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Une Nuit Nomade – Ambre Khandjar is a dark, spicy, sweet mix that has notes of plum, resins, and vanilla in the foreground, with some supporting notes of orris, mandarin, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and patchouli. At first smell, it smells of a blend of Tom Ford Tobacco Oud, Tobacco Oud Intense, and Plum Japonais, all together in some varying proportions. It’s very easily lovable for fans of such fragrances, or those who enjoy sweet, resinous fragrances with a darker vibe.

It doesn’t perform quite as well as the Tom Ford examples, but its retail pricing $120 for 50ml (at Luckyscent, Neiman Marcus), much more affordable (half the price) of the Tom Ford offerings, at least at retail. And even though it’s reminiscent of some of these examples, it definitely has its own character; it’s clearly distinct from each of the examples; it has the plum that TO and TOI lack, and has much more intense resins than in PJ.

For me, this an instant love, and I think I’ll want to seek out a bottle at some point.

8 out of 10

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