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The patchouli serves as a tone as the dragon's breath, perhaps. It orchestrates the projection of other elements. Initially, it serves to manage the potentially cloying sweetness of the opening. But, then, this is the kiss of the dragon and one might expect something dramatic and powerful rather than merely sweet to inveigle itself into the progression. Perhaps each stage is intended to evoke the act of kissing a magical creature. When the fragrance has warmed sufficiently, the magic happens for me. The wearer's body must 'warm' the perfume before it can release its magic and, at this point, it is wonderful, and heady and intoxicating... just like a kiss can be. In the dry down, there is the faint scent of the dragon's touch but the 'kiss' - those warming, sensual even ethereal top notes supported by the patchouli - has faded. Still, the memory of a kiss can be haunting or exciting enough even after the magic has faded or grown weary as one stirs from a sensual dream to find there isn't much magic left.

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