landshark321's Review of Musky Rose by Theodoros Kalotinis

Theodoros Kalotinis Musky Rose is a well-named blend that features rose at the scent but in which the rose is a bit obfuscated by musks, resins, and woods. It leans into the category of a floral fragrance that I would be inclined to recommend for someone who is typically averse to floral fragrances. In the typical formula, it’s a little sharper in the opening than in the dry down, but I don’t find there to be all that much evolution in it, which is good, because it’s really a pleasant blend, with touches of freshness and tartness but also subtler undertones of woods and musks.

Overall, it’s quite nice and performs pretty well. It’s part of the Golden Secret Collection and is extrait concentration, with a price of 150 euros for 50ml. This line isn’t as much of a steal as the main EDP collection, priced at 45 euros for 50ml.

7 out of 10

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