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Comme des Garcons Dover Street Market<br><br>When it comes to incense scents Comme des Garcons has certainly found its niche. From the Incense Series through to Hinoki you would think they've found every variation on the theme but 2009's Dover Street Market shows that there is at least one more variation left to be explored. Dover Street Market was described as "a modern twist on a classic woody fragrance". I guess what that means is this is an incense scent laid over woody notes. The funny thing is that the woods are the least prominent part of this fragrance. The top is a yin and yang mix of citrus and pepper. This kind of tart and spicy beginning leads well into the appearance of the incense along with a very lively juniper and coriander which almost gives off a gin accord under the incense. The base is mostly patchouli with cedar and pine finally coming into play to supply the promised woods. Dover Street Market is perhaps the lightest incense fragrance that Comme des Garcons has made and that might make it a good introductory scent to the Comme des Garcons style of incense perfumes. Dover Street Market has average longevity and average sillage, on me. As one who likes almost all of them I think this, for me, will be a more everyday kind of incense and another possibility to think about when I'm in an incense mood. <br>

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