mikeperez23's Review of Mysore Santal by Ethos Grooming Essentials

I love this stuff, you cannot overspray it and it gives the wearer a nice bubble of sandalwood for several hours that I find extremely comforting and very 'natural' smelling. I wear it to Cross Fit and have had some members compliment me on 'smelling good' when I cannot even smell it anymore on myself.

I think this would be a great body spray for layering underneath some florals or even another 'sandalwood' fragrance that needs a jolt of real Mysore.

I would compare this to the Mysore diluted in perfumers alcohol that the brand AbdesSalaam Attar sells which is much more costly (and costs more to ship from Italy) or the sheer-minimal sandalwood that one could smell, years ago, in Floris' Sandalwood (which is now disco'd)

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