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This is definitely not a modern or trendy fragrance. But that’s part of its beauty if you ask me. To those who appreciate a wide range, this one harkens back to a time where chypres reigned supreme. Nowadays, the term chypre is thrown about Willy-nilly, and most of the time fails to convey what exactly a chypre is. Sure, a fragrance may fit within a standard definition of the word, but I believe that no, most modern fragrances dubbed chypres are done so erroneously. This one here, at least to my nose, captures the soul of a true chypre all whilst delivering a beautiful rose scent and a whole hell of a lot of femininity. If you only like gourmands and sticky sweet scents, you will abhor this. But if your appreciation of fragrance runs deep, this is a great one to be had for a song.

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