Colbourne's Review of Yendi by Roberto Capucci

Vibrant green-spicy hyacinth with baby's breath corsage sparkle aldehydes meets a buttercream iris, round, glossy, and voluptuous flower-dappled woods. Yendi in EDT or parfum form is as impressive as No. 19 though its dialed back on galbanum and is less austere—more cheerful, approachable, smiling than steeped in contemplation and serious thought. This is not airhead, however, Yendi still feels astute, well-groomed, well-readed and refined.

The iris amalgamates with the sandalwood in the dry down, encased in an oakmoss fondant. Moments of pencil shavings and dried flowers dazzle me as Yendi settles, I feel unfettered in the cool air, I am driven to do a leprechaun heel kick and exclaim "its great to be alive" and kneel to the hyacinths and if they made up an altar for springtime. In other words: this is some damn good stuff. 

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