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Big designer houses need to rethink their strategy, they need to start offering much more to compete against houses like Ted Lapidus from packaging to bottle and juice, I'll say house's like Ted Lapidus is much superior and way cheaper than mostly ''big designer houses''. In my opinion, would this be released by Tom Ford with a price of 200$ it would be a great success.

Oud Noir is gorgeous and dark and warm and exotic and alluring. It is more of a leathery scent, just a pinch of oud, more masculine than unisex. I disagree with the Tuscan Leather comparisons, it is way closer to Complex by Boadicea The Victorious. The leather is dark and edgy, not soft and buttery. It's warm and inviting, slightly dry but so very textured.

Lot of incense and leather in the opening, very harsh but give it some time and you have an unique fragrance for a great price. On the drydown the saffron reveals itself more and the smoke/ashtray becomes less, which is nice. This is something who a femme fatale would love to bury her nose in some manly chest hair scented with Oud Noir. For the price, the quality and presentation is outstanding.

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