White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

A white floral that doesn't jump out at me but has a quiet maturity. Decent projection and longevity
Aug 12, 2020

Lafayette Street by Bond No. 9

Goes on with a blast of citrus and coriander. There is a deep note of vanilla but it doesn't make this fragrance gourmand. Smells wonderful at first, but like several other BN9 fragrances, the powerful "grape kool-aid and chemicals" note takes over. I wish I knew what that aroma-chemical was that they use. After 15 min it always bores into my nose and makes me want to scrub off the fragrance. Too bad because like a few of the others that have this annoying quality, it smells great underneath the chemical smell
Aug 5, 2020

Manhattan by Bond No. 9

A forgettable mix of fruit and musk. To be fair, I don't like fruit scented fragrances, but This was a mess. like Old Spice and plums stewing on a stove with some spices thrown in.
Aug 5, 2020

B9 by Bond No. 9

This fragrance is a floral. From the first spray this has an amber undertone that helps it project, similar to BN9 NY Amber, but with a strong floral note. It's pyramid says jasmine and orchid. I never know why perfumists put "orchid" as a note, I have ha many orchid plants of various species and none smells like anything.
This is a female fragrance, too floral for me. Definitely a good quality, and after 10 minutes I still smell the "amber" from NY Amber. Good for spring or summer use.
Aug 3, 2020

Kabul Aoud by Montale

Montale has several varieties of oud that it uses. "animalic" oud (Aoud Cuir d'Arabie), "rotting wood" oud (Black Aoud, Dark Aoud) and "Urinal cake" oud (Original Aoud and it's the same oud as in Kouros by YSL) Kabul Aoud is of the "urinal cake" variety of oud. Goes on smelling exactly like those little pink hockey pucks that truck stops and fast food restaurants put in their urinals.
With Kabul Aoud, thankfully it isn't as strong as it is in Original Aoud which is a scrubber.
Other reviewers have gone on about its gourmand qualities, but I don't smell chocolate or coffee. After 15 minutes it settles down to a fairly pleasant scent.
Aug 3, 2020

Hajar by Syed Junaid Alam

Citrus clashes with the oud. Not a scrubber, but I sold the blind-buy bottle I bought after 2 wearings.
Aug 3, 2020

Spartacus by Parfico

A Green barbershop fragrance that is pleasantly cool smelling.

Top Notes Fougère notes, Pineapple, Bergamot
Heart Notes Sandalwood, Clove, Juniper, Lavender, Jasmine
Base Notes Base Notes Geranium, Amber
Aug 3, 2020

Bakhoor by Montale

I've worn this 6-7 times. I am finding a off-putting sourness after an hour or so. Rather than becoming used to it, it increases in dissonance. I won't give it a negative rating, it still has redeeming qualities, but it grates on me after awhile.

I love oud, and this is definately oud. The oud in Bakhoor isn't the animalic variety, but a blend of dry spicy and wet decaying wood variety. We had a pond when I was young that often had sticks and leaves in it. In early spring the smell of decayed wood was unpleasant, but in light whiffs, was quite pleasant. This reminds me of that scent. It is linear on me, being a Sandalwood, note and a spicy peppery note as well. This oud is different from the most common Aoud found in Black Aoud, Dark Aoud, Louban, etc. This is more sharp. Not my favorite Montale. Not everyone will like this, and it probably shouldn't be worn indoors in close quarters as some people may find it unpleasant. Not in the class with the wonderfully skanky Cuir d'Arabie, but still be careful.
Jul 11, 2020

Dubai Black Sapphire by Bond No. 9

All BN9 frags are monster longevity/sillage scents so that is a plus. This goes on with what I call "band-aid" oud, an oud that smells similar to a freshly opened band-aid bandage package. Several older Montale Aouds have this particular oud scent. There is a slight animalic/fecal note, "barnyard" oud as I call it. This is not unappealing, and dries down to be less noticeable. There is a note of rose present early also, as is a citrus sub-note of neroli and cedar. An hour into drydown, this smells very similar to Montale Black Aoud with oud and rose dominating. I don't like calling frags "masculine/feminine" and this could be worn easily by both men and women. BN9 lasts over 12 hours and can often be smelled on your clothes in the hamper days after removal. The down-side is the price. Retail price is on level of Roja Dove frags which are better quality and more artistic. I got a tester bottle for a great price, so look around. While one of the better BN9 frags, it is NOT worth $550. Overall this is a pleasant surprise from a company that either hits homeruns, or strikes out with very few "average" scents.
Jun 25, 2020

Aoud Damascus by Montale

Picture Black Aoud with a sharp amber opening. The opening isn't the best of Montale, but it settles down to an inky oud and rose similar to Black Aoud. There is a powder note that hangs around also.
Aug 17, 2018

Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio

I'm always on a quest for a campfire smoke scent. I also like leather, so I was excited to try this one. Unfortunately this doesn't live up to the note pyramid. There is a norlimbinol note that combines with the leather note to make a nasty fecal undertone. It almost smells like sawdust, but animalic sawdust. I agree with other raters, this would be acceptable as a room scent in a den, or rustic room, but to wear it around is not a good idea.
Mar 19, 2018

White Suede by Tom Ford

A clean white musk scent. Wonderful fragrance, but sits WAY to close to the skin. Sprayed myself at Nordstroms, and by the time I was out of the store, I could only smell it if I lifted my collar to my nose. Great smell, fair longevity, but POOR projection.
Dec 1, 2017

Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Smells fruity/fresh, but uninspired. I catch whiffs of Mademoiselle in and around the fruit. Nice but not special.
Oct 13, 2017

Chance Eau Vive by Chanel

Thumbs up b/c it doesn't smell bad, but this is uninspired and for a house like Chanel, it feels like they are just catering to the younger fragrance wearer who wants to smell safe. There is nothing here to set it apart from other generic fresh scents
Oct 13, 2017

Aoud Shiny by Montale

Aoud shiny is an accord more than it is a perfume. It is the sharp loud raw aoud accord that is in MOST Montale fragrances. No rose, no fruit, no dirt, it is almost alone the aoud accord. Nice smell...mixed in with other things.
Oct 2, 2017

The Afternoon of a Faun by Etat Libre d'Orange

VERY strange fragrance from a company known for strange fragrances. Opens with a sharp citrus and green iris/bergamot. Some spices join in just a quarter-note off key, like the old man in church singing a half second behind everyone else off key. It's not quite horrible, and I bump it up from a thumbs down to a neutral b/c of its strange originality.
Oct 2, 2017

Chêne by Serge Lutens

At first sniff, without much concentration, this smells like cedar chips. Fairly generic. But sniffing harder and letting it mature, it is more complex than that. Pepper, spices, I like one reviewer's description of an Autumn night. Sitting at home in early October with the windows open, letting in the cool brisk air, I smell the comparison.
Oct 2, 2017

Green by Byredo

I think the perfumer shouldn't have called it "Green" it is a better descriptor if it had been named "Clean". It is a scent that one could associate with a variety of clean products including shampoo, soap, laundry detergent. The violet adds a clean green scent, the musk is of the nuclear "white" variety that is responsible for the clean scent. I think many of the neutral/bad reviews are because this may remind people more of the shower than of a perfume. It is nice smelling, but a bar of green soap will give the same effect.
Oct 2, 2017

Cedre Atlas by Atelier Cologne

To be fair, I almost never like fruity fragrances. Having said that, the Cedar is nice, but the fruit overpowers. It smells like something from Bath and Body Works...shower gel, shampoo, room spray. Not unique enough for thumbs up.
Oct 2, 2017

Silver Musk by Nasomatto

Barely a thumbs up. Soapy citrus musk opening with a strange warm sweet gourmand undertone. I think that I don't like it because cookies and soap don't mix.
Oct 2, 2017

Viking by Creed

Creed Viking opens with a sharp citrus, pepper, metallic, and cinnamon/clove note combination. This settles down fairly quickly into a spicy green wood fragrance. There is a wood quality, from Norlimbinol. Longevity of Viking is incredible for a Creed, 24 hours due to the use of norlimbinol. Trouble is with projection and sillage. Whether from nasal fatigue, or from the perfume's composition, after 1/2 hour the fragrance can't be casually whiffed without lifting your collar and purposely sniffing. There is no accidentally catching a whiff of yourself through the day. Viking is still there, but sits close to the body and those whiffs are not present after an hour. 6 hours into wearing it, I could still smell it if I sniffed my shirt, but not in the air. I had that trouble with Creed Himalaya, and I found that doubling the amount I applied worked to increase sillage. I used 6 spritzes instead of my usual 3. Trouble is you blow through a bottle twice as fast and for $500 that is a MAJOR problem. Overall this is a winner. The scent is novel and pleasant. I have a REAL problem with Creed's prices though. It is NOT worth retail, but I'd buy it if I got it for $120/50ml.
Sep 19, 2017

Costume National Homme Eau de Parfum by Costume National

This is an incredible fragrance. Notes include cinnamon, clove, and honey, but to me they combine to smell like spicy coconut. It has great sillage and projection. This is gourmand. Spices used are sweet and this may be a better winter/cool weather fragrance.
Sep 15, 2017

Cuir by Lancôme

Most leather fragrances are more masculine. This one is a feminine leather. Not much leather, but more of a supporting note. It is mostly Ylang Ylang and saffron. An elegant fragrance with hints of vintage women's frags before they turned into generic sweet/florals.
Sep 15, 2017

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

A very unique fragrance. Dragon...Oriental and green. The Vetiver and the Iris make this green, the amaretto and benzoin make it spicy. This is semi-formal, well balanced, and unique. A tiny bit sweet, but not gourmand. Great fragrance!
Sep 15, 2017

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