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Totally new here and new to fragrances, so please be gentle with me and my beginner's nose/vocabulary! As for this Guerlain fragrance that I received from TPC, along with 4 other Guerlains, this is the only one that agrees with my skin and, I believe, smells as it is supposed to. Although not my favorite scent, the rose here is definitely a lovel singular floral, and more modern than others I have tried. The name is absolutely perfect, as it does remind me of an "aquatic" rose garden...maybe a pond nearby or something. It did not have many "transitions" for me, so I guess that would be called "linear"? But, it was rich and absolutely pleasant smelling all day. I received numerous compliments from my hubby and people at work. Too bad it is discontinued, as I might have purchased. I still may order a small decant just to wear occasionally.

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