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The other day at the Osmothèque, Jean Jacques made an interesting comment. (He's the perfumer at Caron). He said perfumers tend to work with a limited number of materials, often around 200, and this explains why their output may have a particular style. It isn't just the fact that they may be reworking the same idea (the variations on Feminité du Bois are an example of this) but there is also the limited palette. So if, for example, you had two paintings of similar subjects, and they were done in similar shades of maroon and dark grey, they would clearly have a sort of family resemblance.
And this is the case with Furyo and Salvador Dali pour Homme, both composed by Thierry Wasser in his early days. There are so many similarities you sum it up as: Furyo (1988) is the polite version of Dali pour Homme (1987). The one that goes light on the stinky aromatics and brings the fruity - powdery - woody side to the fore.
If you ever tried Dali pour Homme and found it too much, Furyo is the answer.
It's also better. The drydown is superb.

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