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Tempo reminds me of being out in the woods, stepping outside in the morning and taking in all the smells of the wet grass, the water and the forest around me. Here the patchouli is more on the woody side likely due to the cedar note.

The pink pepper and cedar are both very discernable and blend well with the patchouli. Interestingly, for me this fragrance actually gets much fresher in the heart phase and I notice the bergamot and clary sage only after the first 30-45 minutes have passed. The drydown is essentially a sweetened light patchouli.

The overall effect over and over again is compellingly beautiful, a fresh faced patchouli scent never cloying nor leads to olfactory fatigue like many other patchoulis. This would be great for day and/or night wear in Winter and the pink pepper would allow it to hold up during even a humid summer night. Very good people's reactions.

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