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My first fragrance. The fragrance that taught me all about over use. The fragrance that earned me the nickname Le Pew. A fragrance I still over use occasionally as a kind of primal therapy without pain because I love being transported to other times and places. As a fragrance, I expect Brut informed parfumiers that vast change had come in the business of men's perfumery - that a vast market existed requiring various responses in promotion and in the construction of the fragrances. Specifically, more masculine names and packaging were required to broaden the commercial viability of men's lines. Similarly, woodier base notes and tobacco, heavy orientals and spices needed to augment the experimentation of women buying for their men who had never worn fragrance before. The sweet and unctuous tones in Brut somehow made the patchouli and sandalwood, the leather and civet of '70's creations seem reasonable and timely; perhaps, even, essential in the evolution of fragrance composition. Brut was the irresistible idea whose time had come. Now, burdened by its enormous success, it has become the greatest of all fragrance clichés. But climb into that wardrobe when next you're in a nostalgic mood and over use it, all over, again, all over again. You will be transported to another time and place; and you will moth proof your wardrobe. Weeks after the event, as you wear something from the wardrobe, a waft - rather familiar and warm and as welcome as an old love - will swirl about you and you will smile.

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