Scent Detective's Review of Bitter Sweet by TRNP (Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume)

I decided to wear Bitter Sweet by TRNP today as its been a while since I smelled it. I waited so my first impression could be uninfluenced by previous wears.

Right off the bat I had a scent memory when I sprayed Bitter Sweet on skin today. I was transported back to the old drug store on main street where I used to go as often as I had some money to buy comic books that were displayed on the old wire spindle racks. It was a wonderful time for me. Can I just say that the experience today literally was, "bitter sweet", so the name of this fragrance is completely appropriate.

The smell of coffee brewing in a glass coffee pot, mixed with the smell of candy on the shelves of the store along with a very slight medicinal vibe. It was just uncanny how I literally felt like I was walking into that old drug store as a 10 year old kid again. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Not sure I'll bath in this fragrance as it's more of an experience for me than it is a fragrance I want to hose myself down in, but I'll definitely be visiting many more times to feel that bitter sweet feeling.

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