment - and that's what it is. It goes on bright and fresh and dare I say it's a happy little scent. I'm not good at describing notes but to me at least there is not a bad note in the entire progression - It does dry down to a bit of a powder though so if you hate powdery drydowns you may want to skip it though it can be had for less than the price of Taco Bell lunch so you are not out much at all. The only drawback is that progression is not all that long (at least on me) Maybe 2-3 hours max and then it is "poof" all gone - if you can reapply during the day this fresh little guy will keep you feeling fresh and bright all day - For a very affordable little summer scent you can't go wrong with this one.

Supercharged by Jeanne Arthes

Strange but vaguely intriguing OK, finally wore this for real - it's hard to define or descibe - there are definitely notes there but I can not actually define one of them - My nose is not one of the super noses admittedly, but still it's impossible for me to identify any standout scent - anyway, it's not bad, at all, and probably worth the $9.99 I spent on it - here is the strange thing - It's aptly named - for 10 bucks I feel a little energized from this stuff - its not super fresh, it's not lemony or minty so those scents would not be the thing that does it, but something does and I'm not one to be influenced easily - It has little projection but it does have a little - in summary, it's a strange scent, but not a bad one and I know this is a strange review as well but I felt this little 10 dollar bottle needed some attention. Jeanne Arthes puts out some good inexpensive offerings and I'm glad I found a place that always has a nice little nest of them for me to try them out.

Flight by Michael Jordan

Nice While It Lasts I've got to say something good about this one, because it deserves it - this stuff smells really nice and I must be one of the lucky ones because I get about 3 hours and often get a compliment in that 3 hours - If only they could or would up the longevity on this I would wear it far more often - as it is it is perfect for lunch dates or as I often use it, for teaching a 2 to 2 and a 1/2 hour MA class (or any other short activity). Flight deserves a place in a wardrobe for this very reason - it is an affordable and very pleasant, completely inoffensive little something to wear for short engagements. The 4 stars is for the scent itself the lack of a 5th is because of the lack of longevity.Pros: ScentCons: Longevity"

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Classic I too love Azzaro and it is that anise note that I love the most. This has gotten compliments from women ages 15 to 60s. It is, in short, comforting and appealing. The Dry down is exquisite and it lingers long after you think it has gone (I've been told this more than once) medium application 6-7 sprays seems best, at least for me but I tend to have short longevity with a lot of things if I go less than 3-4. I only wear this in the fall and winter for the most part but sometimes wonder if it would be just fine on summer nights as long as they are not cloyingly hot and muggy. Every man, and many women, would do well by themselves to include this in their collection.

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

One of my worst I blind bought this because I LOVED how it smelled on one of my students - it is horrid on me - this was several years ago and before I started coming here, and before I had really started getting into buying more scents - anyway - the stuff is simply harsh and wretched to my nose. It has many of the characteristics/notes that I usually like, but it fails, at least on me - to be truthful, the BOD "Really Ripped Abs" rip-off of it is slightly better and has more longevity, and that's pretty sad, I don't like Really Ripped Abs either, and would never wear it but it could be a dirt cheap alternative for someone if you like this stuff that comes in the rather gross male torso bottle - Add in the less than stellar attitude of the company itself and this stuff falls to the very bottom of my list - I would wear Brut or Old Spice everyday before I wore this - I am giving the bottle that has been basically forgotten for years to the student who for some unexplained miracle of nature it smells delightful on - I gave it 2 stars because on a FEW people this stuff does smell pretty good - but do NOT blind buy this of course it's nearly impossible to have not smelled it on someone somewhere or at least sampled the vile concoction out of curiosity. Women are supposed to like this - THIS one does NOT

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

All Time favorite This scent, this masterpiece, is my favorite of all time, and the one that truly started my journey into the world of fragrances though it was not my very first. However, it is one I wear only on the most wonderful of occasions when I want to feel my very best, and it is best kept for spring and summer and beautiful days. It is bright and fresh open application, full of promise and sunshine and then classy and sedate and you just have to try it for yourself if I go into how much I like it I'm going to embarrass myself. If I could have only ONE scent in my life - it would be Eau Sauvage

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