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Yves Rocher Voile D'Ambre<br><br>Can somebody show me a reasonably priced Eau de Parfum which has staying power and complexity? Right this way, young Colognisseur, let me introduce you to the Yves Rocher line and the 2005 release Voile D'Ambre, created by Olivier Pescheux. Note the use of quality ingredients the distinctly balanced development and the tiny price tag. This is the answer to the question. <br><br>Yves Rocher has a number of very reasonably priced fragrances and one of the five or six standout fragrances in this line is Voile D'Ambre. This is an amber where the amber is like a pizza crust as it is the base upon which all the remaining notes rest and combine with.<br><br>The top of Voile D'Ambre begins with a sharp mandarin note that contains a bit of green to it. This combines with the soft spiciness of cardamom as the amber softly supports everything. The base moves toward a couple of traditional partners of amber as myrrh and incense take their place. M. Pescheux keeps the resinous notes in balance as he adds opopanax to them and the floral aspect in combination with the incense and amber make a delightful mix. The base is all woody warmth as sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli all add to the now more intense amber to leave Voile D'Ambre in a lovely place.<br><br>Voils D'Ambre has incredible longevity on me, 24 hrs. worth, as well as above average sillage. <br><br>Voile D'Ambre is one of the best amber based fragrances available for one of the most modest prices. If you're looking for one of the best bangs for your buck out there I think you could do much worse than to start here.<br>

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