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Sampling Theodoros Kalotinis Royal Orchid, from the Eau de Parfum collection, a fittingly floral mix, fresh and somewhat sweet, a wee bit musky, with key notes (per the website) of the flower itself, oud wood, patchouli, and cranberry, which all generally seem fitting. I find the opening to be a bit sharp and screechy but the dry down is a bit more pleasant and agreeable, certainly something that’s apt for fans of white florals but still is accessible to most fragrance fans in general, the cranberry and woods sort of providing a common link to anyone, but I’m sure the notes alone will feel like this gets ruled out for some. It’s on the right side of pleasant, overall, but the balance shifts from sharp in the opening to a bit musky in the drydown, missing the mark a little for me, though I think it adds variety to the collection.

Like the rest of the EDP collection, Royal Orchid is priced at 45 euros for 50ml, very reasonable, and a sample can be purchased as part of a make-your-own discovery set, so I’d certainly suggest trying this to round out your own set, but there are better offerings in the house, I’d say. Performance is very good, though, quite strong, particularly for the price point.

6 out of 10

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