Somerville Metro Man's Review of White Suede by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Private Blend White Suede<br><br>Tom Ford released the White Musk Collection subset of his Private Blends in 2009. My favorite of the four scents is White Suede. One thing that can be said about the Private Blends is the name of the fragrance tends to give a good indication of what you're going to get. No Le Labo bait and switch in this line of fragrance. What I like so much about White Suede is it has a lovely refined leather to it that I have only encountered in one previous fragrance, Serge Lutens Daim Blond. The major difference is that Daim Blond is accompanied by a dark apricot and White Suede is accompanied by an herbal aspect. That herbal aspect is evident right from the top as saffron, thyme and mate tea combine. The thyme adds a smoky herbal character while the mate adds to the smokiness but gives an unusual note which I like a lot in this scent. This all gives saffron the opportunity to be the slightly leather and hay note that leads into the leather heart. The heart is plush suede leather. This is leather that has been lovingly treated and refined. There are no rough edges here. I love this form of leather and it is one of the reasons I return to Daim Blond over and over. It will also be the reason I keep coming back to White Suede. The base is a mix of musk over amber and sandalwood. White Suede has outstanding longevity and little sillage. It might be the closest wearing of the Private Blends, so far. For something that is part of the White Musk collection White Suede is all about the leather and it is good.<br>

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