FSOCI3TY's Review of Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

A woodier and drier version of Chanel's Sycomore. Sycomore comes across as more herbal and sweet, which gives it a bit more depth. VE comes off two dimensional once you hit the drydown. The opening is a nice blast of citrus, vetiver, and cedar but I think there are other fragrances that do better in the drydown. There isn't enough vetiver in the drydown to satisfy my cravings. Considering the price, I would expect it to focus on vetiver and keep it running into the drydown as long as possible. Unfortunately, vetiver feels like a middle note and it's trying to fight for attention with the cedar note during the drydown.

Performance is moderate but it could be better. Suitable for Fall and Spring. Not strong enough to cut through the cold. I'm slightly disappointed with this one.


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