Poboijosh's Review of Santal by Roger & Gallet

This scent is absolutely incredible to the 10th power but, for Men? Ha! Basenotes lists Santal as for Women which I firmly believe is far more accurate. Even the old school advertisements for Santal only picture Women in them. No Men pictured anywhere.

I have no idea where that scent pyramid up top there came from which is the same over at Basenotes as well. I don’t smell any of that, nothing! Not even oak moss. Tons of silky smooth roses and natural, real Mysore sandalwood galore with a touch of patchouli.

Roger & Gallet Santal is all about a ridiculously awesome Mysore sandalwood and very soft creamy roses, that’s basically all I can smell to my seasoned nose from beginning to the long and drawn out, intoxicating dry down with just a hint of patchouli. I don’t get anything from that scent pyramid, not even kidding. Just a whole lot of Mysore sandalwood and roses, lots of roses laid onto patchouli leaves. This is a super soapy and clean perfume. Nothing off putting, or out of place, or weird or musty. Loads of beautiful sandalwood and roses with patchouli. It’s killer! I’ve smelled an absurd amount in my life time and this is in the top 10.

Very, very well composed and really strong. Interestingly, I’ve worn this a handful of times at home and every single time I’m reminded vividly of Tom Ford’s Café Rose. It even feels the same in texture. I’m familiar with that perfume. I was awe struck the first time I ever smelled it. Same thing happened to me with Roger & Gallet’s Santal. Rarely happens.

This leads my mind further into thinking that Tom Ford ripped this off to create Café Rose because the similarities are uncanny. After all, Tom Ford did model Japon Noir after Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men (1986). His Arabian Wood is modeled after Yves Saint Laurent ‘s Kouros (1981). Italian Cypress after Ralph Lauren’s Polo (1978), and the very little known by anyone except probably myself and Tom Ford, Noir de Noir was modeled directly after Helena Rubinstein’s Men’s Club (1966) because the dry down to Men’s Club smells ‘exactly’ like the Private Blend Noir de Noir. Who would’a thunk?!

This perfume is so mind boggling good that I wouldn’t doubt for a New York minute that Tom Ford created Café Rose to resemble Roger & Gallet’s Santal from 1978. I’m certain the dude has smelled this at sometime in his life and thought wow, that’s a bad ass perfume. I’m going to make my own line of exclusive perfumes one day but secretly make them copies of well made classics and no one will ever know!

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