Lyric82's Review of L'Interdit Intense by Givenchy

This was originally a blind buy by my mom, she didn’t like it, so I ended up with it. To her, it smelled heavily of licorice or anise. I’m assuming it’s the “black sesame”, but to my nose, it’s really a note that’s hovering somewhere between being nutty, and licorice. It’s not fully either one to me, but I do enjoy the hints it gives me in both of those directions. This flanker has the dna of the original (not the true original, but the one that came out in 2018 I think), but has added creaminess, and a quality that makes this one more of a night time choice. I really enjoy it a lot. I feel this way about the whole line that I’ve tried (l'interdit, rouge, and intense).

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