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Tom Ford Extreme<br><br>I am an admirer of Tom Ford's style of fragrance making, there are very few releases that I have just dismissed out of hand as not being wearable or boring. Unfortunately one of those fragrances that didn't zing my strings was Tom Ford for Men. I found it to be a confused melange of too many notes over that lemon pledge note that all perfumers try to avoid. Therefore a scent named Tom Ford Extreme should be a stay away at all costs kind of experience. But I read that, the 2007 release, Tom Ford Extreme was very different and that in this case Extreme signified something different and not more of the same.<br><br>To those who didn't like Tom Ford for Men, like me, Tom Ford Extreme is a very different fragrance and it reminds me of another set of flankers and the differences between Cartier Declaration and Declaration Bois Bleu. Bois Bleu doesn't work for me because it tries to be all traditional masculine aquatic while nodding to the completely unique original. Tom Ford for Men tries too hard to be a generic masculine and throws too much into the mix. Tom Ford Extreme manages to be the real deal and feel like a completely original masculine and easily the better of the two.<br><br>The top of Tom Ford Extreme begins with that lemon note that so dominates in Tom Ford for Men but in Extreme it is light and zesty versus turgid and cloying in Tom Ford for Men. It also helps that it goes away and in its place comes what Tom Ford calls a truffle accord but which on my skin comes off as a mix of spices like coriander, cumin, saffron, and pepper. As a spice lover this is a beautiful spicy phase that wears very well on me. Underneath all of these spices is a perfectly applied fig note. This is the dark fig accord and not the green fig accord and it is the right choice for Extreme. Next comes a very clean cedar note along with patchouli, this is not unusual but it sets the stage for the base which is a great leather accord along with musk. <br><br>Tom Ford Extreme has average longevity and below average sillage on me. There is a fair amount of concern about the longevity of Tom Ford Extreme but I didn't find it to be unusually short lived on my skin.<br><br>Tom Ford Extreme succeeds in all the ways Tom Ford for Men fails for me. By keeping to a list of strong notes and letting them each develop and hold the olfactory stage Tom Ford Extreme is the fragrance I want to return to again and again.<br>

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