alfarom's Review of No. 18 Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I'm usually not into rose fragrances but No.18 makes a pleasant exception as it happens very once in a while to smell such a simple yet incredibly fascinating composition. Quality and mastery are immediately (and clearly) noticeable when smelling No.18. An iris / rose structure supported by ambrette seeds and slight fruity patterns. The combination between rose and fruits gives the whole fragrance a fermented vibe that immediately recalls of wine or sweet liquors while iris circles in the air whatching from the above.. No.18, being released in 2007, is the living proof that perfumery is not dead and it's doomed to become an endless classic. Bravo Chanel.

This is real perfumery in my opinion and real perfumery trascends personal taste, real perfumery doesn't leave you indifferent.

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