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Kiton Men is a discontinued 90s staple that I’d not smelled in quite some time but its smell instantly rings a bell upon spraying on my decant. It’s not particularly iconic for me, but its agreeability is high, a sort of clean-meets-dirty fresh musky blend where no one particular note stands out, and it can somewhat comfortably be worn to excess. Overall it’s a fairly subtle blend and features lily-of-the-valley, cedar, musk, oakmoss, tonka, and some citruses/herbs. It’s perfectly pleasant while not being significantly impression-making, but is nonetheless a really appropriate four-season signature scent, and frankly isn’t even terribly stereotypically masculine. It’s really a workable agreeable musky blend for anyone.

Unfortunately it seems to be a bit pricey on the secondary market but if it were a cheapie I’d surely have a bottle.

7 out of 10

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