Scent Detective's Review of Ponderosa by Pineward Perfumes

I'm honored to be the first to review this very special fragrance that was also created by a very dear friend of mine. Ponderosa is my new favorite fragrance and that is saying something as I have many fragrances that I dearly love.

The opening of this treasure is ponderosa pine resin in all it's brilliant glory. Coniferous and beautiful. There is also an almost pine nut note lingering that lasts further into the wear as well that I love. The vanillic sweetness along with the butterscotch and cinnamon make Ponderosa sound strange, but the blending here is impeccable and makes the fragrance as a whole work on every level for me. I am first and foremost a conifer fan. Fir, Spruce, Pine, Cypress, Cedar, Juniper, etc. are where it's at in my wheelhouse and Ponderosa delivers big time. BUT, I also love gourmands...not all gourmands, but some of them. Ponderosa has some sweetness like a gourmand, but it doesn't delve into complete gourmand territory and I believe the sweetness is perfectly executed in this composition. It's purpose is to create the sweet nature of ponderosa pine resin while also making this an actual perfume and not just a ponderosa pine essential oil. No, this is a full on, perfume, and what an amazing journey it takes you on. If you are familiar with the beautiful ponderosa pine resin then you know this smells like it only better. It is the surrealistic ponderosa pine scent of the perfect dream.

If you love coniferous notes and also love good perfumery, then Ponderosa by Pineward Perfumes is worth at least a sample to see if you love it as much as I do. So very grateful to have this heavenly fragrance in my collection! Bravisimo!!!

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