ClaireV's Review of Isvaraya by Indult

What a difference a few years make! When I first smelled Isvaraya, composed by Francis Kurkdjian, I thought it was a surprisingly dark, almost animalic gothic stew of dusky purple things – plums, liquor, night-blooming jasmine, earthy patchouli. I remember it as a half-cousin of the brooding Un Parfum Cheri, Par Camille (Goutal), only not as forbidding or dry. Now, smelling it again years later, I still smell the indoles of the jasmine and the plumminess, but gone is the general air of seductive darkness, replaced by a pervasive cloud of sugary molecules, as if everything, patch included, has been spun into a huge ball of candy floss. It remains vaguely funky underneath (which I attribute to the halitosis honk of unneutered jasmine absolute) but it is as glittery as a disco ball on the surface. My daughter sprayed it this morning before I could warn her, but she loved it, telling me it smelled fizzy and powdery, like the sherbet powder you dip licked lollies into. And actually, I agree. Not sure if it is me or the perfume that has changed but Isvaraya is now child-safe. Still the best Indult fragrance, in my opinion, even if it is not quite as distinctive or as darkly sexy as I remember it.

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