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Tom Ford Private Blend Urban Musk<br><br>Those who read my reviews know I frequently kvetch about the name of perfumes that don't match the juice in the bottle. Hold on here we go again. Tom Ford released four new Private Blends in 2009 as the White Musk Collection. White Suede smells like leather and musk, Jamine Musk smells like jasmine and musk, and Pure Musk while not as strong as I might want smells like musk. What would you think Urban Musk should smell like? Does a barnyard conjure up images of a concrete jungle to you? Apparently to Tom Ford it does as the central accord here is akin to that same barnyard accord that is found in L'Artisan Dzing! and if you like that accord you should try Urban Musk because it is enough different than Dzing! to be worth giving a sniff. The top of Urban Musk starts with a jasmine and pepper zing. This gives way to a combination of ambrette, cumin and musk which puts me right in the center of the urban barnyard. I find this accord pleasant in small doses and the first few times I tried Urban Musk I over-sprayed and it lasted too long for my taste. With a little lighter application I found the barnyard to be a shorter lasting trip and thus more pleasant, to me. The base finishes with a mix of honey, benzoin and incense which gives off a light and airy sweetness overall at the end. Urban Musk has slightly below average longevity when sprayed with restraint and slightly above average longevity when sprayed with normal abandon. although as mentioned above I found the experience to be very different for me depending on the number of sprays I used. The sillage on Urban Musk is modest, as well. When properly applied I like Urban Musk but from now on I'm referring to it as Rural Musk.<br>

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