Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior

I have grown to really like this one. When I first sampled it, I didn't think it was anything special. It reminded me of the EdP of the same name. In the drydown, the licorice note mixed with the lavender was headache inducing. I wrote it off and put the decant away. 2 weeks later I decided to give it another try. It was like a light switch turned on. It smelled (to me) very much like JPG Ultra Male in the air for the first 30 minutes. Sweet but refined and fruity? It dries down to an amazing, classy and sweet lavender scent. It is very potent and long lasting. Easily 8-10 hours. I think this is best suited for a gentlemen 25 years of age or older. A very enthusiastic thumbs up.
Nov 2, 2021

Parfum De La Nuit No. 3 by Roja Dove

It starts out very beautifully and actually really reminds me of Sweetie Aoud from the same house. After about 30 minutes, it becomes extremely cloying and gives me a headache. Not sure if there is cumin in this one but thqt is all I smell from after about the 30 minute mark. The quality is there but it's just not my cup of tea.
Oct 28, 2021

L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

This one is nice, but not $130 nice. There is a powdery, floral freshness to the opening that is reminiscent of Dia Man and Reflection Man. It also reminds me of a better version of the Prada Luna Rossa line. The opening is very strong and almost overwhelming which would lead you to believe that it would remain that way. Alas! It does not. It settles into a skin scent within the hour. Longevity is ok, getting 3-4 hours. Giving this a neutral rating.
Mar 4, 2021

Bengale Rouge by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

I like this one quite a bit. I'm usually averse to any fragrance featuring honey as it usually comes off too sweet and nauseating. The honey in this one is done right. Myrrh and Benzoin add to the warmth of this fragrance.Labdanum is a perfect addition giving an amber accord. The Myrrh gives it a slightly medicinal/balmy accord. Thumbs Up!
Mar 4, 2021

Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior

Really enjoy this one. The EdT DNA is definitely there but the EdP is much more smooth and dare I say sophisticated. What you see is what you get in this fragrance. Bright juicy, sweet citrus with just the right amount of pepper. Followed by creamy vanilla, clean lavender and ambroxan that is less abrasive but just as tenacious. Longevity and projection are about average. Thumbs up!
Feb 28, 2021

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

One of the best designers I've had the pleasure of smelling and a winner from Valentino. In the opening you get citrus, iris and leather. The leather has a suede feel. The mid and base end with beautiful iris and tonka bean with the leather taking a backseat but still remaining. Many compare this to Dior Homme Intense. There are slight similarities but they are completely different fragrances and both can find a place in anyone's collection. Big thumbs up!
Feb 25, 2021

Rive d'Ambre by Tom Ford

A very nice citrus fragrance. The Amber, citrus and musk combination smells great...while you can smell it. The longevity is poor. I can smell it (with my nose pressed against my skin) for up to four hours. The projection is near nonexistent. A great smelling fragrance with terrible performance issues. Although I like it, I must give it a thumbs down due to price point, performance and uniqueness.
Feb 21, 2021

Le Lion de Chanel by Chanel

This one starts very promising. On my skin I get a nice suede/leather blast which is weird because leather is not listed in the notes. There is also a nice bright citrus that fades as quickly as it presented itself. What I'm left with for the remaining 8-10 hours of the fragrance is sweet amber and patchouli.The amber accord is very well done here. The patchouli in this is the dry earthy kind and gives off a metallic overtone that is not to my liking. Many have compared this to one of my absolute favorites, Coromandel, but I see no resemblance. A well done fragrance from Chanel but unfortunately not for me.

Upon wearing both Coromandel and Le Lion alternately I can say there is a resemblance in the drydown. Although the Le Lion is less sweet and more ambery, powdery.
Feb 19, 2021

Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo

The opening is a bit fresh and you get a feel for the sweetness that is soon to come but it is well balanced at this stage. That is where the wearability of this one ends for me. It becomes a linear, nauseating sweet concoction with extremely tenacious silage and longevity. Very similar to fragrances such as Paco Rabanne Lucky, Polo Red Extreme, and Armani Code Profumo but not as good. Neutral rating due to price and longevity/projection.
Feb 17, 2021

M7 Oud Absolu by Yves Saint Laurent

*Review for the bottle with the dark plastic cover surrounding it

This is a very sexy fragrance and definitely has more than a passing resemblance to its namesake, M7. The longevity and silage is tenacious; one spray to the chest will last all day. It is velvety smooth and definitely one that is great for a night out or dinner date. The notes/accords that stick out to me are Orange, Patchouli, Oud and Myrrh. Similar in vibe to Tom Ford Oud Woid as well although I find Oud Wood to be overall brighter and more work appropriate. Big thumbs up.
Feb 16, 2021

C for Men by Clive Christian

The comparisons to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather are inevitable. They are very similar largely due to the raspberry and leather present in both.However, as others have stated, C is much more complex. The bright top notes in C are completely absent in Tuscan Leather. I can clearly detect the Mandarin and Tea in C and they compliment the fragrance very well. C seems much more smooth and "creamy" than Tuscan Leather. To my nose the rose and oud are also very easily detected in this fragrance. All in all, I would say that C is more like a mix of Tuscan Leather AND Noir de Noir rather than Tuscan Leather alone.I cannot say whether or not it is worth the price as that determination is purely subjective. I can say that I really enjoy it and I am happy to own a bottle.
Mar 13, 2017

Valentino Uomo by Valentino

The opening of this fragrance is extremely cloying. It is extremely strong and sickly sweet. Although I can understand the comparisons to DH/DHI, It much more closely resembled Lolita Lempicka au masculin. Although, there is no anise listed, I detect a very strong licorice accord. This composition has more depth and is less powdery than au masculin. The drydown is much more pleasant and reminds me very much of YSL's La Nuit. I do detect leather, coffee bean, and hazelnut but I do not detect any chocolate whatsoever. I am not a fan of this fragrance but I can understand why other's may like it. I don't particularly care for this fragrance and it feels like a mash up of a variety of different well known previously released fragrances but as stated before, I can see it's appeal. 6/10
Aug 24, 2015

1 Million Intense by Paco Rabanne

Nice fragrance. Smells identical to the original upon opening but the drydown is where it distinguishes itself. The major notes to me are Cinnamon, Patchouli, Rose, and Neroli. Longevity is great and Projection is on par with the original. I like this one but won't be buying a bottle because everyone wears it here. There isn't much of a selection where I live. Plus the bottle is atrocious just like the original!
Oct 25, 2014

Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Very Sweet. In the opening grapefruit note and Marine Accord are in full effect. Woody and fresh. Smells like something that you can wear year round. If you are a fan of One Million,Chrome Legend, Thallium, Gucci Guilty, Lacoste Essential, or virtually any sweet, fresh scent on the market then this one is for you. I can see this scent being extremely pleasant to those who have not sniffed anything beyond the aforementioned fragrances. That is not to say that it is a bad scent, just unoriginal and meh. I give it a negative rating for its unoriginality and its nauseating marine accord. The drydown smells identical to Nautica Voyage.
Oct 25, 2014

Dia Man by Amouage

A very pleasant floral woody fragrance. Suitable for daytime or evening wear. Perfect for the Spring and some say the summer however, it gets very cloying on me in temperatures above 85 degrees. Some complain about longevity, on my skin however I get 5-6 hours of projections about 3 feet out and about 9 hours of longevity with projection about 1 foot away. So needless to say longevity and silage are amazing as is the case with 99% of the line that I have tried thus far.

EDIT: I did not get the similarities to Arsene Lupin at all initially, as I own a decant of the latter as well. Wearing it a few more times, the similarity is unavoidable. While the Guerlain is a bit more harsh in the opening, I find them both to be pleasant. If I had to choose between the two, the choice would be Dia Man

Pros: Smells great, gets compliments, excellent longevity and silage
Cons: The opening is a bit feminine. Can be cloying if oversprayed or in hot humid temperatures.
Sep 22, 2014

Ultimate Seduction by LM Parfums

This was aptly named IMO and if you look at the notes you can see why. Iris, Amber, Patchouli, Cedar wood, and Rose. They basically took every note that smells fantastic in other compositions and threw them in this one. The main players on my skin are patchouli, iris, and violets. It opens up very feminine and about 30-45 minutes in, turns into something similar to Gucci Guilty (probably the patchouli and cedar wood base). The whole composition leans more towards the feminine side than I am comfortable with, for me to wear this on a regular basis. Also, Ultimate Seduction is certainly not original by any means, which is okay, but not at the composition's price point. These last two sentences state why I put this fragrance in the neutral category.

Pros: Smells Nice. Above average projection
Cons: Unoriginal and may be too feminine for some
Sep 22, 2014

Lui by Mazzolari

A mature gentelman's fragrance. The opening is abrasive and can immediately becoming cloying if you are not careful with the your number of sprays. The notes are easily detected and blend very well with each other. The easiest to detect on my skin were: leather, patchouli, and vetiver. At certain points during my wearings I was reminded of Bel Ami Vetiver. For me the vetiver was rubbery and the patchouli was dirty. There was no skank but it smells as if there ought to be if that makes any sense. Longevity and Silage are both fantastic. 12+ hours consistently. I really cannot find fault with this composition save that it is not to my taste. In a time where masculine and feminine classifications for scents are seemingly interchangeable, this one leaves no question as to which side it resides.

Pros: Amazing Projection and Longevity.
Cons: May be too mature for some.
Sep 22, 2014

Diaghilev by Roja Dove

Incredibly bright and green. Opens with an in your bright, fruity character that permeates my tongue and throat every time I wear it. While not at all the same fragrance, the opening and middle of this slightly reminds of Creed's SMW. A hint of the stank is present to give this beautiful fragrance great character. The floral middle of this fragrance is undeniably intoxicating and my favorite part. As the fragrance dries down it becomes more skanky while retaining its floral character. Longevity is easily 15+ hours. If left on clothes, it will remain for several days and will become more and more skanky. Projection is 3-4 feet. Stunning.
Apr 9, 2014

Lumière Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Simple yet sexy. Opens up as a very earthy and spicy rose. Patchouli and cinnamon heavy with a watery, spicy rose. I imagine not a rose per say, but more of a rose petal sitting on top of water with sweetened soil in a jar. Constructed as EDT strength and performs as such on my skin. Perfect for a walk in the park, with a loved one, on a cool spring day, whether the sun is present or not.
Mar 10, 2014

Interlude Man by Amouage

I'm late to the party on this one but I will still share my opinion. Opens very fruity and medicinal. Medicinal as in Vicks Vapor Rub but truly intoxicating. This stage stays for about an hour. Them it transitions into a smoky sweet smell that I cannot get enough of. Easily my favorite part of the fragrance. Interlude Man then proceeds to effortlessly transition between these two stages for the duration, which is extremely long. Easily 12 hours. Very well blended. I detect the leather, Opponax and cistus mostly in this fragrance(based off of the description of the aforementioned as I have never personally smelled them. Incredible Longevity and siliage. A FB may be in the future...
Mar 3, 2014

Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme by Roja Dove

*This review is for the Parfum version*
I recently purchased a 20ml decant of this fragrance. Today is my first day wearing it and wanted to share my thoughts.This fragrance has an old school vibe without actually smelling dated. I can see the comparisons to TV but it is an absolutely different fragrance altogether. It is much lighter and no where near as sweet. I swear I smell the neroli and bergamote all the way through its development. The tobacco and vanilla are blended extremely well and the cardamom comes through in a big way towards the end. I think that the dry down more closely resembles Spicebomb than TV. I thought and thought about what this fragrance reminds me of. Finally I got it. This brings me back to my grade school days doing arts and crafts! I believe it is the heliotrope in the opening that does this. In any case, I really like the cognac in this. To me it is this note and the heliotrope that set it apart from both of the aforementioned fragrances. That and its superb construction. Well blended, long lasting, perfect projection, and excellent longevity. 8/10
Feb 28, 2014

Red Aoud by Montale

Earthy, Spicy, Sweet. Who knew that these three adjectives could describe something so delectable! The initial blast of classic Montale Oud is quickly subdued by the soft smooth combination of Haitain Vetiver and saffron. Hours into the fragrance the red pepper begins to steal the show as the saffron and orris jump into the passenger seat. Excellent longevity and silage. Well blended and just a joy to wear. Thumbs Up.
Feb 17, 2014

Sel Marin by Heeley

well composed, simple yet unforgettable, freshThe note pyramid is simple yet extremely composed. Every note can be detected and I'm amazed at how the note pyramid could produce an aquatic. Vetiver? Birch? Lemon? Preposterous!! Not just an aquatic. A natural smelling aquatic! A refreshing departure from the aquatic genre. Longevity is superb. Initially it made me nauseous but the more I wear it, the more I enjoy wearing it. I imagine a sunny day with a few puffy clouds overhead. A nice blue grean ocean as clear as glass. Small waves billowing in from the slight breeze in the 70 degree weather. Nice.Pros: innovative, realistic, excellent longevityCons:
Jun 2, 2013

Shooting Stars : Kobe by Xerjoff

Classy, dynamic citrusWarm but cooling, light but heavy. Smells like woods. Not forest green woods, but burning campfire woods. Citrus smells like sweet candy. Reminds me of the gummy orange candies shaped like an orange. Finally I smell the Tonka bean and amber. The fragrance is blended so smoothly, yet you can certainly pick out the individual dominant notes. Very classy. A fragrance you wear to make a statement. For the price, it certainly should...Pros: Excellent longevity, Dynamic, UniqueCons: Versatility, Price
May 25, 2013

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