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<br>I find that Kiton Black is rather similar to the original Kiton Man. It's more casual and it's an easier wear than the first Kiton. To my nose, the top citrus notes are overwhelmed by the violet leaves – I don't get any berries or anything else very sweet… and I think that a little more sweet is definitely needed. The middle accord – cyclamen, cardamom, and cedar – comes across as rather too neutral; to my nose it lacks anything that would make the accord special. The base is very similar to the base of the original except that the moss has been replaced by leather and the result is a smoother accord. Even though Kiton Black has less longevity than the original, I think it is the better fragrance: It has a competent construction and quite good quality ingredients, but I don't care for several of the particular notes - especially the violet leaf. Just as in the original Kiton, I can't find the love.<br><br>

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